All kerala icse isc sports meet 2012 nfl

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all kerala icse isc sports meet 2012 nfl

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Can wealth and affluence alone become the criterion for respectability and acceptability? Our pattern of behaviour is more eloquent than our words. Children read between lines. Once a trend is programmed into them, they behave accordingly to everyone around. If we try to inculcate human values in our children they become invaluable assets for all of us and for the country.

May God bless and help us to work for this unselfish goal. I thank all the staff members, students and parents for their generous co-operation and support. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, thought otherwise. He founded a new religious order in the Catholic Church different from all previous ones. He was truly a trailblazer. He streamlined a revolutionary approach to religious life in the Catholic Church deviating from the traditional understanding and practice of hitherto existing religious life.

The characteristics of the Jesuit way of proceeding have stood the test of time and have become a sustainable paradigm for more than years. Even today many religious societies and secular organizations follow the Jesuit management models put forward by St Ignatius of Loyola.

This means that the perennial dynamism and universal appeal of the Jesuit spirituality and administrative strategy are even now relevant. In this increasingly complex and constantly changing world, the Jesuit management approach is widely accepted as an effective and efficacious model for achieving the desired goals.

The Greek Philosopher Plato had this as the motto of his Academy - Notis se auton which means know thyself. He was convinced beyond doubt that self knowledge was very important as far as the training of a student was concerned. Another Greek philosopher, Socrates, recorded that an unexamined life was not worth living.

Self-evaluation and self-knowledge were of prime importance for him especially in the formative years of a child. The exponents of Zen meditation, advocate concentration and self awareness as preliminary steps for attaining complete self mastery.

The Latin dictum noverim me, noverim Te is attributed to St Augustine. According to him knowledge of oneself eventually leads to the transcendental knowledge of God. All the above mentioned thinkers and teachers considered selfreflection leading to self-awareness as an indispensable success tool for any serious student.

St Ignatius of Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises explains how a person can achieve self mastery by faithfully following the various meditations and exercises. Eventually a person will be able to know his strengths and weaknesses, values and personality traits which will finally lead him towards a successful life.

As one grows into a mature person, one will feel comfortable with oneself, with nature, and with God. Every Jesuit recruit has to undergo this training at least twice during his period of formation.

Self-awareness helps one to order one s life, to locate the unhealthy spots and weaknesses that may derail one. This self searching will throw light on one s disordered life and empower one to conquer ones defects and shortcomings.

Thus St Ignatius wanted every Jesuit to become a leader having complete mastery over himself and the environment in which he functions. Hence, the first St Ignatius had total disregard for the average and the mediocre. He always wanted to do a little more than what was required. Another typical Jesuit maxim is magis which means excellence. The single word that characterizes the Jesuit enterprise is magis. This striving for excellence is the core of any Jesuit undertaking.

This makes one responsible for one s own actions, and competent to respond to different situations in life. This calls for a deep sense of commitment to whatever 10 11 job one undertakes.

The Jesuit sense of magis, envisages in forming men and women of right principles, with the orientation for distinguished service, especially in the realization of his vision and mission. A person with the spirit of magis will always opt for inventiveness and creativity.

St Ignatius had total Ignatius was convinced that one performs best in a supportive, encouraging and positively charged environment. What more could be done was his constant concern. Thus a person with the disposition of magis dreams impossible dreams and will reach the unreachable star.

Destiny awaits those who dare to dream. We are all born with a divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness Wings of Fire. This striving for magis will enable you to dream and put your dreams into action. Jesuits and their students are expected to discern the signs of the times and be ready to imagine and dare projects that no one had thought of earlier.

Here lies the pioneering spirit. Ignatius was convinced that one performs best in a supportive, encouraging and positively charged environment. Hence, the main duty of the Jesuit superior or leader is to take care of the individuals cura personalis so that each person s talent, potential and dignity will flourish and enable him to actualize these qualities to the fullest extent.

In this love-ridden leadership each individual in his own right will work for achieving the Jesuit common agenda. He will respond quickly to opportunities and threats with a sense of urgency and commitment.

They have to understand the individual and make him the most apt person to undertake Society s works. Promoting Jesuit excellence and actualizing it in one s own life and becoming living embodiment of this will give us immense joy and satisfaction in our effort in disseminating the Jesuit ideals.

The Jesuit Society has a corporate aspiration and vision. Every Jesuit accepts this as his own personal mission. The Society gives to each person an opportunity to enlarge himself by striving towards realizing this goal and contributing his best to an enterprise greater than his own personal interests. The above mentioned characteristic traits of Jesuit administration should reinforce every Jesuit student.

They should inculcate values of integrity, imagination, respect for others and passion for excellence and service. A Jesuit school, Loyola school should have the ambience for the integral development of a child.

