30 years ago today 5 students meet for detentionaire

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30 years ago today 5 students meet for detentionaire

Cartoons: Detentionaire fanfiction archive with over stories. Chapters: 35 - Words: 9, - Favs: 1 - Updated: Nov 13 - Published: Jan 30 - Complete A new year, new faces, new intrigue amongst the students and it all begins with one big prank. Lee Ping was kidnapped just like his older brother 5 years ago. Detentionaire. The But why would they want the team to maintain a losing streak? Tomorrow am - am S9 Ep10 The Mystery In The Meat ( MA15+). General Lee: "I'm the guy who got detention for a whole year for pulling off the biggest PM Problem is, I don't have detention today, and if I don't make it back to the car before my He is being chased by three large students and the Red Tazelwurm.] [Lee meets up with his friends as they walk into the school.].

The morning news came on and Chaz used a pad to put powder on Tina's face, the girl's expression shocked.

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Lee on the other hand went back to looking at the grainy photo and tried to clear it up while blocking out most of the announcement. Nigma's football team be able to threepeat this year? According to the latest 'Chaz's Corner' popularity pole.

Lee's expression went back to borderline angry as she noticed something was actually on the picture and not just the screen. Both Cam and Holger began to back away, but Lee waved it off. Lee kept backing away but stopped when she accidently hit another student back and she grimaced and put a hand on her face when she saw that the line-up of students was knocked over and the vice principal was standing at the end. Goldstein, do we really have to go through this day in and day out?

30 years ago today 5 students meet for detentionaire

Lee let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding before being joined by her friends and they continued down the line and she took another drink from her cup. You and me, together, eating, talking, laughing. Lee though was shoved down into the sit by the jock by Brandy before she sat down. Lee looked around the table at the rings the football players were wearing before Steve glared down at her.

I bet this was one of your little pranks to throw me off tryouts! Take a hike, Ping," he said jerking his thumb in the direction away from them, "Or we'll show you what we do with people…who annoy us! Lee looked to see her friends scatter before Ed the water boy appeared in their line of sight and a football player with a buzz cut stood up.

Lee cringed as they gave the boy a wedgie. Lee started to feel nervous about sitting in her spot before a girl yelled, "My bag, someone stole my bag! The bell rung as the class let out and Lee and Cam were walking down the hall. Lee recoiled in disgust. Lee patted him on the shoulder.

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How'd you guys like to be pals and try out for the football team? Lee blinked and stared. Lee turned back in her seat and put her hand on her chin as she stared out the window, but her cell phone rang a moment later. Lee sighed as she laid her upper body on the desk. Lee raised a brow before turning in her seat and looked back up at him. Lee moved through the air duct and was right on the vent. Lee opened the vent and dropped in, the girl's inside screaming before she let out a yell.

Lee made her way out of the locker room and onto the field before finding Cam. Lee gasped as she saw Tina walking over and hid behind Cam before sneaking off. Sneaking out here, late? What's your name, soldier? Lee was almost away when Barrage called out the number on her uniform. Lee looked up at it before running after it. I own this field. Lee smirked as she put her helmet back on.

30 years ago today 5 students meet for detentionaire

Steve grabbed the arms of Lee's uniform and dragged her up off her feet. First; I wipe the field with you, then I give the leftovers to Barrage!

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She decided it didn't matter either way though as she joined the other players. Heck, I'd like to invite each of you sweetie pies to my summer home for ice tea and corn muffins some time! So I've decided to put this story back up: Note that every group of 4 chapters is one "episode", which is why there's a teaser at the start of most. Oneshots will be uploaded daily until December Originally posted on AO3. Lee Ping Diary Entry 1 by Akito reviews Detentionaire From episode 1 to 53 are going to be diary entries from lee ping of the television series so I hope you enjoy.

New School Year by Jet Tenth grade. A new year, new faces, new intrigue amongst the students and it all begins with one big prank. Of course, going to meet with a Catholic schoolgirl you met that morning can cause you to miss the prank and confessing that was where you were can get you branded a traitor.

After all, high school is the last place on earth where Victorian and Early Modern social mores live. The Detentionaire gang is coming back victorious! There's a lot of mess to clean up in the aftermath, and that's just the beginning. When a greater threat arises will Lee be prepared to protect his friends and family? As for Nora, The Beast is far from done with her Can she keep it locked away for good? The reports of disappearances at a tropical resort causes Lee and his friends to investigate.

Who knew that he would come back, only to revisit what he left behind, buried in the past? Miles Upshur's ambition has taken him far in his Journalist career, but this job was the job that would challenge the very essence of what he's capable of and what he knows about himself They have many variations across the world and over the years. In this Ping File, our heroes came face to face with a monster out of nightmares that might not be from one time or place but a combination.

Let's hope we get an official one one day though! But one day, she accidentally gets detention, and ends up sucked in with all of Lee Ping's bullcrap of a life-She has to help this boy, and show him she's on his side-and not just because might be developing a few feelings for him So now, she has to get detention.

30 years ago today 5 students meet for detentionaire

And all of this while juggling her questionable reputation. Brothers by manga-neko reviews Lee Ping was kidnapped just like his older brother 5 years ago. Trained to be an assassin like Serpent, Lee has a very different childhood. Determined to escape their fate, the two boys escape.

30 years ago today 5 students meet for detentionaire

Lee and Serpent, really Sung Li, attempt to live in the shadows as normal brothers.