Strip scene meet the millers

Jennifer Aniston "We’re The Millers" Strip Scene - HD |

strip scene meet the millers

Small-time pot dealer David (Jason Sudeikis) learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished; trying to help some teens, he is jumped. Rose (Jennifer Aniston) strips her fake family's way to freedom. "Disclaimer: I am not the original creator of this video. Warner Bros. Pictures. Getting into stripper-shape for her role in "We're the Millers" required strips down to just some lacy underwear in one particularly sexy scene.

When you gave yourself a break, what did you eat?

strip scene meet the millers

I really missed my taco chips and salsa, but in life and when you play a stripper, you have to allow yourself a once a week treat. The calorie spike will do you good.

Jennifer Aniston Talks Getting Into Stripper Shape For 'We're The Millers' | HuffPost

Tell us about your character. I think she's a sad stripper who has built up this sad exterior from being disappointed many times in her life and making bad men choices. I thought of her as maybe a classically trained dancer who didn't quite make it.

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Her rage is sadness turned outward. What was it like working with Jason Sudeikis? There wasn't a lot of improv. We stuck to the script most of the time. But I did have Jason Sudeikis and he's a great partner in volleying. We just had to try not to laugh, which was tough.

Jennifer Aniston "We're The Millers" Strip Scene

Did you watch real strippers perform for tips on your stripping scene? They had to drag me out of that strip club every night. There was an amazing choreographer and a wonderful trainer. It also helped that I got some great Eros underwear for my big strip scene. I learned some really crazy moves and now I have a stripper pole at my house.

Jennifer Aniston "We're The Millers" Strip Scene - HD

Me and Paris Hilton have one. The scene eventually arrives at Kenny trading off makeouts with Casey and Rose, practicing; all the while David is looking on while eating a bag of chips, as if an innocent bystander looking in on the spectacle and taking in its full effects.

I mean, he even takes a picture of Kenny and Casey kissing. Coming back to Rose, the pinnacle of the male lens is displayed in times of desperate measure for the Millers. Yes, she makes one final return to her prior occupation, exposing her body to the pleasure of male eyes.

strip scene meet the millers

The scene itself, at times, attempts to even make it seem glamorous, with assistance of the sunlight, a shower, and sparks. You can nearly sense the intention of a male gaze as David looks directly into the camera and shrugs, raising his eyebrows, almost as if the mere exposure of Rose is not only invaluable to him, but acceptable as long as they are safe, not to mention the fact that it may be visually pleasurable to him, as well as Kenny, as he adjusts his pants in what looks to be a nearly unbreakable captivation.

Does the film do anything to show this to us as viewers, to show that Rose is more than a stripping teaseful distraction in order for everyone to be safe, to escape?

Aside from these moments that either objectify women or reinforce male dominance and influence, David tends to make comments that either result in women being furtherly objectified or that would be seen as disrespectful towards women in any usual circumstance throughout the entirety of the film.

But the film creates something different for us. The movie normalizes these jokes and it allows and guides us to accept them through our laughter, no matter how wrong, crooked, and disrespectful that they may be. Due to that normalization, a male perspective is built up further, as males are practically given a more dominant role, due to the subjugation of women. It is not necessarily generated through the viewer, but rather through the way the viewer is led to see and interpret the film.

In the end, David does, in fact, grow to care and respect these people, but that may be laid out to us to keep viewers on his side, to let him off and reside with him, as we begin to realize his selfishness. We easily forgive him. The somewhat crooked way of seeing the ending of this film, as the four of them move into a home together, under a witness protection program, is that David ends up actually changing the lives of those who came with him maybe even for the better.

All the visual matters and jokes that support male empowerment and female objectification, are really somewhat trivial, they only support the true major source that is the problem with the whole male lens in its own right. The biggest problem is that the male lens of these films makes the objectification and subjugation of these women appear normal, it makes it appear okay and acceptable.