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alvin meet frankenstein

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein is an animated horror themed direct- to-video film based on characters from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein is a American animated comedy horror film produced by Bagdasarian Productions, LLC. and Universal. Simon and company are at it again. While visiting a movie studio, those irrepressible singing rodents commandeer a bus full of frightened.

While Theodore is the group's conscience, Simon is its voice of reason. Often appearing prudish, due to his proper diction and posture, Simon can let loose and get down and funky when the occasion calls for it. Like many geniuses, he requires spectacles to correct his poor vision. This is unfortunate, simply because it re-enforces cultural stereotypes. Simon's intelligence can't be attributed solely to his eyewear.

He studies very hard, and his braininess is due more to his natural sense of curiosity, than to his glasses. Both Simon and Theodore are whole, multi-faceted characters who deserve some recognition.

They will never get it, however, because they are constantly overshadowed by the attention-seeking antics of Alvin. A selfish and narcissistic creature, Alvin is the only chipmunk who deems it necessary to proclaim his identity loudly and boldly, in the form of a huge letter "A," on his wardrobe. Being the frontman of a world-renowned supergroup is not enough to satisfy his monstrous ego.

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This is demonstrated symbolically in the movie when Alvin drinks Doktor Frankenstein's potion and is transformed into a crazed, rabid rodent. While on the surface, it's hilarious to watch this wild-eyed, whirling dervish wreak havoc, on a deeper level, this display is truly sad. Alvin lacks impulse control, and he lives a life plagued with episodes of spontaneous adventure, followed by intense regret. In his selfish pursuit of pleasure, he disregards the feelings of those around him, leaving them to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

Rarely does he stop to listen to Simon's grave warnings, or to console the terrified Theodore. It is only later, after he has been stopped by an outside force, that he realizes his effect on others.

alvin meet frankenstein

Then he sincerely apologizes, but it's too little, too late. We've heard the words, "I'm sorry," so many times from Alvin that we no longer care. The plot of this film involves the afore-mentioned Doktor Frankenstein and the monster he builds for no known reason. The whole scenario is highly reminiscent of a movie starring another musical supergroup, KISS. However, Alvin makes no attempt to emulate Gene Simmons, so the movie never degenerates into full-blown plagerism.

They lose him when he gets scared and stops the car, then when he finally lets go, the car lurches forward going faster than the ride was engineered. This causes the roller coaster to go off its tracks into the park sidewalks.

alvin meet frankenstein

They climb out and run out of the park. In the ruckus, Theodore drops his teddy bear, and the monster finds it. When the boys get home, they try to tell Dave what happened but he doesn't believe them. They then go up to their room, get ready for bed " If a Monster Comes in Our Room ," and go to sleep, and the monster finds their house and returns the teddy bear to Theodore.

It starts to rain, and Theodore feels bad for him, so he lets him sleep in his bed that night.

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The next morning, Dave goes to the park to consult with the manager to book them for the premier that night of the new Bud Wiley movie.

Meanwhile at home, the Chipmunks take the monster Theodore refers to him as "Frankie" to the park and teach him about being kind and making friends " If You Wanna Have Friends. They make lasagna, but Frankie accidentally takes it out of the oven without gloves and burns his hands. In the process, he throws the lasagna out the window. Alvin goes out to retrieve it, but is kidnapped by the Doctor and taken to his lab in the theme park.

Dave comes home, and Simon and Theodore, are told by him they are playing at the premiere. They then run off to the park with the monster to rescue Alvin. At the park, Dr. Frankenstein makes Alvin drink a purple concoction. Then the doctor electrocutes him with 50, volts to "complete the process" as he says. The Chipmunks then burst through the door and knock over a few bottles of brains to distract Dr.

Frankenstein as they rescue him. When they get out, Simon steals the book Frankenstein was using. He reads that the doctor fed him "Cartoon Monster Maker" which instructs to serve cold with 50, volts of electricity, then to wait three minutes. Simon checks his watch. The three minutes are up. Just then, Alvin grows to an enormous size, then shrinks down to his normal size. But he is not his normal self, and now resembles a cartoon character.

He has a spiral for one eye, and his nose has grown and it is shiny. He runs away in a cloud of smoke. At the premiere, he causes chaos, like a crazy cartoon character. He destroys a table with a chainsaw, defaces the movie's poster, and pops inside peoples wardrobe and messes up their hair.