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Let's go meet up with Souji-kun and the others and head back." "The dream starts out kinda nice, we were hanging out together with .. Aneki I I'll come back for you I promise " he vowed before passing out. "Pipe down, Junpei . Minako hummed to the music of her MP3 player as she walked. This is a nice step-by-step for making a map after you have data in an Excel . If you want to know how to connect Geography to music, ask Jim, he is a wizard! .. There are poems, MP3 recordings, lyric in the native language as well as English This is a fun U-Tube video which depicts an old bi-wing aircraft flying over. Free mp3 download players only love you when their playing lightnin only happens when its rainin | Free mp3 sound effects from computer games mario sonic.

The question was more of an excuse to delay the inevitable. Stop wasting your breath talking and put it on already. She wasn't comfortable stripping in front of other people so she went to change in the bathroom. Rise waited patiently, but Naoto was taking too much time.

Not one for respecting personal space, she pushed open the bathroom door to find her friend already dressed in the blue outfit. Do you need any help? Aren't we about the same…size…? The way her breasts were stretching the fabric was pretty obvious to answer the question. In addition to that, there were bandages in the sink, confirming what Rise saw on their health examination results last year was neither a fluke nor a misprint.

Rise wasted no time dragging the others to her favorite shops. The SEES girls couldn't believe the bargains that could be found here, and squealed excitedly when one of them found something they particularly liked. They had a blast choosing clothes from the racks and trying them on in the changing rooms. She was trying on a denim skirt which flattered her long legs and an orange halter top with a big red heart in the middle.

On her feet was a pair of purple ballerina flats she found moments ago. She wasn't about to tell her best friend that she was showing off too much skin, and was pretty sure that if Shinjiro saw his girlfriend wearing that in public he would give her one long, ear-bleeding lecture. Not wanting to deal with that consequence, Yukari grabbed a short green jacket to cover her shoulders. It went surprisingly well together. The skirt looks especially nice on you! Naoto timidly opened the door and revealed herself.

Rise had chosen a female version of her detective outfit; a dark blue school skirt paired with a turquoise collared t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and black boots. A short red necktie added color to the attire, making Naoto look more feminine but not losing any of her crime-solving appeal.

Yukiko and Chie were speechless; they had never seen Naoto in a skirt before her school uniform didn't count. Mitsuru nodded her approval and Nanako clapped some more.

Unbeknownst to Naoto, Rise took out her phone and snapped a picture. Aigis and Metis tried every combination they could find; jeans, skirts, blouse and dresses, you name it. Minako insisted that Mitsuru tried something out of her comfort zone like jeans, miniskirts and tube tops. The girls got a bit jealous when she pulled off every single garment she tried on to perfection. Yukari and Rise made it their mission to give every girl in their group a makeover.

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Even little Nanako wasn't spared. After trying out clothes, they went window shopping. They went a bit over their budget when they found a store that sold the cutest hairpins, rings and necklaces in every shape and color you can imagine.

Naoto studied a bit. I'll wear it for the festival. The detective shook her head. She held up a small mirror and Naoto stood transfixed by her reflection. The headband was dark blue with a small bow to one side.

It wasn't overly girly or frilly, yet it transformed Naoto from looking like a boy to a girl. Minako bought Nanako a Featherman R hairpin and a bead bracelet with colors of the rainbow. This earned her a hug from the little girl. You guys had as much fun as the rest of us," Rise chided, sucking on the straw in her tall glass of fruit juice. It's important to spend some quality time with girls only. Minato-kun has had his suspicions for a long time you know.

Fuuka blushed at Yukari's words, and hid her face behind her hands. It was against her nature to think violent thoughts, but when she gets back at the inn she was going to have to talk to punish their blue-haired leader and his big mouth. Keisuke-senpai is a decent guy. He helped me and Junpei-kun with that secret photo business, so I support your relationship with him.

You should get him a souvenir. Souji-kun was right all along, they do belong together. You're the one who had the hots for Souji in the beginning but you were just too shy to admit it. He's isn't that smart or good-looking, and clumsy but in a funny way…and she's hot-tempered, impatient and violent.

They argue all the time. How is that gonna work? My parents were brought together by an arranged marriage, but they somehow made it work.

