300 days to meet happiness ep 13

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300 days to meet happiness ep 13

Aug 7, Happy days ep 15 recap (last episode) finally came back and Xiao Xin Fu was happy but the rest was shocked to see him. Capture Feb 21, It looks like Meet Happiness for Days has a strong cast and potential for . Hello I have watched up to episode 7 but I dropped it after that. May 8, Recap: We open to see three men (our main leads) all running down a hospital corridor. Happy Days [遇見幸福天] Episode 1 Recap 12 As Ya Ting tries to persuade Hao Quan down from the balcony, she.

Just trying out episode one! We open to see three men our main leads all running down a hospital corridor. The scene cuts to our heroine giving birth, and when the men arrive the nurse presents the baby, asking which is the father…to which all of them raise their hands. Notably one guy is in orange and sitting next to her — is that a hint of foreshadowing I see?

Happy Days - 遇見幸福天 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Taiwan - TV Shows - Rakuten Viki

The episode opens to show our heroine, Chen Ya Ting, being given the news that she is pregnant. However, this does not bode well for Ya Ting, who dissolves into tears as she admits to the doctor her situation — she is single and not ready to be a mother. The doctor asks Ya Ting to reconsider getting an abortion and to give the baby a chance. The friend turns to help a well dressed man who has been standing by, and he requests an expensive bottle of wine to be sent up to his room — room that is.

He smirks, then disappears back to his room as three hooligans gangsters charge through the lobby. Though all have questionable fashion sense, the one committing the crime against fashion leopard print suit jacket??

300 days to meet happiness ep 13

Though his gangsters make him out to be a big, frightening man, he seems a little too hesitant to act upon his threats. When Yao Yan does muster up and lean his victim over the balcony edge, he hears his underdogs musing that dropping the man from the balcony would result in hospital fees — and no way for the man to pay them back.

Upon hearing this, the victim excitedly pleads with Yao Yan to drop him over the edge. In his room, Qi Tian is presenting an architectural design to two businessmen.

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During the presentation however, both of their cellphones go off, prompting Qi Tian to scowl at them and his associate assistant? Looks like Qi Tian is an uptight, picky sort of character. Up on the roof of the hotel, Ya Ting calls the clinic to arrange for treatment the following day. As she hangs up, she sees an obviously drunk client chugging a bottle of wine and leaning dangerously over the railing.

Below, the gangster Yao Yan has relocated to the 7th floor to scare his victim.

300 days to meet happiness ep 13

Ya Ting grows angry, and as he shows her his fist, grabs him into a headlock and knees him in the groin. Back in roomthe two businessmen tell Qi Tian that they have great plans for him — to copy the designs and style of a famous architect.

Everyone leaves the hotel: He is fired from his job when his uncompromised attitude causes his design firm to lose an important client.

300 days to meet happiness ep 13

Bored at home he is conned by Gigi to take her on as a client. He was in love with Ya Ting when they were high school classmate, but she rejected him because in each of his love letters to her he wrote it in a self-centered tone. He volunteers to be Ya Ting's unborn child's father because of what his college ex-girlfriend did to their unborn child. He escapes to Ya Ting's hometown when he thinks he has killed a man while trying to collect a debt from him.

An orphan who joined a triad gang when the triad boss paid for his died grandmother's medical bills. Gigi discovers his talent for cooking and hires him as the chef at the inn.

Kaiser Chuang as Ding Hao Quan A respected doctor, he losses his confidence when one of his patients dies during surgery for the first time. Unable to cope with the trauma he turns to alcoholism. He meets Ya Ting when she saves him from committing suicide and later goes to Ya Ting's hometown to visit the grave site of his patient. Her unique but tacky decorating style causes customers to not want to go to her inn. In order to try to get customers to her inn she tricks Qi Tian into taking her on as a client.

Like Ya Ting, she was a unwed single mother. Not wanting to be tied down after college she does the unthinkable to her and Qi Tian's unborn child in order to advance in her career which leads Qi Tian to break up and hate her. She constantly uses her connections to give Qi Tian work and recognition in hopes that he will forgive her and reconcile with her.

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She admires and likes Ding Hao Quan because he gave her confidence and encouragement while she was training to be a nurse. Due to an accident she does not have any memories of her current husband so he takes her previous husband's name in fear that she will leave him. Guo Yao Ren as Da Fei One of Zhang Yao Yang's triad followers who was with him when he thought he had killed a debtor they were trying to collect from. Yao Chun Yao as Shan Ji One of Zhang Yao Yang's triad followers who was with him when he thought he had killed a debtor they were trying to collect from.

Michael Huang as Bao Ge Yao Yang's triad boss who took Yao Yang in when his grandmother died and he helped to pay all her medical bills. She hires Ya Ting as a temporary event planner at the hotel.

Wanting to know who her father is she sneaks off to Taipei to look for Qi Tian. Wu Chun as himself A celebrity that Ya Ting is a huge fan of.

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Ya Ting meets him while he is filming a commercial at the hotel she works at. When a bottle hits his face and causes him to pass out, Yao Yang mistakes that he had killed him. Duncan Chow as Jun Jie Qi Tian's college classmate that is now an editor for an interior design magazine. Bao Wei Ming as John Qi Tian's long suffering former boss who has put up with Qi Tian for many years but decides to fire him when Qi Tian causes him to lose an important client.

Qi Tian becomes annoyed with him due to his constant phone calls during his presentation to him and also asking Qi Tian to change his designs.

She gives him money one last time and request that he never comes looking for her again.