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nbc tv meet the press

elect Tony Evers will be interviewed Sunday on "Meet the Press with Chuck The hourlong program begins at 8 a.m. and airs on WTMJ-TV. Interview on NBC-TV "Meet the Press" with Tim Russet and Andrea Mitchell June 21, , Washington, D.C.. As released by the Office of the Spokesman. NBC named Chuck Todd the new host of "Meet the Press" on Born on radio in and reborn for television in , "Meet the Press" is the.

Gregory confirmed his departure in a series of Twitter messages on Thursday afternoon, hours after CNNMoney reported that the "Meet the Press" moderator change was imminent. To the viewers, I say thank you.

nbc tv meet the press

Born on radio in and reborn for television in"Meet the Press" is the longest-running show on TV. Within NBC, it is a cherished brand, but it's also one that has fallen on hard times.

nbc tv meet the press

With Todd in the anchor chair, NBC hopes to reinvigorate the program and its weekly ratings. Future of media Turness said, "we have some exciting plans to evolve and update the broadcast under Chuck's leadership that we will be sharing with you shortly. When the New York Post's Page Six column said in July that Gregory could be replaced "soon after the November midterm elections," a network representative was quoted as saying, "We heard the same false rumors and suggest you take them with a grain of salt, as we did.

nbc tv meet the press

Mike Allen of Politico reported earlier this week that Todd was the "likely successor" to Gregory and that the change was "expected to be announced in coming weeks. Turness, meanwhile, was in New York, having canceled a long-planned trip to London to oversee the "Meet the Press" transition.

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Questions about Gregory's future on "Meet the Press" surfaced shortly after Turness took over the news division in the summer of She has discussed any number of changes to the program, including, at one point, the possibility of a studio audience.

Now he's taking a break. His last day at NBC is this Friday. In a statement, Russert said he is not going to a rival news outlet, but is "taking some time away from political reporting" to think about his future.

The decision spurred no small amount of D.

nbc tv meet the press

Thirty-year-old congressional correspondents rarely leave the business with two days notice. It's even more unusual for one to do so on the eve of the political conventions.

And Russert is no ordinary correspondent. He is a living link to his father's legacy, but also a well-respected reporter who overcame widespread complaints about nepotism. Some observers thought he would be a NBC "lifer" like his father.

'Meet the Press:' Gregory out, Todd in

One person described him as feeling like he's on a highway, and like if he doesn't take the exit now, he might regret it. Initially Russert talked about leaving NBC "because he thought he needed a new environment," the close friend said. But "then his thoughts became more that he needed a break, period.

nbc tv meet the press

So I get it.