Searchflow meet the team examples

Interview with Greg Bryce, newly appointed Managing Director of SearchFlow - Today's Conveyancer

searchflow meet the team examples

The team here at SearchFlow will also be contacting winners to profile their status for a series of interviews for our own website and social media pages. We can't wait to meet all the winners and to hear the secrets behind. Looking for some inspiration for your Meet the Team page? Check out these 14 kickass Meet the Team pages to help you out. Why do you believe your team won the award? We meet the best of both worlds by providing an efficient approach with a personal touch.” It's well recognised by estate agents for example and this put us in a very positive.

I was very impressed with what I saw so I accepted the offer even though the sector was unknown to me.

SearchFlow Appoints Tracy Burtwell As Sales Director

That was so important and I want to acknowledge that — my success is down to the people that work alongside me and their quality and aptitude as well as my own. Our sales and marketing people are talking to them all day every day and understand what the marketplace needs from an innovation perspective.

So what we look to do for our customers is to mitigate that risk. The one commodity conveyancers need more of is time and we can give them that by enabling them to spend less time looking at searches.

searchflow meet the team examples

I want our customers to evangelise about the quality of every contact they have with SearchFlow and I want them to have the same experience whether they order one report or thousands of reports a year.

I want SearchFlow to only employ the best people in the marketplace — I believe we already do — and I want us to develop those people. And we should have pride in our brand so when people are talking about their jobs I want them to be excited to say they work at SearchFlow.

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And what we offer here is fantastic — we have a very intensive initial induction for our customer services team which is industry recognised as outstanding and I want to build on that with a focus on continual professional development. I want to encourage everyone and allow them to grow and progress within the company.

Nevertheless, at the moment we are facing an uphill climb to get back to growth levels of five years ago. A recent report from PWC said it expects the market to pick up in the short term due to the shortage in supply, but it does not expect nominal prices to exceed levels in real terms until the mids.

So while stability has been gradually returning and prices are not expected to fall, confidence in the property market remains brittle. A sustained return to growth in the coming years is what we all hope for, and for conveyancers this will hopefully mean that business levels will increase.

But as market activity returns conveyancers are coming face to face with other pressures: And it is in this market where property search provider SearchFlow is concentrating its efforts and providing a one-stop shop for legal professionals in the residential and commercial markets who conduct property and other financial transactions.

SearchFlow is the market leading property search business.

SearchFlow Appoints Tracy Burtwell As Sales Director

It offers a flexible, electronic conveyancing search service with direct connections to every Local Authority in England and Wales, and offers over 80 due diligence searches straight to the desktop. In order to continue to meet the needs of legal professionals SearchFlow recently carried out an extensive consultation with conveyancers as to their key requirements.

searchflow meet the team examples

The responses came back loud and clear to say that a simpler and smoother search ordering process would be most welcome. And the feedback from this went directly into the development of a brand new website that went live at the beginning of July.

searchflow meet the team examples

The SearchFlow website has been completely overhauled, and the state of the art business to business interface has been developed with usability as its guiding principle. The website has been designed with busy conveyancers firmly in mind and takes the SearchFlow offering to a new level of operational efficiency.

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SearchFlow made a preview version of the new site available to its customers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with responses praising the new features and the improvements it brings to speed and efficiency when ordering property searches.

Nicholas Masheder, Partner, Beaumont Legal said: This interface is faster, more functional and incredibly useable. Our search processes have become more efficient because of it.