Daily bumps meet baby ollie

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daily bumps meet baby ollie

Jimmy will finally meet a girl and get the hell away from them all. 9. They will buy at They will have baby #3 in late around Finn's 3rd birthday. Missy and Bryan will get in trouble regarding Ollie's school attendance. The Lannings (Bryan, Missy, and Ollie) Daily Bumps Do not forget about Finley . Find this Pin Love my boys and love how much Ollie loves his baby brother already! Find this Pin . Meet Daily Bumps (long term) ehen ive met them. This is . Daily Bumps is a family YouTube Channel that does daily vlogs. YouTube. The family consists of dad Bryan, mom Missy, their two sons Oliver and Finley, their.

daily bumps meet baby ollie

I agree with you MamaJoAnna that the Xmas album will be a flop. Missy and Bryan will get in trouble regarding Ollie's school attendance. Missy will pull him out and start homeschooling. More trips and spending as usual Missy and Bryan will ask Mimi and Papa to move into the garage because being an adult is too stressful This is not a prediction but I hope that the demonetization of YouTube family channels scares them into being more careful with their money Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Re: Missy will get pregnant early in the year.

Bryan will go on tour cause of his Christmas EP thingy, and in the other areas no one will turn up 4.


Ollie will leave pre school before Easter. Just a few things I think will happen next year Re: Homeschooling and new baby have been covered I think they will get goats, and maybe a horse. Possibly a total pool remodel, because the current one is giving them nothing but problems and they will be bored with it soon. Because they want to eat pizza and spaghetti?

And I could see Missy having some sort of plastic surgery at the end of the year, after baby 3 comes. They will finally take the boys to Idaho or take Nancy and Bev on vacation with them.

daily bumps meet baby ollie

That will never happen! Plus she had her first 2 in odd number years so a baby due in just seems more likely to me. Spontaneously, they moved and lived with his grandmother in Boise in a large house with a lot of land.

As a preteen to teen, he had a rough relationship with his Mom's Husband who was quite abusive. In high school, he was bullied quite a lot and he was really into music. He also dyed his hair and wend to a ton of rock concerts. Around this time he met Missy at a carnival and was introduced to her by his friend Jessica.


At this carnival, he was going around filming everything! After, Missy and Bryan built a group of friends who would always hang out together and listen to music and watch movies. As Missy and Bryan grew closer together, they knew it was more than friendship. Around his 17th birthday, his Mom's husband got really drunk and they had a big fight. Bryan locked himself in his room and ran away.

daily bumps meet baby ollie

He stayed with his friend for a couple month and then his grandmother while he was working a lot and finishing school. During this time, he got closer with Missy's family who accepted him. Soon after, he asked Missy to marry him and they got married on August 8th He started studding computer science and then dropped it for art and photography and he loved so much he was a photographer for awhile. Bryan then started learning about Christ and has an experience which leaded him to becoming a Christian.

Around this time is when Bryan and Missy's relationship started to get rough as Missy was always working, Bryan was at school and work and they didn't have any time for each other. So, Bryan moved into a little apartment alone near his school. The communication between them was almost nothing so, the got divorced.