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panama red quote meet the parents

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents () Greg meets Jack Robert De Niro and Ben Quotes. Dina Byrnes: I had no idea you could milk a cat! Greg Focker: Oh, you can milk just . Jack Byrnes: I bet you would, Panama Red. Meet the Parents is a comedy film starring Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller about male nurse Greg Focker who meets his girlfriend's parents before. Meet the Parents marked Ben Stiller's third collaboration with which actor? Panama Red was a s “brand name” for a type of marijuana. Quote Notes.

To see Thee more clearly. To follow Thee more nearly Oh, Greg, that was lovely. That was interesting too. Oh, honey, why don't you read Greg your poem?

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Oh, no, he doesn't want to hear that. You see, when Jack had to retire That's a bunch of malarkey. The doctor thought it would be therapeutic if he Honey, you wrote the most beautiful poem about your mother.

Please, we really wanna hear it. It's a work in progress. I'm still not happy with it. As soon as it's ready, then I am going to glaze it onto a plate You gave me life, you gave me milk, you gave me courage.

panama red quote meet the parents

Your name was Angela, the angel from heaven. But you were also an angel of God, and He needed you, too. Selfishly, I tried to keep you here But I couldn't save you, and I shall see your face It always gets me. I love you, Dad, but you could be a real jerk sometimes. He's still not good for Pam! Well, who is, Jack? No one has ever been good enough for your Pam.

You only warmed up to Kevin after she broke up with him. It think it's time for you find what Pam wants. You're gonna have to check that. That bag won't fit. No, I'm not — hey. I'm not checking my bag, okay? There's no need to raise your voice, sir. I'm not raising my voice. This would be raising my voice to you, okay?

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I don't want to check my bag. By the way, your airline — you suck at checking bags. Because I already did that once, and you lost it, and then I had everything screwed up very badly for me.

panama red quote meet the parents

I can assure you that your bag How do you know my bag will be safe below with the other luggage? Are you physically gonna take my bag beneath the plane? Are you gonna go with the guys with the earmuffs and put it in there? Then shut your pie hole Sir, we have a policy on this airline that if a bag is this large, we— Greg: Get your grubby little paws off of my bag, okay?

It's not like I have a bomb in here.

panama red quote meet the parents

It's not like I want to blow up the plane. I wanna stow my bag according to your safety regulations. If you would take a second All I wanna do is hold onto my bag and not listen to you! The only way that I would ever let go of my bag would be if you came over here now If you can get it from my kung fu grip, then you can have it. Otherwise, step off, bitch. I have a plane full of people telling me you threatened that stewardess.

I was not threatening her, I was just trying to get my bag in the overhead storage thing. Norm the Security Guard: You were acting like a maniac and then you threaten her with a bomb. No, I said I didn't have a bomb. I said it's not like I had a bomb on an airplane.

You said bomb on an airplane. What's wrong with saying bomb on an airplane?

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You can't say bomb on an airplane. A co-worker of Norm's comes in. Torquemada is credited with organizing the Spanish Inquisition — his name is synonymous with torture. Love Note Stiller flew out to L. She thought he was still in NY. He surprised her at home with a path of candles and rose petals. Music Note Randy Newman composed the score.

Could you milk me?

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Top Gun was the 1 movie inwhich means Pam and Kevin dated almost 14 years before this. Blythe Danner said her character was inspired by the famous comedienne Gracie Allen. Jinx is a Himalayan cat — a difficult breed to train.

panama red quote meet the parents

The trainers begged dir. Herzfeld used Benjamin to write a main character who was completely misunderstood.

panama red quote meet the parents

Set Notes They trained the cat to climb the side of the house by calling it with a buzzer to get a treat. Cats are very temperamental. Director Jay Roach tried to keep Stiller off-balance by not letting him know if De Niro liked his work. Production designers built the full interior of the house inside a giant armory in Brooklyn, NY.

Robert De Niro got attached to the cats. Whenever he could, he asked to have one with him in his scenes. He wanted to train them himself, but in the end he settled for keeping bits of kibble in his pocket. Most competitive schools look for a score of 30 or more. Around 2 million checked bags go missing in the U.