The replacements pleased to meet me mp3

Noise Never Ends: The Replacements

the replacements pleased to meet me mp3

The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me (Cover Artwork) the songs an organic energy that no CD or MP3 has ever been able to capture. The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me - Music. The Replacements Format: Audio CD. out of 5 stars 73 customer Unlimited MP3 $ Check out Pleased To Meet Me [Expanded Edition] [Explicit] by The Replacements on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase Buy MP3 Album $

the replacements pleased to meet me mp3

Making a great record is difficult circumstances. The more I learn about what it takes for the final version of an album to arrive in a bin at a record shop, the more I am in awe that even one album exists, never mind its greatness. Yet many do, and some of them are indeed great. Each is a testament to the personal strength and intestinal fortitude of the artist beyond proof that you need to suffer to see. And then there were three. Pleased to Meet Me was released July 7, It was also their first and only record made as a trio.

When all was said and done, Pleased to Meet Me peaked at on the Billboard charts, and though reviews continued to be strong, sales fell short of the expectations of both the label and the band. Now, a whole bunch of opinions.

the replacements pleased to meet me mp3

Pleased to Meet Me is the finest record The Replacements ever made. Sonically, it is fantastic; rich and full of style and swagger.

The Replacements - Valentine [Aug '86 Demo] (Last session w/ Bob Stinson)

It lands in that sweet spot where technology, team, craft, chops, guts, attitude, ideas, creativity and some major label money all intersected at the right time for those songs to become what they became. Ripping guitars that defied the trends of the time mostly. The record begins with "I.

The Replacements : Best Ever Albums

Beholden to no one, "I. And I believe that went double for the fans who were vocally opposed to the band's record deal, Bob's firing or anything else anyone might say about the band's business or direction. Yet Pleased to Meet Me isn't all punk-rock piss and vinegar; some of the absurdly loveable loserisms remain. A song like "Nightclub Jitters" masquerades as a lark but is a piece of the real on the anxieties of the author. And what a delightful sax solo!

There are horns and strings and a junky rhythm machine and all sorts of other playful sonic explorations outside The Replacements' box.

the replacements pleased to meet me mp3

And it all works. One of my favorite things about this album is its depth. It's widely considered that Paul Westerberg was on quite a streak around the time Tim and Pleased to Meet Me were recorded.

Musicheads Essentials: The Replacements, 'Pleased to Meet Me'

That rare blend of arrogant affront and complete vulnerability that Paul had been trying to balance since the beginning? This time out it couldn't have been any more natural. In "Skyway," Paul unabashedly penned the great Minnesota love song. In "Alex Chilton," he re-imagined the world in which his hero was recognized in the way he truly deserved. So is it a surprise that today there is so many bands that carry or attempt to carry the torch of the Replacements?

From the Hold Steady to Against Me! With the recent reissues of the first four releases by the Mats, the buzz for the Replacements has been as strong as ever. But there are certain omissions when the story of the Replacements is told. The emphasis is always placed on their independent releases, which culminated with their magnum opus, Let It Be, followed by their masterpiece and major label debut, Tim.

Pleased to Meet Me somehow gets left out the conversation.

Recently, I was rummaging through a local used record store and came across a copy of Pleased to Meet Me. What person would let any album by the Replacements go to waste in the rack of some used record store? I snatched up the record without a second thought and headed straight to the counter. In my mind, it seemed that I had come across a secret treasure that could be snatched from me at any moment.

I paid the clerk, got in my car and returned home as fast I could. I immediately went to my turntable, took the record out of its sleeve and placed it on the player.

the replacements pleased to meet me mp3

I lifted the needle, as the whir of the belt clicked into gear and the platter began to spin. As the opening track, "I. The quality of the vinyl brought the band to life and gave the songs an organic energy that no CD or MP3 has ever been able to capture. That first listening on vinyl was incredible. I sat on the edge of my bed staring at the record as it spun around, the needle gently bumping up and down over the grooves of the record.