Meet the team page jquery plug ins

Bootstrap Snippet team slider using HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery

meet the team page jquery plug ins

About us page and Our team page plays an important role in a web design. A visitor often look for these pages to get idea about the website. About and team. Bootstrap example of meet our team using HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS. Snippet by karimsharf Get 6 our team plugins and scripts on CodeCanyon. Buy our team Meet the Team - Exclusive WordPress Team Page. Tags: Meet the All Around - Responsive jQuery Content Slider / Carousel, Creative and Fun Sliding Plugin. Tags: Circle.

5 of Our Favorite jQuery Plugins

Functionality can be triggered via Javascript or, in many cases, by adding data attributes to elements. DataTables HTML tables are great for displaying tabular data, but sometimes it would be nice if you could manipulate that data on the fly. DataTables allows you to add features including search, pagination and multi-column sorting to your HTML tables.

meet the team page jquery plug ins

It also allows you to dynamically populate tables from Javascript arrays which is more compact than sending HTML markup for each table row. Lazy allows you to hide images or show a placeholder image until the user scrolls far enough to see them — at which point the images are loaded.

There is a lot that you can do with Javascript.

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But with the right plugins, you may not need to reinvent the wheel. Why not make your life simpler and save yourself some time in the process by utilizing plugins?

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If you need help in deciding which plugins would work best for your site, our team of experts can help you choose! Want to save yourself some time?

About us page & Our Team page Inspiration – 15 best examples

By default it'll arrange everything in a 'fit first' manner, but you can add your own layout algorithm for a different layout style. It gives you smooth scrolling to anchor targets, with added classes and callbacks to elements on scroll events, and on top of that there's the option to add a blur effect to the body while scrolling, as well as a bounce effect that'll take you back to where you came from after scrolling to an anchor element. It includes plenty of visual and functional customisation options.

With it installed, items will tilt into view as they scroll up the page, and tilt again as they scroll out of the top of the page.

meet the team page jquery plug ins

It's a great-looking effect that's nice and easy to implement. Focuspoint Say goodbye to badly-cropped responsive images The great thing about responsive web design is being able to create a single page that'll look good on any device.

However if your site's automatically cropping images to fit certain viewports, it can often lose the focal point. With Focuspoint, you can make sure your image looks great in any container by specifying a focal point for each image, and the plugin will crop out unwanted parts before the important bits.

Face Detection This plugin provides an easy way to use some powerful technology Detect and get the coordinates of human faces in images, videos and canvases with this plugin, which was written by Jay Salvat and uses Liu Liu's face detection algorithm.

About us page & Our Team page Inspiration 15 best examples

Round Slider The slider can be themed to suit your purposes This circular slider enables the user to select a range of values by mousing over the circle. The full slider is the default setup, but you can also use it to get quarter-circle, half-circle and pie shapes. There are CSS styles you can adjust to theme it in various ways, for example, to look like a speedometer.

Roll your scroll wheel on their demo site to whizz along sideways while two layers of landscape move at different speeds to create an illusion of depth.