Cassington bike meet 2011 cancelled

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cassington bike meet 2011 cancelled

Motorcycle Live photos · 68 British Motorcycle Preservation Society Anniversary Cassington Bike Night June Dragon Rally Classic Chopper bike on display at Spilsby Bike night - Stock Image Classic Chopper bike . Cassington Bike Night - Stock Image Cassington Bike Night. This is a time line of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) actions since Contents. 1 Background; 2 – ; ; ; ; ; ; .. A quad bike, lawnmower, van and a sports car were also reported to have been paintstripped and glued during the visit causing thousands of.

They said the company had; "no interest in animal welfare at all. His SUV is spray-painted with slogans, with the activists threatening Wachovia saying; "We have the names and addresses of the top executives, and believe us our actions are like child's play compared to what we have in store. ALF activists vow to continue targeting livestock businesses. A chief inspector made the connection that it stood for the ALF in Finnish. It would have been just as easy to burn your house down Edythe.

As you slosh around your flooded house consider yourself fortunate this time. We will not stop until UCLA discontinues its primate vivisection programme. The headquarters of Escada is vandalized in Estonia because of the companies marketing of fur. They claimed there were several sheds containing tens of thousands of chickens, many of which in bad conditions and that the hens were rehomed where they can go outside. The said in a communique, activists claim that around the world the ALF are making progress, and dedicate the action to all animal liberation prisoners, including Barry Horne, died six years ago today on a hunger strike.

As part of the six-week investigation, 30 ducks are rescued in order to live out their natural lives, with the ALF claiming: Three Wachovia Banks are attacked in California, involving graffiti and jamming or destroying the night deposit box using explosives.

The company was the largest shareholder of Huntingdon Life Sciences HLS largest shareholder, selling its shares following the actions. The vehicles were also reportedly damaged by paint stripper. Thames Valley Police said they were investigating the acts of "minor criminal damage ", with the ALF claiming it would "stop businesses dealing with the uni".

cassington bike meet 2011 cancelled

The volunteers accused the owner of selling rabbits to laboratories such as Huntingdon Life Sciences and other universities in the United Kingdom. The device charred the front door.

Nobody was home at the time. Some cars and lorries had paint stripper poured onto them, with others having their tyres slased.

cassington bike meet 2011 cancelled

The Masters of Foxhounds Association said it appeared the Animal Liberation Front had been in three places in one night. This action is also timed to coincide with the anniversary of the hunt ban 3 years ago. The ban's not being enforced and most hunts still kill animals.

Maybe when they stop breaking the law we will.

Bikers flock to West Oxfordshire for 'incredible' evening | Oxford Mail

The Animal Liberation Front reported to the Cambridge Evening News that they had poured etching fluid over windows, paint stripper on window frames and glued the locks of the restaurant. It is claimed that death threats, amongst others, were used in an attempt to shut down the event. The activists said the attack was carried out due to the companies involvement with the laboratory at South Parks Road owned by Oxford University. Bingley Moor Partnership, which won rights for grouse shooting on the moors, said due to shortage of grouse stocks there wouldn't be any activity for at least two years.

The Moorland Association branded the action as "criminal".

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The wire fencing from the entire enclosure was brought down. The electric fencing was sabotaged and the system destroyed. Two set fen traps were discovered and placed permanently out of commission. Two smaller pens were found nearby and the netting roof and wire surrounds were left in tatters. Feeders in the area were also tampered with. This was done near Aldergrove Lake Park, which activists claim "provides over acres of water habitat for them to survive.

The ranch owner claims that of the mink released, were recaptured and 4 died. In the same month a Fedex van is covered in slogans and has tyres slashed in Wickham. In January Thomas Harris pleaded guilty to "conspiracy to cause criminal damage" for his role in planning the attacks. The London activists were travelling to Dover in July on their way to a protest against sheep and cattle being deported, before they were reportedly photographed, threatened with arrest and unlawfully denied the right to protest.

cassington bike meet 2011 cancelled

Activists also claimed vandalizing the home of NYSE Euronext director with slogans in Noordwijkerhout on the same day and setting alight two cars belonging to another Euronext employees three weeks before. The ALF claimed responsibility with an official press release and three phone calls. A manager for the company claimed the building had been destroyed and the company would be unable to conduct business until it was rebuilt.

cassington bike meet 2011 cancelled

In a communique, the ALF claimed to have also destroyed breeding cards in 20 of the sheds, damaged nets and spray painted 'DBF is everywhere'. The initials 'ALF' were found painted on the building, causing future auctions to be cancelled.

Feldman serves 4 months on civil contempt for refusing to testify, but is never charged with a crime. December Police detain three youths in Mexico City after investigators find links between the ALF and homemade bombs that burned seven vehicles.

The symbol of a local version of the ALF was found spray painted near in the attacks. The arson at the Tiburon restaurant in Sandy Utah was done because of there [ sic ] sale of Foie Gras young duck and other 'wild game'. Animals exist for there [sic] own purposes, not human ends. Greece's National Fur Breeders' Association claimed in response to the attacks that most of the animals would likely die due to the heat. Later that same day ALF Canada claim responsibility for the vandalism, as well as attacks against another clothing store and a restaurant.

However there were no animals on the land when the fence was cut. A glue like substance was also sprayed into the locks. All but 40 of the mink were recaptured.

The Gordon Shumway Brigade Claimed responsibility. The Gordon Shumway Brigade apparently refers to the main character in a s television show, ALFwhich stood for 'alien life form'.

The group claimed they drilled a hole into the buildings storage space, pumped fuel through, placed multiple charges next to an adjourning structure and placed ignition devices to start the fire. The communique was signed by a group calling itself "Arson Unit".

The fire caused the complete destruction of 14 cattle transporters. The anonymous claim stated that the attack was aimed at "the horrors and injustices of factory farming". The communique claims that this was the second action of its kind, after a Maltese tuna farm was damaged in the summer ofcausing In an anonymous post on the Bite Back magazine website, The Animal Liberation Front took credit for dismantling a pheasant aviary and liberating the animals "into the night sky".

Bike convention scrapped over health and safety

A red stain was also thrown into the woman's backyard pool "to remind her of the blood on her hands. Cut your losses and drop HLS. Until then expect to spend thousands more on damages because this is not a one time event. Police say that surveillance footage shows two people disguised in heavy coats, bandannas and hats squirt at least a half dozen syringes filled with a white liquid seven into the buildings through a gap in the front doors forcing the stores to be closed while hazmat crews and police investigated.

Back in May both these locations were vandalized with red paint by the ALF. A spokesman for the ALF in regards to the incident stated: Two club members had spent a lot of time filming the work going on over the period of work and will produce a film for the church archives.

He had been a great help to us with putting together our film of the museum. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Cassington Bike Night 2018

The festivities started at 2pm and several club members filmed the event to be given to Woodstock film archives. Monday October 26th We heard all about the IAC annual conference which was attended by two of our members.

It sounded like a very interesting event which, as a new club to joining the IAC, we hope to send more members to in the future.

cassington bike meet 2011 cancelled

Monday March 9th We had an evening to showcase the Canal Project film which the club made last year. We had a full house and also invited a few famous faces from the film including Matthew Armitage and Owen Green to see it. All committee members agreed to carry on in their present roles.

The new chairman, John Sutherland, again thanked Bob for his time as chairman. We also saw Roy Noble's remote control water borne camera. Monday September 9th It was with sadness that the club accepted the resignation of Bob Wheeler as it's chairman.