Catdog meet their parents were never supposed

Nickelodeon: 25 Strange Things Fans Didn't Realize About Nicktoons Shows

catdog meet their parents were never supposed

Here are some of the ones that fans haven't caught on to. Cartoons are not supposed to be based on reality, since they are, after all, entertainment for children. . 9 In One Episode, Dog Finds Out Where Meat Comes From But CatDog never actually explains where the odd animal's parents came from. All You Can't Eat- CatDog are hungry, ESPECIALLY DOG! They decide to go Cat sends a secret admirer letter to Shriek to meet him at the footbridge. He brainwashes him with the simple phrase: "Losers never win!". .. Lube was supposed to, but was unable. .. Well Cliff says that she's in the prison visiting her father. There are so many questions that CatDog never answer. manages to hide all of his adventures from his dazed and confused parents, who produced, so Nick hasn't totally gone to the dogs, or I suppose, the gerbils. .. America Applauds Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for Checking Trump During Heated Meeting.

The only girl in the Greasers and possibly the smartest of the group. She is a tiny yellow poodlewith a squeaky voice with a slight raspy quality to it. Shriek has blonde, poofy hair and wears a green shirt with the letter "S" on it. Though she is as tough and loyal as the other two, she harbors a secret crush on Dog, though he is unaware of this.

Shriek will not hit Dog, but will only hit Cat. In the episode "Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek" it is revealed that she came from a rich family, but she despised the posh life, and so she left home and became a Greaser. Also, in the episode "Back to School" Shriek is shown to have a niece named Squeak, who greatly resembles her. A houndhe is the slowest and sweetest one of the group. He will forget what he has been saying and slur his speech. He is the most loyal of the three Greasers. Despite his dimwitted nature, Lube is musically talented and is fluent in Spanish.

In one episode, he rolls up his right trouser and takes off a wooden leg. He also works part-time as a mechanic. His parents, a cat mother and a dog father, appeared in "CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery" and they said that Lube got separated from them a long time ago.

Also, Lube is shown to have a sister, who tries to marry Cat. In another episode, his real name is revealed to be Ignatius, which Cliff makes fun of relentlessly. Rancid Rabbit voiced by Billy West is a Californian rabbit and the stereotypical authority figure and one of the series' tertiary antagonists.

He had his job titles like police officer, life guard, prison guard, firefighter, boss of various businesses, principal, president, mayor, Egyptian pharaohdoctor, TV host, contest judge, store and Taco Depot manager, etc. In one episode, he appears as a principal at a school and, at the end, as a police officer.

When Cat asks him about this, he never receives an answer. Rancid hates CatDog and will go out of his way to punish them or force them to work for him, abusing his power to the fullest degree. Rancid takes advantage of CatDog as much as he can by deceiving them into buying his products or pushing them to do his bidding in a job.

He does whatever it takes to take their money or benefit himself in any way. Rancid owns a mall called the Mall of Malls, and has a selfish and spoiled niece named Rancine. Rancid also has a Russian-accented female cousin named Rotten who lives in Farburg.

Eddie the Squirrel voiced by Dwight Schultz is a Greaser wannabe with little red pieces of paper taped to the side of his head to look like red sideburns in hopes to be more like Cliff. He is always bruised up from getting punched, and from being used as a birdie in badmintonor a football. He wants to be an official Greaser very badly, but sadly lacks their number one requirement: He will try anything once, as long as it's terribly exciting and attention-getting.

Randolph appears to be like a celebrity in his lifestyle.

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In "All About Cat," Randolph was hosting the musical awards banquet. In "The Lady is a Shriek" Randolph is the proud owner of "Randolph's Charm School and House of Beauty", to help turn girls into beautiful women with poise and etiquette.

Randolph is essentially a trend-setting, rich and famous cat. His catchphrase is "And I love it! Since then, she has become a major celebrity and good friend of Randolph's. Tallulah is forever searching for her soul mate, who would be "as loyal as a dog and as clever as a cat, who will take [her] in his arms. Mean Bob voiced by Billy Westa fictional super-hero, is Dog's hero. Dog is an expert on Mean Bob, having watched his movies, played his video games and with his toys.

She is a zoologistand CatDog's next-door neighbor. She gained a love of zoology while wrangling bulls on her family's ranch. Her catchphrase is "Unbelievable!

The light blue twin wears her hair in pigtails and wears a red leotard, while the gray twin wears her hair in a short bob and wears a blue leotard. In "Armed and Dangerous" one of the twins was Cat's pen pal. Cat tries to impress the twins so that they can go on a date with him, but they seem more interested in Dog. They also have an interest in dating TV stars and movie stars. Mervis Pantry a pig and Dunglap Daniels a weasel voiced by John Kassir are CatDog's male best friends and are often used as background characters.

