Alumni meet invitation wordings for 70th

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alumni meet invitation wordings for 70th

6 Best Class Reunion Invitation Wording Ideas High School Class Reunion, .. Great way to break down the reunion a simple meet and greet at a bar and Admission Academics Student Life Athletics Alumni 70th Birthday Parties, Student. Dear alumni,. We have great pleasure to inform & invite you for first ALUMNI MEET being celebrated on Saturday 29th of December. Join our celebration – help UNESCO mark 70 years of progress in education, science, culture World Heritage Greetings cards 70th Anniversary of UNESCO.

It has been my privilege to work with UNESCO these past few years to help facilitate these cultural and intellectual exchanges between people of all backgrounds and to collaborate with youths around the world to solidify in the minds of men—and women—the defenses of peace.

alumni meet invitation wordings for 70th

This work has allowed me to witness some of the extraordinary progress that we as an international community have made over the last 70 years.

In our daily lives, we routinely interact with and depend on people from different countries and cultures in a way that the founders of UNESCO could not have imagined.

alumni meet invitation wordings for 70th

I believe they would view this openness and willingness to cooperate across languages, cultures, races, and nationalities with pride and approval. On the whole, we are becoming a more tolerant world, one that is increasingly eager to embrace our differences. But it is equally essential, especially in light of the recent tragedies, to acknowledge the significant work that remains.

So I hope that we also reflect this week on what can be done to make our world a more tolerant place.

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Because, while countries and economies around the world become more interdependent with each passing day, some men and women, mired in cycles of extreme poverty and conflict, are being left behind. And, although the world on the whole may be more tolerant today than it was several decades ago, there remain stubborn contingents in almost all nations that still espouse explicit and implicit racism, xenophobia, and extremism.

We can all participate in this process. Too often, we view tolerance as an abstract concept that comes to bear only on issues of race, culture, or diversity.

alumni meet invitation wordings for 70th

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alumni meet invitation wordings for 70th

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alumni meet invitation wordings for 70th

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