Loyola can never be content with what it is now. Loyola has a culture of its own.


Its alumni are known for their integrity, ingenuity and human approach. It should be a place to learn as well as a place to grow. It has to be an institution that promotes Jesuit excellence. To realize this great Jesuit ideal, a concerted effort on the part of the parents, the teachers and the students is necessary. We hope that Loyola students will always aim high and become ambassadors of Jesuit excellence so as to lead a fully competent, committed and contended life. Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Confident and innovative, he played a crucial role in all the major events of the school. He was an active participant in the school youth festival and sports day. The all rounder prize winner, Aditya, is also a good orator. While Ajay Zachariah is the all rounder prize winner, Arjun Shyam is the proficiency award winner of the year. As leaders, both take initiative and also get the job done well. He co-ordinated the activities of all the houses admirably. Nivin Bennet XI Bhas every reason to be proud this year.

He has proved his literary skills in versification and has won prizes for the same. One of the leading athletes of the school, he also worked for the Loyola English News Service very actively.

He secured the National Rank 47 at the Natioanl Cyber Olympiad conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation and teamed with five others to bring home the trophy for the first National Aerospace Olympiad.

He was awarded the promising youngster trophy at the G V Raja cricket tournament at Trivandrum. This annual year, saw the cadets of troop no. Out of this there were 3 sergeants, corporals and a number of leading flight cadets. Karthik Nandakumar was the flight sergeant. The first one was the annual training camp held at St Mary s school, Vettucaudu from May 18 to May Thirty cadets from the troop attended the camp.

Karthik Nandakumar was adjudged the best cadet from over cadets in the camp. The second camp was held from August 4 to August Loyola School was selected to represent the 1 K air squadron in the inter battalion competition in the combined all wing annual training camp held at world market complex, Anayara.

Loyola secured the fourth position in the drill competition under the training of Sgt Sunilkumar I A F. Cdt Sgt Ajith John got the first place in the flag area competition. Cdt Cpt Krishnanunni also participated in this competition. Cdt Adonis T S won the first place in the solo dance competition.

Thirteen cadets had attended this camp. The third camp was held from October 3 to 13th at world market complex, Anayara. This was an annual training camp and was hosted by 1 k girls battalion. Ten cadets from the troop attended this camp. This year after the training, all the cadets acquired many good qualities there by proving the motto Unity and Discipline of NCC. Born as a fledgling idea inover the years,lens has grown into a full-fledged newspaper supplying news and views to all on campus.

Dedicated English teachers and students have ensured that issues appeared weekly. Our reporters unearthed back-issues from our archives, which revealed that the years following the conception were productive years with four issues every month. However, with the passage of time, and with the increase in extra-curricular activities on campus like Youth Festival and LAfest, it was lean period for the LENS. But dedicated Loyolites still kept the legacy alive by bringing out at least one issue per term.

Our reporters discovered that excitement about newsreporting only increased over the years because ina rival newspaper, Times of Loyola was brought out competing with LENS making many a controversy.

LENS survived that competition and this year it really came back with renewed vigour and force. A motivational talk by our English teacher Ms Deepa Pillai, about the need to be rooted in tradition inspired us says Syamnath J G The young student editors took up the challenge breathing new life into LENS and the first revised issue made a sensational comeback on November Visually very attractive, with attention to layout and design, LENS was edited using graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop and was printed on high quality paper.

LENS succeeded in drawing large crowds to the notice board. The LENS photographers supplied high quality images using digital cameras, and the reporters ensured interesting reading content. The easy to read chatty style only helped in increasing the readership.

all kerala icse isc sports meet 2012 nfl

The repeated positive feedback from Principal Fr Varghese Anikuzhy kept the spirits of the editors high. Congratulating the editors,he said he hoped that the tradition would continue. At thirty rupees an issue, the transformation came at a price but our ever dependable Vice Principal Fr Edassery helped with both money and ideas.

The editorial board was very appreciative of Mr Shijo Sunny who ungrudgingly allowed them use of the computer lab. Confident of keeping the legacy alive and vibrant, the editors are already planning to rope in more students next year. At the end of it all, the teachers in charge of the social service club got together and decided to brighten up Christmas for some children in less privileged positions. It was an awareness raising effort, with the objective of sensitizing young minds to other realities around.

Students in the school had raised money from food fairs and collection drives to be given away as charity; and this was gifted away to the inmates of the four institutions. Boys Town, Manvila was the first stop. I felt very sad on seeing such clever and talented children in such a sorry state, says Yohan Philip V B.

The inmates of the town sang songs for the visiting children, and sweets were exchanged. The Canosian Convent at Thumba was another learning experience where the inmates were only too happy to spend time with the visitors. Sharing of experiences and putting up short entertainment programs made the inmates happy. After lunch the bus headed into Martha Convent. The physically challenged children there entertained the group with songs. Ms Albenia Angelose made a donation to the convent on behalf of Loyola School.