Those two will figure it out, as long as they feel strongly for each other. He's always patient with me, and cheers me up when I'm sad. Just because he isn't book smart only means that his strengths lies elsewhere. I guess what I'm saying is that he sees me differently than other people, and that makes me feel special. Now we don't have to worry about him being a total pervert anymore," Minako added, earning laughs from the other girls.

She then turned to Yukari. I guess my feelings for him grew after the trip to Yakushima. When I yelled at him for no reason, he was nothing but understanding, and I thought my heart would burst when he hugged me on the beach.

After that I would get jealous when he spends time with other girls from the clubs, since it wasn't just me who found him to be charming…" She stole a quick glance at Mitsuru and Fuuka. I always feel inadequate next to him when he first asked me out. He just seems so…perfect. Excellent grades, good looks, and charming personality. But soon I realized that he's not perfect at all. He always put others before himself, ignoring his health sometimes. And he's a bit of a hothead, but I guess that runs in the family.

And he can be such a sentimental sap too. He still keeps the swords he used in our previous battles under his futon. Then she covered her mouth as if she just blurted out top secret information. Don't you have anything to say about Shinjiro-senpai? He was always withdrawn and doesn't hang out with us much.

I mean, everyone in the dorm was practically scared of him except for you and Akihiko-senpai. Oh, and Koro-chan too. But despite his gruff exterior, I felt that he was hiding a lot of pain. We got talking, and little by little I was falling for him. He has a soft spot for animals, and often feeds the strays living in the alleyways. Even though he gives a bad first impression, he really does care about us, in his own way. Being by his side, I feel safe and warm.

He's just that kind of guy. The older girls sighed dreamily. Nanako giggled at their antics, but is glad that her Aneki is happy. The other girls snapped out of their reveries to pay attention to the young heiress. It was my decision to keep it a secret from you all. Fuuka and Yukari looked at each other sheepishly.

No girl in school had the guts to go against the Student Council President. The little girl looked confused as she tried to understand what the others were talking about. Mitsuru's mouth hung open slightly, a bright blush staining her cheeks. She couldn't believe what she was hearing! I'm sorry," Yukiko apologized. Surely something about that guy attracts you in a way. She coughed out the remains of liquid from her lungs before answering the question with another question. Rise tells me you sometime stay for dinner when your gramps is out of town.

Kanji-kun is a lot smarter than what you guys take him for. We would love to hear from you how smart Kanji-kun is," she smiled sweetly, her voice saccharine. Seeing all the girls looking at her, Naoto knew she didn't have a choice. Ah, yes, an eye for detail," she started, her cheeks getting warmer by the second. He may not be the most intelligent as well as rather impulsive, but he usually notices that something is not right before everybody else.

He was also adamant on keeping his word to her when questioned about her identity after the Shadows' ambush. His loyalty and devotion to the ones he cares about is quite remarkable. That was definitely not the reaction Naoto expected. She expected them to giggle at her or tease her. Minako was the first to break the silence. He was really nice to me that time. Rough on the outside, but warm and kind and caring on the inside. Minako snapped out of her little daydream and looked at them, confused.

And then she smiled. They looked like two dogs about to fight over a piece of meat. Turns out, they were arguing over what color the fabric of his custom-made yukata should be, by orders of Minako-senpai. His mother told me they scared away the customers earlier because both were cussing like sailors. I'm sure you're gonna like the results. Mitsuru's jaw hung open in disbelief. He's not the only guy wearing a yukata to the festival," Minako said. For old time's sake.

They were already imagining their boyfriends in the garment, and the image wasn't disappointing. Soon, their food arrived. The girls happily gossip and talk about recent events as they ate. Naoto ate quietly reflecting what Minako had told her. Does he feel anything for me…? What should I do? They arrived at a shop specializing in yukatas, and it looks like business was booming because the festive season was near. Discounts were abundant, and they were having a blast choosing what patterns and colors that would suit their beloveds.

Metis felt a bit more independent as she chose a yukata for herself, with a little help from her sister. As Fuuka was busy choosing one for Ken, her cellphone rang. She flipped it open and smiled to herself; her best friend Natsuki Moriyama just sent her a text message. Have a great time at the festival, and don't forget to enjoy yourself 3" Rise noticed her fellow scanner's smile.

