Sochi 2014 meet the athletes playground

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sochi 2014 meet the athletes playground

McDonald's Marks Days Until Sochi Olympic Winter Games As part of its legacy to the city of Sochi, McDonald's will donate a new children's playground. They will attend Olympic events, meet athletes and learn about global. e Sochi Olympic Winter Games saw athletes inspire the world over 17 Our partners gave us the reach and the voice to touch hearts and minds nationwide. with the Coca-Cola brand – was installed in the Olympic Park. e Showcase. Athletes at the Winter Olympics are voicing concerns about safety hazards Meet the Animals Behind the Mascots of the Winter Games.

They skipped the free skate in the team event and came back Feb. One night later, they were nine points better than the field in the free skate to win by 18 points, the margin that separated second from sixth.

Wendl and Arlt won the doubles by.

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They then joined a powerhouse team in the relay, anchoring a one-second victory with the fastest doubles time by more than a half-second. She went into the Olympics with a real shot to become the first Winter Olympian to win six medals at a single Games.

She fell short of that, placing fifth in two events and being eliminated in the semifinals of the sprint.

sochi 2014 meet the athletes playground

Still, Bjorgen prevailed amid ski wax issues that plagued the Norwegian team. Bjorgen became the most decorated female Winter Olympian ever with 10 medals and six golds.

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Others have 10 medals with fewer golds. She is 33 and is thinking about starting a family, making a run at appear unlikely. Getty Belarus doubled its previous best Winter Olympic output with six medals in Sochi. Half were won by Domracheva, who won three straight individual biathlon events, all by at least 20 seconds. Getty Hats off to the U. Ski and Snowboard Association for putting Christensen on the Olympic team over the previous two world champions.

Christensen was the final skier named to the four-man Olympic slopestyle team, but nobody could touch him at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. He posted the best score in each of the two qualifying runs. In the final, both of his runs would have won gold. He led the third U.

Winter Olympic podium sweep ever and dedicated the win to his father, who had died due to a congenital heart condition in August. AP Coming in, many hoped an American would become the first person to win two snowboarding gold medals at one Winter Olympics in Sochi.

They expected Shaun White. They got Vic Wild. Wild was born and raised in the U. Snowboarding, so he married his Russian girlfriend and became a Russian citizen. He had a better medal haul than any U. Olympian in Sochi, which must be quite satisfying. Reuters Both snowboard cross champions were dominant, sweeping quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, but Samkova gets the edge because she also won the seeding races by. The year-old who draws moustaches on her faces before races was not considered the favorite going in, but she became the must-see boarder in the final after Lindsey Jacobellis crashed out.

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She delivered, too, leading just about from start to finish in all three rounds. Samkova, the junior world champion inandhad taken silver behind Jacobellis at the Winter X Games.

sochi 2014 meet the athletes playground

Interestingly enough, her rink was pushed hardest by the last-place U. The Adygea House will stand out for its rich cultural programme, which consists of presentations by Adyghe performance groups; displays of models of traditional clothing made by experts; museum exhibitions with the services of a guide; free presentations to visitors about the history of the Adyghe Circassian people and their customs.

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At the Kunatskaya House, visitors will be able to meet senior people from the Adyghe community of Kuban, who will talk about the life of their people in Krasnodar Region, accomplishments, traditions and customs.

The PyeongChang Hospitality House will showcase an interesting cultural entertainment program in the form of traditional South Korean music and dances. Visitors will also have the chance to see the techniques of traditional Korean medicine: Spectators, athletes and the media will be able to enjoy an exhibition that commemorates the staging of the Winter Games in PyeongChang.

sochi 2014 meet the athletes playground

On 7 March, the Ded Moroz Residence will throw open its doors to visitors. The residence was constructed using traditional elements of wooden architecture and architectural methods that showcase the colour of the Russian north. It will offer more than 3, official Sochi items, such as eye-catching badges and souvenirs, toys, clothing, pet accessories, all the plush Games mascots and much more.

A place of honour will be given to the Sochi collection, which will include all the traditional products: This is not only a fascinating journey into the world of Coca-Cola, where you can learn about the history of the company, the brand and the legendary drink, but an interactive site where anyone can learn how to work out at home and outside, train like a professional athlete and also have the chance to take pictures with the Torch of the Paralympic Torch Relay.

The Samsung outdoor pavilion will showcase new products and host games contests and promotions for their visitors with the participation of famous athletes.

The Volkswagen Group Rus pavilion will present a small car show to its guests and organise a "Team Event" entertainment show using interactive techniques. On the first floor of the Rosneft pavilion there will be nine zones with different orientation activities for visitors of all ages and tastes, including plasma screens with an interactive map of the Olympic Park and the competition statistics, video panorama, touch screens with information for spectators and interactive games, quests in the form of games, "augmented reality" technology demonstrations, infostand with the most interesting facts, ski and snowboard simulators.