99 cobra eaton swap meet

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99 cobra eaton swap meet

Hey guys so I have a 99 cobra that im lookin to swap the stock eaton too, just was wonderin if anyone could give me some info. on the other. This was disscused at the friday meet. I'd really like to go eaton What is the breakdown of the eaton swap on a B headed car? On a sidebar. Anyone . eaton supercharger - heads (I've heard I can reuse my cams?). 2R3Z 6FAA Genuine Ford Cobra supercharger 03/04 Eaton Conversion (, 99+, Mach-1) - Corral Forums by "Denver DOHC.

How easily you forget how slow your Shinoda was. I don't have to wait for 4k for the the fun to start. D SVT Lurch How much trouble did you go through with your 98 to get it running right? And isn't this his daily driver? Now you're throwing shit against the wall to see what will stick.

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The 98 Cobra was someone else's unfinished project. When you take on someone else's project, you're going to have issues, especially when things were completely untouched to start with and you end up chasing things to finish up. None of the issues were serious, just small, tedious, time consuming things that had nothing to do with the blower. Other than the lower crank pulley was broken and I replaced with a brand new billet 4lb lower But, being a person who has owned both blowers in question, my 93 Cobra had a Vortech S trim and the 98 has a ported Posi blower I can offer a very informed opinion from personal experience.

Can you say the same? The fact is, my 93 Cobra made more peak power than the 98 does. The 93 made rw and the 98 currently makes rw on a conservative tune going back for a retune soon. That being said, the 98 is MUCH more fun to drive around on the street and is even much faster than the 93 Cobra was. The powerband is much more useable and fun with the positive displacement blower rather than having to really turn some RPM's to get it moving. Let's see, power from near idle all the way to redline or.

Power from 4k to 7k? Seems pretty straight forward to me.

99 cobra eaton swap meet

So no 03 tank? You can use an '03 GT tank. Most people don't usually like to go that route, but it's done quite often. And people have had pretty good luck drilling a hole in the fuel basket to keep it from getting sucked dry.

Just throwing that out there because I've seen it work that way with no problems to speak of. Let's face it though, that would be a very difficult task. If it takes a week to get stuff right, I don't have a car for a week. Tracking down every little thing I need for that swap would be a pita, especially all the front drive accessories and 03 heads when I have the money.

And I only make about every summer meaning that I would owe my dad the difference. No I'm not, I'm giving him advice for his application. I'm not denying that a PD blower will bring on power sooner. I'm just saying for someone who has not had EITHER type of blower he likely won't notice the difference in powerbands because either route will be much faster than what he has now.

I realize the 98 was an unfinished project, but a motor swap is a fairly indepth undertaking compared to bolting on a centri kit. The blower itself was not and is not the issue - it's getting the newer blower to work on his older car.

99 cobra eaton swap meet

I have not owned both types of cars, but I've driven and ridden in several of both so I am speaking from experience. I've also seen numerous people who had other cars to daily drive and the knowledge to do the build themselves try to put an Eaton in a SN95 and give up because it just wasn't worth the trouble.

Again, I'm not denying that a PD blower is more fun on the street that's your opinion - can't argue with that or that the power comes on sooner, I'm just saying in his case at this point in his life I don't think it's worth the extra time and effort it would take to get it done.

99 cobra eaton swap meet

To do a 03 Cobra motor swap, or to just do a top end swap is no easy task. This is a very important and informative link so virtually everyone interested in this kit should definitely review our FAQ 1 in great detail!! This image above shows the assembly turned upside down.

03/04 Eaton M to 99 Cobra | Mustang Forums at StangNet

The supercharger case shown here for reference does not have a nose assembly attached. The cast aluminum lower manifold is shown here with our adapter plate that allows the mounting of the factory Terminator Eaton supercharger or any aftermarket replacement.

The customer is responsible for sourcing several components needed to complete this kit in addition to providing their own supercharger. These are available at online auction sites, swap meets and other sources. Our kit includes the same cast aluminum lower manifold and intercooler core as the rest of our intercooled kits. The intercooler coolant lines come out the front of the Tork Tech manifold to work with the Cobra supercharger.

See our online instructions for more details. We also include our complete 8-rib secondary belt drive assembly with a separate crank pulley to drive the supercharger. This is required since a stock Terminator blower will stick out too far to be driven with the accessory belt. Using a separate belt solves many problems with this swap and adds flexibility and boost options. Belt slippage is not an issue and we will offer a variety of different size nose pulleys and crank pulleys so you can choose what boost level your engine can handle.