After similar visits to Azizi Bhavan at Gandhinagar and Snehalayam which was an old age homethe bus wound its way back to school. The children who went on the trip claim to have grown a tad wiser. On the way home, my heart was I prayed to God to bless them with continuing wisdom, and thanked Him for giving me a chance to meet them. I prayed to God to bless them with continuing wisdom and thanked Him for giving me a chance to meet them added Ajay Zacharia V B. The competition spanned over three days with classes during the first four periods and youth festival activities in the afternoon.

At the concluding ceremony on August 11, Mr George Andrews, PTA President, remarked that the enthusiasm in terms of attendance of the students had increased. It was a healthy mix of cultural and literary competition remarked Mr Ramesan and Mr Prathapchandran the conveners of the festival.

Mr Prathap Chandran hoped that new events which involve students more creatively would be added the following year. This could pull larger crowds. Ashique Siyad XI A was crowned Mr Loyola after winning an intense and entertaining groom em young contest; he was also judged the best Orator in English. Sabari Gireesh X A was declared the best orator in Malayalam.

However, this time round the rain clouds did not prevail and Lt Colonel S Thomas of the Southern Air Command, the Chief Guest of the day, declared the meet open, setting the stage for fierce competition and some exciting individual performances. The school campus witnessed frenetic sporting activity over a three week period when the finals and heats for several athletic events were completed.

On the sports day itself, short distance running races like the and meters sprint, and relays hogged the limelight. Events like the sackrace, palanquin race and lemon and spoon race for the tiny tots entertained parents and students alike.

The competitions were predictably well fought with each competitor trying to outwit the other keeping the audience on edges. As predicted earlier,the points tally shifted like a pendulum between AP and GG houses. It was the grand finale, the 4X meter for the Senior section, featuring all house captains, which decided the championship.

Until this point AP was in the lead with GG close behind, but with SS winning the first position here and AP being relegated to the third position, GG secured the advantage and winning the championship with points. Sekhar RA was declared the best athlete for his all round performance.

Colourful PT and karate displays added colour and variety to the day. The musical chair event for lady teachers and parents was really absorbing with Mrs Mariamma C, mother of Sujin Babu of 6 A making herself comfortable in the last chair. The rain clouds held back until the end of the events, after which the showers of blessings rained down on the children as they boarded the schoolbus.

Analyzing the concept of multiple intelligence, he highlighted the need for devising techniques and syllabi to develop the different facets of intelligence. In today s world of narrow specialization, he cautioned teachers about the danger of ignoring the bigger picture. Specialization should come after high school and techniques should be adopted to integrate the different subjects he said.

In this context,he detailed the role of ICT in education and stressed the need for teachers to use the new technology in the classroom. Practical tips about the navigational tools to surf the net were given. Commemorating the th death anniversary of St Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, a seminar on the objectives of Jesuit education was organized.

Fr Sebastian Painadath held the audience captive as he spelt out the principles of Jesuit education,reminding teachers that the child was at the Fr C P Varkey Thanks to God, I'm still an atheist.

Betrand Russell centre of the whole educational process. Quoting copiously from the different religious texts he impressed teachers with his erudition and command of language. Citing examples from his own experiments with teaching at Loyola, Fr Varkey explained that what children need is empathy, understanding and friendship.

They have to be dealt with carefully he stressed. Mr Shijo Sunny, commenting on the seminar, said that it was an enriching experience.

all kerala icse isc sports meet 2012 nfl

On September 13, Ms Kusum Chandragupta, a retired faculty of Loyola School, introduced teachers to Reiki and suggested techniques to control emotions in the class. Mayanad Sasikumar addressed the teachers on modifying their teaching methods to adapt to the situation at hand in a class.

In addition, the subject teachers attended subjectspecific workshops and training programmes arranged by the SCERT and various publishing houses. Earlier at the regional prelims held in Trivandrum where 24 teams participated, the Loyola team topped with their presentation: India s Space Journey. Sending a Spacecraft to Moon: Present and Future Propulsion Systems. Such an Olympiad was conducted to create an awareness of the various job opportunities in the field of aerospace and the potential India that lies in India said Dr NR Narayan Murthy.

The competition was spread over three days from 26 to 28 October. It included a project presentation, space quiz, awareness quiz and an intelligence quiz. Our boys worked under strict constraints of time. It is truly commendable that they performed so well under the immense pressure that was on them once they cleared the competition at the regional level Fr Joseph Edassery S J commending Derrish Dev Sam and Prolok S 11 A the students remarked.

