2013 march meet photos

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2013 march meet photos

Nostalgia Immersion: March Meet 13th March 21 Comments. Nostalgia Immersion: To a drag racer, winning at March Meet is like winning the Super Bowl. Today this is a . Love the photos, any possibility of more night shots?. March Meet Coverage · California Hot Rod March Meet Video - Full Run. Videos will open in your Goodguys March Meet · Bonus Photos. The March Meet, held in Bakersfield, is becoming more popular with Top Fuel drag racers from out of state. View All 11 Photos.

Boychuk took the gimme in stride.

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To that end, Boychuk would have to defeat another racer from the Northwest, Mark Sanders and his brand-new Mr. Explosive Mustang out of Seattle, tuned by his son, year-old Jake Sanders.

2013 march meet photos

By the time the finals ran, night fell. An exhaustive minute cleanup meant the race would run late. Indeed, it was dark and nippy when the green light flashed for the final pair of floppers.

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Explosive, seizing a victory nobody was going to nullify, while posting a 5. Boychuk had made good and showed who was the baddest. Inboredom is not an option. If Top Fuel was going to save face, it needed to finish with a flourish.

Would age and treachery overcome youth and skill? In five seconds, they got their answer. At the hit, Young moved first but by feet into the run, Denver had put a wheel out front.

2013 march meet photos

Denver put the pipes out at 1, feet, as Young went marching by with all eight candles lit, and in the cover of darkness neither driver knew who had triumphed. Like I said, the Pontiacs will be well represented here. How can you not love this? The simplicity of this one had me gaga.

2013 March Meet Nostalgia RE Top Fuel

It is a fairly straightforward altered but once you add the injected Hemi into the front of it, things take a turn for the awesome. Famoso Speed Shop had a few killer cars at the race but this little competition coupe was my favorite.

2013 march meet photos

Very classic in look and sporting some amazing green paint, the blown SBC and white headers in a psuedo weed burner style turned me on. With an Arias Hemi in this car, it vaulted to the front of the pack for me.

Small block Chevy engine, canopy over the driver area, and a paint job that rules. This is the Champion Speed Shop Dragster. No win for them but it still is one of the coolest slingshot dragsters ever made. Tony Bartone made the quickest lap in the history of front engine dragsters with a 5. That in itself makes this car one of my favorites.

Boy was this coupe all pissed off about stuff! Looks like a hot rod, runs like a dragster. The perfect mix of new and old here for me. What we thought was a popped hood turned out to be by design. This thing was bursting at the seams with turbo piping. Larry caught it at the end of the track, looking tame compared to the Top Fuel monsters. The only evidence of velocity is the ballooned rag top. At the swap meet you could find all sorts of vintage speed equipment. You could select a helmet to declare your chosen spot on the cool to safe ends of the spectrum.

2013 March Meet

This guy brought an old trailer, an older Sun distributor machine and a positively medieval drill press. I suppose you could turn this Kellison into a Funny Car with the proper motivation. This little pickup fit right in with open headers and pie-crust slicks… …as did this five-window. The fender damage was a shame, but I guess it proves that the owner drives it too. When we started hearing burnouts again we headed back to the track. Actually, Larry grabbed his camera and headed onto the track.