They are rarely seen apart, and have been shown with various jobs, such as working at Taco Depot, the Kavity Krunch cereal factory, and Mervis even had a temporary run as a mailman trying to deliver CatDog's mail. Dunglap appears to be the luckier of the two due to his fortunes, like getting a promotion at a job, in contrast to Mervis's misfortunes, such as getting into an accident because of the Greasers.

catdog meet their parents were never supposed

A running gag throughout the series is that Mervis and Dunglap can sometimes be seen fighting. They both have nerdy personalities and often feel uncomfortable and nervous around the "cooler" characters, especially the Greasers.

Season One

Cornelius Sunshine voiced by Billy West is a green-skinned, shirtless humanoid creature with a thin, once-coiled tail and no apparent emotions who has a monotone voice and demeanor very similar to the actor Ben Stein. His name is ironically the very opposite of his personality, and he often nods off and falls asleep in the middle of doing things, such as performing a very unengaging magic act. His sardonic and pessimistic personality may be Dog's fault, since Sunshine experiences stress of being hunted as a dustman by Dog since his early years in the job.

Very little is known about him, and the ambiguity of his species is touched upon in "CatDog Catcher" when Rancid Rabbit starts arresting everyone for not having licenses: Dog does not have a dog license, Lola does not have a bird license, and so on; but when Rancid captures Sunshine, he says, "You're under arrest for not having a Sunshine's first name is Cornelius. He was originally envisioned as a squirrel during the early planning stages.

Production[ edit ] The series, created by Peter Hannan, was developed as the next Nicktoons production and produced from Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, California.

Cat ponders this and deduces that he and Dog were from Yonderland, a vast wasteland where Old Uppenchuck is. The minute he mentions that, Dog asks if they're going there to look for their parents and then Cat agrees to go looking for their parents for his sake.

As they are driving, Cat explains to Dog that they aren't stopping for anything until they get there. Meanwhile, Winslow has the house all to himself and when the Greaser Dogs show up, Winslow told them that CatDog wasn't home and that they went to Yonderland to look for their parents. Back with CatDog, Dog annoys Cat with sock puppet versions of their parents.

catdog meet their parents were never supposed

Afterward, Dog tells Cat he needs to use the bathroom and then they stop at a rest area and then encounter aliens returning everyone they ever abducted, but then get abducted themselves and get locked in the ship Cat tries desperately to open it but it was no use suddenly Aliens come to the hallway and CatDog were forced to hide in the hole in the hallway CatDog sees a light of their parents' shadows and races down the hallway they saw some people who got abducted unfortunately the get caught by the aliens.

CatDog run to the control room and blasted off into space, and because of Dog's stupidity he fools around with the controls witch causes the ship to go out of control the aliens got scared and head to the escape pod, Winslow shows up but are dragged by the aliens thinking it's a "Earth Creature Trick" CatDog got shot back to Earth and The Greaser Dogs See CatDog upside down and Crashes.

However, they narrowly escape into a frozen lake, where they encounter Bessie the Lake Monster who is about to gobble up CatDog and eat them. Part 2 And as they're being disgusted, Cat comes up with a plan to escape by making a hairball and succeeded. As they escaped, the Greaser Dogs attempt to pursue them but are gobbled up by the monster.

As CatDog lands, their fur returns and they landed on a very sharp rock. Dog sniffs around looking for signs that their mother and father may have been there and then Cat, having been getting tired of Dog's theories and detours, tells him that they are going straight to Yonderland, until they come upon a sign for the town of Yokelburg, home of two happy hillbilly clans, the McDogs a clan of dogs and the Catfields a clan of catswho are celebrating 50 years of peace between each other.

catdog meet their parents were never supposed

However, during the celebrations Cat drinks some moonshine and burps in front of Pussycat Catfield's daughter. Unfortunately for Cat, the custom in Yokelburg is when you burp in a lady's face, that means you want to marry her. Cat refuses to marry her, and that instigates a feud between the Catfields and McDogs.

The fighting continues until both the Catfields and McDogs run out of ammo to use against each other, forcing both sides to engage in close combat until the entire town ends up a wreck because of the excess weight on CatDog, who escape on a log. Meanwhile, the Catfields and McDogs continue to blame each other for the destruction their town, but then Cliff tells them that CatDog is to blame for their feuding. Meanwhile, back with CatDog, they are on a raging river and then they get down a waterfall CatDog finally arrived at Yonderland, where Dog goes running looking for their parents, but was sad and disappointed in not finding them.

After a well deserved lecture from Cat, Dog finally agrees that looking for their parents was stupid, dumb and silly, and that he wishes he was more like Cat, but then Cat said that he wishes he was more like Dog because Dog was determined to find their parents and never gave up hope looking for them, but then they were taken by a big, blue four-eyed monster into a cave and then the monster says Dog's catchphrase, and Dog immediately recognizes her as their long-lost mother, but Cat says it has four eyes and then the second pair of eyes reveals itself to be a frog with a big nose and CatDog's father.