Meet the superhumans trailer wiring

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meet the superhumans trailer wiring

Meet The Guardians Of The Galaxy In Individual Character Videos. You've seen the first trailer for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy film adaptation, unveiled a couple He has superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. Home · Superhuman · Sport Guides · Highlights · Coming Up. Switch to default colour scheme A Switch to dyslexia colour scheme A Switch to high visibility. They're often lacking real characters, heart and soul (or in the case of “Sucker Punch” just look like a bad video game meets a music video with.

It's doubtful this is the actual Crimson King, but the bright red presence certainly calls him to mind. More on that later And here's a more concrete evil force to face. The trailer doesn't name this creature, but the novels describe various demons in Mid-World.

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This could be one of the elementals encountered by Roland and his ka-tet a group bound by shared fate in their travels. Here's The Man in Black, walking through a doorway from what appears to be a snowscape behind him. This doesn't have any particular significance now, but doorways have enormous power in the world of King's novels. And I think the contrast between the snow and the desert where the gunslinger walks is particularly interesting.

meet the superhumans trailer wiring

More creatures who aren't explicitly named, though they appear several times in the trailer and are clearly antagonisits. If I had to guess, I'd say these are slow mutants, men corrupted by old pollution who now roam Mid-World in various forms with various purposes. These seem like they could be serving the Man In Black, and while that's not necessarily a direct pull from King's books, it's an interesting use for them.

This is just a very pretty visual representation of that. This is a reference, of course, to IT, which brings us to what we mean when we talk about how The Dark Tower actually contains much of King's other work in the same meta-universe.

meet the superhumans trailer wiring

IT features a benevolent spirit in the form of a turtle, which helps the kids from Derry defeat the evil that takes the form of Pennywise the Clown. This turtle, called Maturin, is actually one of the guardians of the Beams that hold the tower in place and assists Roland in the novels. This seems to be just a wider shot of the same "beamquake" image we saw earlier, but it's powerful, so I'm highlighting it again.

meet the superhumans trailer wiring

He believes that his skill is the result of meditative practices, and that these can be learnt by anybody. He has even written a book about it. To win the latter title, Machii cut through a tennis ball that was travelling at miles per hour.

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Most impressive of all, however, is a stunt that he performed in Los Angeles in An airgun fired a 5mm plastic pellet at Machii, at a speed of mph. At this speed, it is impossible for the human eye to track an object of this size and impossible for the human reflexes to respond.

meet the superhumans trailer wiring

Yet amazingly, he was able to draw his sword and slice it in two while it was in mid-air. In order for the stunt to be recorded, a specialist video camera was set up, and slowed down by times.

A psychologist, Dr Ramani Durvasula, observed the experiment. This means that he can remain hydrated and functional for remarkably long periods when engaging in feats of endurance. Lactate is a by-product of glucose, which can be converted back into energy.

meet the superhumans trailer wiring

At this point, most people are forced to stop exercising. Not so for Karnazes.

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In addition to extreme running, Karnazes spends his time giving motivational speeches and doing charity work. Strangely, Karnazes did not embark on his journey until Until you test yourself you may be just as naive as I was.

The Bajau Laut are known for their free-diving fishermen.

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One particular member, a man called Solvin, is an expert. On a single breath, he is able to remain submerged for five minutes, descending more than 20 metres to the ocean floor to hunt fish.

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His lungs can cope with the air inside them being compressed to a third of its usual volume, and even without weights he is negatively buoyant enough to stride across the ocean floor as if he were hunting on land. Studies have shown that some Bajau Laut children have eyes that have adapted to the ocean, allowing their underwater vision to be twice as clear as other humans.

Many intentionally rupture their eardrums in order to assist with equalising. But despite all these adaptations, many members of the tribe have been crippled or killed by the bends.

Among other stunts, the Norwegian has walked a tightrope between two hot air balloons, balanced on a bicycle on a wire 3,ft above a fjord, and done a handstand on a pile of chairs balanced on a rock wedged between two rocks over a 3,ft drop.