Appointment to meet salman khan

Want to meet Salman Khan? Here's how you can do so -

appointment to meet salman khan

Celebrities And VIPs Need To Take An Appointment To Meet This Salman Khan . At 17, We met when we were at medical school. Ab Jane apne favrourite star salman khan se kaise mile aur how to meet salman khan in Aap unse milne ke liye unhe letter likh kar appointment le sakte hai. Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and others meet Salman Khan at his residence after he was granted bail.

Over the next five years or so, between meeting Salman some 25 times and getting around 10 more interviews with him I got to know the actor a little better each time I visited him. The fact that the actor is always seated outside his vanity van and not inside where all stars are foundmade it that much easier for me.

On noticing me from far, he would wave out and invite me to join him on his make-shift table. I suspect that he liked the fact that I did not blabber too much and waited patiently for him to warm up, till I could ask him for whatever I wanted from him. Not that he was not aware of this.

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I had relatively easy access, not to him but to most of the film sets where he was shooting and I would land up without an appointment.

Gradually, his team of assistants began recognising me and gave me the same respect that I would get from Salman. So even if the actor was busy in a shot or had not yet arrived on set, I was made to feel at home. And yes fed well. The legendary Khandaan hospitality was always upheld.

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I learned from someone close to him that at any given point of time the home cooked food that is packed for Bhai is enough to feed 25 mouths. There are just too many people who visit him on the set for various reasons!

appointment to meet salman khan

Once, during a shoot of Wanted, four sweeper women from Film City asked him for saris. He asked them the total number of women sweepers in the studio and he promptly sent a unit hand to purchase 35 saris.

appointment to meet salman khan

Immediately, Salman sent one of his boys to fetch vegetarian food from his home in Bandra. Only when the vegetarian meal had arrived and Ahuja had begun to eat, did Salman touch his grub.

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Even as cops had initiated investigations, on February 28, Pinky called home informing that she was safe in Bhopal. Flight of fantasy Police traced the call and found that it was in fact made from Mumbai. A team of cops arrived in the city, and after coordinating with RPF, Kurla police, found the person whose phone had been used.

  • Want to meet Salman Khan? Here's how you can do so
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  • Want to meet Salman Khan? Here's how you can do so

According to the police, the phone belonged to a tea stall owner outside Kurla Terminus. On inquiring, he revealed that Pinky, along with another man, had approached him on February 28 to make the call to her home. Police continued to trace the infatuated teen, while another team from Madhya Pradesh police was sent to Kolkata to find Pinky's whereabouts. She was immediately brought to the police station, where she revealed that she ran away from her home to meet Salman Khan.

However, on arriving in Mumbai she was confused about where to go and what to do and broke down in tears. At that point she was spotted by a stranger, who consoled her and promised to take her to the actor," said a police officer from Kurla RPF.

She said she didn't approach police believing she would somehow manage to meet the actor," added the officer. Various medical tests will also be conducted to check if she was sexually assaulted. Meanwhile, we are trying to track down the unidentified man who duped her," said Rajesh Kamble, senior police inspector, Kurla RPF.