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A page for describing Recap: Supernatural S 07 E 01 Meet The New Boss. Previous: Supernatural S 06 E 22 The Man Who Knew Too Much Next: Supernatural. Supernatural: Meet the New Boss. Welcome back Supernatural fans! Let me start by saying that if this season premiere did nothing else, it reinforced the fact that. By Diana Steenbergen After the first five seasons of Supernatural had "Meet the New Boss" was far more entertaining than expected and that.

Crowley gets pretty sloshed too; he's even holding a bottle when the Winchesters teleport him to their basement.

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The Winchesters get Crowley's help again, as he's not happy with his new "arrangement" with Castiel, who plans to keep most souls for himself, maintaining Hell only as a threat for his enemies and to keep Archangel Michael locked up. Castiel and Death get into a very heated argument, in which Castiel outright threatens to kill Death. Death isn't impressed by the "mutated angel". Regular Castiel was still pretty stoic even while giving grand speeches.

Cas pretty much wolfs down scenery. Castiel insists he is not.

Meet The New Boss

He also doesn't consider himself evil. Over the credits from Leviathan! Face Death with Dignity: After Castiel pays him a visit, Crowley know that the jig is up. He doesn't resist and prepares for the ensuing smiting.

Subverted, as Castiel doesn't kill him, but orders Crowley to work for him instead. Castiel cures a blind believer of his ailment and leprosy in India. The Leviathans start whispering to Castiel while they're inside him.

For a minute it looks like all is well and the souls have been returned to Purgatory. They have, but the Leviathans managed to hold on. They take over Castiel. Castiel is acting as God and makes numerous appearances around the globe. One female parishioner describes him: We all saw him. No beard, no robe. Crowley blows his stack when the Winchesters teleport him into their midst, saying that Castiel will kill them all if he thinks they're conspiring against him.

Then he adds hopefully, "You do wanna conspire, don't you? After Dean gives up, Sam prays to Cas telling him they're still willing to help him. Fortunately Cas hears the prayer. Castiel when he's possessed by the Leviathans. I Told You So: Dean asks why Cas didn't just listen to him in the first place.

The Winchesters try to kill Castiel, who has become an outright god. Following immediately from season six's finale, Bobby gets down on his knees and asks if that's good enough or if Castiel wants "the whole forehead-to-the-carpet thing?

supernatural meet the new boss

Castiel's only response to discovering that the souls of Purgatory are threatening to break out of him is a soft-spoken and frightened "No". Death very seriously threatens Sam and Dean, and coldly instructs them how to get the souls back to Purgatory. Then as he leaves, he suddenly turns and says in a very jovial tone that the pickle chips were really good. Death is the one who informs the Winchesters and Castiel about the Leviathans, the oldest beasts from Purgatory.

Castiel has swallowed them, and now they're threatening to break out into the world. Cas wants to apologize and make amends, since he thinks he's about to die.

7.01 Meet the New Boss

He survives, but still feels the need to redeem himself. Negated Moment of Awesome: Castiel gives one to what remains of the Host of Heaven after he's done killing most of them.

There is nowhere to hide.

supernatural meet the new boss

The rest of you—our Father left a long time ago. I thought the answer was free will.

supernatural meet the new boss

But I understand now—you need a firm hand, you need a Father. And I am your Father now. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Cas didn't swallow just souls. Upon becoming a god, Castiel has become immune to angel blades and virtually anything else.

The Winchesters resolve to ask the Grim Reaper for help. Crowley reacts this way when Castiel shows up. Again when Cas casually breaks the spell binding Death. This is naturally Dean and Bobby's reaction to Cas revealing the Leviathans hang on inside him and are about to break free. Cas while possessed by first all the souls in Purgatory and then the Leviathans.

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Not only are Cass and his vessel breaking down because of the millions of souls from Purgatory, but he also wasn't paying attention and also ingested the Leviathans Death has been freed from the spell the Winchesters used to bind him. As he calmly eats fried pickle chips, Sam silently indicates to Dean that a grovelling apology might be in order. I'm not here to tie your shoelaces every time you trip. Death gives one to Castiel, who deems himself a god. I know God, and you, sir, are no God.

The Winchesters grinding the expensive fulgarite crystal for their spell during the montage, while its Bound and Gagged owner groans in frustration. Castiel after he's taken over by the Leviathans. Now this is going to be so. Instead of telling him about his problems, Sam updates him on more of Castiel's actions.

As they talk, Dean gets an idea about what can stop Castiel, and they summon Crowley into a devil's trap. They want him to give them a ritual that will allow them to bind Deathsimilar to the way that Lucifer bound Death, and make him kill Castiel. Once Crowley delivers the ritual, Bobby does some research regarding the necessary components.

The one item they'll have to steal is a fulguritea crystallized lightning bolt, and they drive nine hours to the home of an affluent couple that owns one. Weiss interrupt them mid-heist, and Dean is forced to tie them up and gag them. They are present when Bobby, Dean, and Sam prepare and perform the ritual to bind Death. The ritual is successful, and Death appears, bound.

Supernatural 7x01 "Meet The New Boss" Part 5

He thinks that he has been summoned regarding Sam's hallucinations, and Dean looks to Sam, surprised by the news. Death asserts that he can't help Sam there's only "one wall per customer"and Dean tells him instead that they want him to kill Castiel.

Before they can convince him, though, Castiel appears. He threatens to kill them all, but Dean reminds him that Death is under their control.

It appears that they are at a stalemate. During their standoff, Death confronts Castiel about his deteriorating state. Castiel's vessel is burning out, similar to an Angel 's vessel, and Death tells him that it is because he absorbed things from Purgatory —things older than souls —that he can't contain. Long before God created the first angels and men, he created the first beasts: They were locked away in Purgatory because they threatened to tear apart the world, and now these Leviathans are within Castiel.

Death warns that Castiel is just a thin membrane between the old ones and their world. Castiel scoffs at Death's warnings and threatens to kill him, and Death ignores his threats, telling him that he isn't a God.

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As their bickering escalates, Dean orders Death to kill Castiel, but Castiel breaks the bonds tying Death to their will and then flees. Instead of turning on them, Death declares that Castiel's arrogance is annoying and decides to help them yet again. He tells Dean that the things Castiel absorbed can be returned to Purgatory: In order to open the door to Purgatory, Death agrees to create another eclipse at 3: They have very little time, and Dean seems to have given up before even trying to talk to Castiel.

Sam, despite the fact that he is suffering hallucinations and nightmares, refuses to give up, and prays to Castiel. Meanwhile, Castiel awakens in a campaign office, covered in blood and horrified that he unconsciously slaughtered everyone in the office. When he hears Sam's prayer, he answers and admits that he needs their help. Dean, Sam, and Bobby take him back to Crowley's old hideout in Kansas. A jar of the blood that they need is in a supply closet there, and Sam goes to retrieve it while Dean and Bobby prepare to open the door to Purgatory.

While alone, Sam sees Lucifer. He tells him that he knows he's a hallucination, but Lucifer convinces him that he's still in hell, and that everything else is a hallucination.