Curious, she went over to ask her about it. Rise looked intently at Natsuki's picture before she burst out laughing. Fuuka was confused at her reaction. It's just that her clothes reminded me of what Yosuke-senpai wore during the cross-dressing pageant at our school's culture festival.

Rise gave her a sly smile and took out her own cellphone. She pulled out the secret pictures she took when they were posing on stage and displayed them on her screen. Teddie begged him to sign us up for last year's beauty pageant," she explained, "when we found out about it, we took revenge by signing them up for the cross-dressing pageant.

I took their pictures for future blackmail in case they try to do anything stupid. Minako took Rise's phone and scanned the pictures one by one. She had to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of it all, and Yukari was right there with her: Kanji and Yosuke looked…interesting…to say the least. Teddie was much too pretty for his own good, although Minako thought that her Persona Alice was much cuter. Thanks to the small commotion, the other girls surrounded them, curious to know what's going on.

They had the same reaction when Rise explained it to them again. Rise pouted at that, since she was the one who dressed him. I wonder who helped him get dressed. The wooden sword was a nice touch," Minako praised her. I can't wait to tell you guys about it! In her hands was a red boy's yukata with minimal black and yellow geometrical prints. She didn't want Nanako to blow their secret to her cousin. I see you have picked one for Ken-kun. Ken-kun might not admit it out loud, but he's a huge fan of the series," Minako told her.

We have another hour left. You were too busy to help me. It's plain yet punkish at the same time. She snatched the outfit from Rise and put it back inside her bag. Mitsuru found the perfect one for Akihiko; a light sand-colored yukata paired with a red obi, his trademark color.

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Yosuke's was a dark army green with an orange obi. Chie chose it because it matched his Persona. Rise picked blue yukata with red trimmings accompanied by a white obi for Teddie. Yukari went traditional and chose midnight blue for Minato. Yukiko thought the same thing, but chose an obi that matched Souji's hair color. Chidori wasn't sure what to get for Junpei, but with Rise's help she picked out a metallic grey paired with a golden obi.

It reminded her of Hermes. Mitsuru offered to pay for all of them before they hurried off to the train station. Samegawa Riverbed… It was warm, but not unbearably hot, at Samegawa floodplain, making it a perfect day for fishing. Souji had managed to borrow some extra fishing rods and baits from the old man that had taught him how to fish so his friends could join him. Just set the bait on the hook, aim and throw it in the water. Wait for it and when you feel the fish bite the bait, reel it in.

Five minutes later, he grew impatient. What's taking it so long?! Things like these take patience. That often happens on the first tries," Souji reassured him. There was a tug on another lure. I think it got stuck between the rocks! However, he tripped over a sleeping Kanji causing the fish to hit the delinquent on the face and it bounced back into the river.

I've got several books I bought during my first stay here on Inaba. Those are my favorites. Souji looked at Ken. If any of you guys are interested, I can lend them to you. Junpei answered by giving him a dirty look while the other guys laughed. When I first met him and Daisuke, he told me that he was responsible for Daisuke's grades since they were eight. They must be fun to hang around with. We get along pretty well, and so does Yosuke," Souji answered. What else do you do around here?

I find folding paper cranes to be really fun as well. Of course, that's when I'm not hanging out with my friends," Souji said. Aniki and Shinjiro-san probably saw two of them on the shelf in my room. It's all about patience. Some new models arrived this week," Yosuke said.

One could see his eyes gleaming with excitement. Realizing his outburst, he blushed. Minato ruffled his hair.

No need to be embarrassed," he said with a gentle smile. Nanako likes to watch it, too.

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Nanako would love to have you two over. Ken nodded, his face still showing a faint blush. Ken shared several similarities with Nanako: They also lost their mothers early in life too.

You guys' turn now," Souji said, attempting to draw attention away from him and Ken. Minato rubbed the back of his head. Part time jobs are always amusing, and once in a while I try my hands at cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

But the thing I really like is video games. RPGs, fighting games, racing, you name it. You'd always beat me and Kenji whenever we went to the Arcade. Honestly, she's my best rival yet.