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The highlight of the day was a model of a rocket designed by the team and which worked on pressure fed system. Sriram P also won a consolation prize in the painting competition. The victors were given a warm welcome back home. They were also given an opportunity to visit the Rocket Launching Centre at Sriharikota.

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From the beginning and till the end it was a riveting experience. We all learned a lot of new concepts and theories. It was thrilling and cool commented Ashique. We had put a lot of effort into the Olympiad and we were helped a lot by many people, teachers and AESI members said Kishor. Father Joseph Edassery was the team s solid moral support all through. All those laurels and trophies that are being brought home regularly, inspire juniors to achieve. It must come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that a Loyolite has been running a sports magazine as a private hobby for over a year.

Vishnu Sankar, IX C, began realising his dream of running a weekly sports magazine, just over a year ago. The first edition Dec 9, was a collage of news articles and pictures that appeared in some of his favourite sports magazines, and this received good support from his classmates. Little did he know then that the thirtyseventh edition of Final Score, his magazine, would see the light of day.

Every issue of Final Score is a handwritten, twinebound, and complete with advertisements of popular products as seen in sports magazines like Sportstar. Recent editions have incorporated commentaries, the score tally of cricket and football matches, and all such evaluation that can be found in Vishnu s sources. Each page is written in the column format, in the popular font of leading dailies, which makes Vishnu a typesetter with a difference.

Each issue takes me about two hours to create, and an hour more to bind with twine, says Vishnu, holding up a bunch of previous issues with pride. The finished product is then made available to his classmates for reading. What is commendable is the care with which his classmates handle the copies. For, not even the first edition has the slightest sign of its pages having dogears. The internet is just an infovalidation site for me. I get most of my information from the newspapers and Sportstar, explains Vishnu.

So, is Final Score just a collection of newspaper articles? No, it isn t! I sketch different cover pages for all my editions, and innovate in the shape of the logo. From the 20th edition, I ve have been holding SMS contests, and have given away many prizes.

The report year saw a host of activities, which brought together the old boys of Loyola School. This year, the Back to School programme was organized on 1 October Football and Basketball matches followed by the school assembly were the major activities for the day. The Ernakulam Meet Instead of the usual Kottayam meet, LOBA had its Outside Trivandrum annual get-together at Rock Garden in Njarackal, Ernakulam on 11 February Though the number of participants had come down from that of the largest gathering in the previous year, those who turned up had a wonderful time meeting old classmates and teachers.

Batches meet A few of the batches met this year too. Some of them have initiated batch wise groups and web sites too. Tomorrow, that headline will be a reality.

Vyasan called me four hours ago to break the news of this year s all-india civil services exam result. Aboutcandidates appear for an exam, and three Loyolites make it to the top They join a handful of Loyolites who are in the elite civil services. And perhaps, moments of luck. It s a marathon exam that spans a year, from the day of the preliminary examination May through the Main written examination October and interview April to the declaration of result next May.

And worse, you might have to go through this exam cycle more than once to get a coveted service. Great companionship, long-winded sessions at Indian Coffee House and the joy of learning these keep the candidates going as they chase the dream.

For their parents, though, it is a nightmare all the way. Anxiety levels and frustration rise by the year as bright Always believe like a duck - Keep calm and unruffled on the surface and paddle with great vigour underneath.

The Indian civil services exam is a test for parents, as much as it is of a young Indian s ability to recollect, and write concisely and accurately. As we celebrate the success of Prasanth, Vyasan and Anish, let us say three cheers to their families who supported them, year after year.

The Loyolite Loyola School. Thiruvananthapuram

General Rules and Guidelines 1. Participants must always have the personal photo identity card, with the Date of Birth and the class of study duly mentioned on it. The same must be presented for scrutiny as and when required. The Eligibility Forms of the participants duly completed must be certified and forwarded by the Principal. The travel details must be informed to the Host zone well in advance for better arrangements.

Any early arrivals or delayed departures will not be the responsibility of the Host. Parents of the participants are not allowed as escorting officials; neither will they be permitted to enter the venue except in the capacity of a spectator. Only those escorts approved by the Principal will be permitted to act on behalf of the participants.

Only the Executive Committee of the ASISC has the authority to amend, modify, change, annul or interpret the rules, regulations and guidelines. General rules for Sports events 1. Sports events will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of the various sports bodies in the country. Yet, in case of necessity, rules may be adapted as per the local needs and situations with the approval of the Sports Committee of the ASISC. The team manager should be present in the meeting of the managers.

The team that does not report on time will be disqualified after waiting for 20 minutes from the scheduled time and the opponent will get a 'walk — over' 4. The managers and coaches must ensure the discipline of their respective teams for the smooth conduct of the games. Every member of the team will be compulsorily verified and the eligibility approved by the officials prior to the commencement of each match.

The Jury of Appeal will deal with all matters of disputes and settle them amicably in all fairness and justice.