Bolles middle school track meet

Top-ranked runners square off at Bolles track meet

bolles middle school track meet

The Bolles School has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance, a national Independent Middle School Conference championships since Bolles joined the. Bolles Middle School Invitational Track Meet. Date: Thursday, February 22, Time: pm (Coaches Meeting pm). Location. He has coached track & field since at Mayport Middle School. . as an Assistant Throws Coach for the Bolles School of Jacksonville Track and Field team.

She also anchored the 4X with a very comfortable looking 2: It says a lot about her competitive nature that we trusted her to anchor both those relays at the state meet. What were the biggest challenges for this year's team? None really come to mind. I have learned to follow the lead of our girls distance coach, Tony Ryan, about how much we need to race.

As a result of that, we raced less this year than we have in the past. We even scheduled an off week right in the middle of the season, right after our big home invitational Bulldog Classic for the first time.

I think it helped us to stay healthy at the end of the year.

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Were there any low points in the season? How did the team bounce back?

bolles middle school track meet

It's hard to feel like there is a low point during the regular season if you don't care about the regular season. As a coaching staff, we really don't care at all about the regular season except as a way to prepare us for the postseason.

We try to do well at Bulldog Classic, which our boys and girls both won this year for the first time ever, but after that, everything is just preparation for Districts and State. Was there a particular race, workout, or moment that you knew that your team was ready or had the potential to become state champions?

Halfway through the State meet, I actually thought we had lost the meet.

Coaching Champions: Dan Dearing - The Bolles School

I have a lot of great coaches on my staff and as a result, I personally only work with a small group of middle distance runners. I can say that after watching the workout the Monday after regionals 11 days before the state meetI knew that the 4X had a chance to run ridiculously fast.

So much so that we really thought about not running our fastest four girls at the state meet. In the end, we decided to run the top four together for the first time all year and they ran 9: Our senior runner, Jasmine Burkett, ran 2: We had been considering pulling her off to keep her fresh for her other events, but in the end, we wanted to make sure we started the meet off with a win.

The way the meet played out, I didn't really think that we were going to be state champions until after Danielle Spence threw her last discus in the final event of the night and secured the win for us.

bolles middle school track meet

It was a really neat experience to have the entire team really everyone left in the stadium watching the discus, after the 4X4 was over, to see who would be state champion. How would you best describe the group of kids that you coach? We have a large team that breaks into many training groups, so there isn't one specific quirky attribute to them as a whole, but there is a pervasive toughness about these girls. When it comes down to the proverbial "battle", these kids are all tough as nails and will fight for every spot.

Other than canceling the prelims, which I think hurt our chances to score more points, we didn't mind the rain at the State meet at all.

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We knew our kids would battle through it and maybe be able to beat some other kids who let the rain bother them. What role do your assistant coaches play with the program?

I have the best coaching staff in the state. We are blessed to have a lot of very knowledgeable coaches who volunteer their time in addition to those few that we can pay. There are half a dozen coaches on my staff that either could be or have been head track coaches. I only personally coach a small group of runners. The vast majority are working with my assistants and they deserve all the credit for what we have been able to build as a program.

I write the running workouts for m and shorter, but other coaches implement most of those workouts. Tony Ryan designs the training for the distance girls and Mike Rivera handles the distance boys. My field event coaches have complete autonomy in their event training, but as a former collegiate decathlete, I am always willing to step in and help if they ask. I can't say enough how much appreciate all the hard work my coaches put in and how lucky Bolles is to have them. What would be the best way to describe your coaching style?

Sometimes brutally honest with the kids. I don't spare their feelings much if I think honesty will help them. If I tell you, "good race", it's because you had a good race. Who were the leaders on your team and what was the importance to the squad?

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It is really hard to name just one person since we have so many great ones. Our seniors are the heart and soul of what we have accomplished over the last four years: We could not have done it without our Seniors: Who was the biggest individual surprise or runner that most impressed you with their improvements this year? Again, it's hard to really pick one since, as the coach, you see the potential years earlier and then the incremental improvements.

I think it would be easy to say 8th grader Caitlyn Collier surprised a lot of people running 2: She was on the JV cross country team in the fall and played middle School basketball during the winter. She didn't have much base under her coming into the track season so we coached her a little differently than you might think.

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It worked out though. How would this team rank against some of the past teams that you coached? Athletes of all levels have improved under Coach Eli's watch. Some JAC athletes had some fast improvements, such as the following: Cory Dyer Oakleaf improved his high jump from 5'8" to 6'8" in 6 months, Zoe Harper Ponte Vedra improved her pole vault from 8'6" to 12' in less than a year, Nathan Jeffers Bolles improved his decathlon score over points in less than a year, Sean O'Linn Ponte Vedra improved his m time from 2: Joseph's Academy in the long jump 23'9".

You can read about our other JAC Alums here! Over those six years he was able to coach 78 all conference performers, 28 conference champions, and 8 NCAA qualifiers. He was also fortunate enough to coach at least one conference champions in each of the jumps, pole vault, combined events and javelin throw.

In one of his freshman decathletes K'vonte "Cornbread" Scott had over a point personal best in one year to and went on to finish 5th at the USATF Jr. In and Coach Eli was the personal coach to Allen Simms, a post-collegiate horizontal jumper. That year Simms triple jumped Simms was also able to jump 8.

This was the first time an American sports team had competed in Cuba in over 15 years, so it was a great opportunity for all! Athletically, Coach Eli walked on to Wake Forest University as a long and triple jumper, and a year later transferred to UNC-Charlotte, to be coached by the legendary track and field coach, Robert Olesen. It was this experience that he had at UNC-Charlotte that led him into coaching.

He came to the JAC as part of our internship program, and was quickly hired on as a sprints coach for our group, as well as director of our youth program. Vince is a retired Navy veteran.