So, while we're still on topic, your turn now, Junpei. You can pull it off, Junpei-senpai," Yosuke said. The wind in my face whenever I ride feels great. Makes me feel free, and here in Inaba you can get pretty much anywhere with a bike. I only crashed because you panicked and covered my eyes! Since my Persona specializes in speed and I always listen to quick-paced music, I decided to try break dancing to improve my agility and next thing I know, I'm enjoying it. That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

Physical training is what I like do in my free time from college. Boxing, jogging, working out…that sort of stuff," Akihiko said proudly, ignoring Shinjiro rolling his eyes. They taste like crap. I mean, it wouldn't kill you if you threw some more vegetables into the mix every once in a while. Yosuke and Teddie could only blink in confusion while Minato, Ken and Souji laughed. And he worries about everybody's eating habits," Minato explained.

Souji's cooking skills are considered legendary among the Investigation Team. To know that there was someone who Souji acknowledged to have superior skills than him felt impossible to them. Koromaru started whining, trying to get the guys' attention. Koromaru lied on the ground with his belly up. Shinjiro smirked a bit, knowing what he wanted.

Koromaru panted in pleasure, enjoying the affection. He especially likes it when Minako brushes his fur. Oh, and playing with Nana-chan and giving balloons to the kids at Junes!

It's so much fun! In fact, he actually seemed proud of that. Souji wasn't fooling around. Even the older guys felt a bit intimidated by that. I'll be a good bear! C'mon, Kanji, wake up! Souji shook him harder. Kanji's eyes started to flutter open, he was still rather drowsy. Ma, leave me alone!

The guys' eyes widened at that, especially Shinjiro's. He couldn't believe that the younger student had spilled their secret so carelessly. Without thinking, he gave Kanji a hard punch on the shoulder. You had to go and spill it out, didn't you!? They looked more intimidating because of their towering height, with Kanji being slightly taller.

Before things got nasty, Minato and Souji interfered and pulled them away from each other. Cut it out, both of you! The two eventually cooled down, much to the others' relief. Both Kanji and Shinjiro were known for their short temper and brute force so a fight between the two of them was the last thing they wanted to happen. Tough guy Shinjiro-senpai is gonna wear a yukata for the festival!?

Man, you're totally whipped! Feeling sympathy for their upperclassman, Souji and Minato exchanged glances and nodded. We agreed it'd be a great way to honor the times we had when we were kids and to create more memories together. You don't want to go against their will now, do you? There was simply no way to win against the girls. Kanji and Shinjiro exchanged evil smirks at that. It sounded rather dry. That was you's and Teddie's fault, Yosuke-senpai And we got to see the girls in swimsuits!

Thanks to you idiots, we had to do 'that'! Minato recalled Souji mentioning an incident he and the guys had gone through during the cultural festival, but he was too embarrassed to give details. At least no one took photos…" Souji said, trying to cheer them up. She said she was saving them for something called 'blackmail' or whatever.

And why the hell you didn't erase them!? Soon enough there were swirlies in his eyes. Kanji groaned in disappointment. That's pretty damn pathetic of you, Ted. Minato patted Souji on the back, trying to comfort his younger brother.

Akihiko and Shinjiro had the decency not to laugh at the Inaba boys' predicament. Ken also tried not to laugh, but he had to cover his mouth with his hands, in respect for Souji and his friends.

Junpei, on the other hand, was laughing so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes. I bet you weren't even that good looking! I got first place!

I guess we can handle that, no problem. None of us really want to upset the girls…" "Speaking of girls, a little birdie told me that you and Chie finally hooked up together, Yosuke.

Who told you that?! If Chie finds out everybody knows about us, she'll Galactic Punt me to hell! He gasped when his best friend winced in pain since he was hit on his injured arm. Sorry about that, partner! Just don't do it again," Souji reassured him as he rubbed his shoulder.

Yukiko and I just gave you a little push. You have to admit it's good for both of you. But she manages to stay feminine," Yosuke answered. Lots of stuff is going on there to keep up to date with, but you will also find a ton of great links not the same as the ones seen here each month. Laura Kigin and a variety of Geography teachers post great stuff there frequently. And more includes a monthly round up, lectures online, research articles, challenges, ask the experts, and more links.

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