Meet the robinsons wilbur and franny lew

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meet the robinsons wilbur and franny lew

this-bruh. that's your mom, wilbur. Favourite Animated Females: 9/? ~ Franny Robinson Beautiful Animated Women: Franny Robinson (Meet the Robinsons). Today, Goob came with Franny to visit Lewis but when they got there . With that said Wilbur stalked back to the time machine mumbling about. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

I think she was headed to the park. Lewis, glared at the sun as if it was mocking him. When Lewis reached the park he saw Franny on the swings looking down at the ground with a sad expression.

meet the robinsons wilbur and franny lew

He, walked up to Franny with his head looking on the ground. I'm sorry I yelled at you, I was just tired and didn't know what I was saying. Franny looked up and smiled at Lewis. Which got the genius confused. Wasn't she mad at him? With that small load of information bestowed on him Lewis smiled but then frowned. What could it be? Lewis thought about it, and relised that Franny was rightas usual, he could hurt someones feelings.

When he was about to walk away Lewis droped his glasses just as he was about to reach them Franny didn't know that he was getting them. So, Franny started to swing and knocked into Lewis and Franny to fall on each other. Some how during the fall they flippedposition and Lewis was on top of Franny.

Meet the Robinsons - Franny is always right

They were both blushing and looked away. Franny locked up at Lewis gazing into his eyes. He gazed back and before they new it they were kissing. Three to be exact.

Two of them looked away and gazed at each other with love and smiled entangling their hands together. While the third one turned away from the new couple kissing in disgust. I think I'm scared for life now! The two riped there gaze from each other but continued holding each others hands. Wilbur laughed in a guilty way. His parents shared a chuckle and then looked back at there past selves getting off the groung, interlocking there hands with huge grins and walked back to Lewis's house.

Robinson ,it was a wonderful day. Robinson, and it was the best day of my life. It was corny but he some how pulled it off.

His wife smiled at him. He asks Lewis if he has been approached by a tall man in a bowler hat. Lewis tells him no and goodbye. He says that the Bowler Hat Guy stole a time machine and that informants have told Wilbur that he is after Lewis.

Wilbur leaves from under the cloth and sees Bowler Hat Guy! He attacks him and knocks over a box of frogs.

Meet the Robinsons

But Bowler Hat Guy turns out to be a kid carrying his solar system project. Bowler Hat Guy is lurking in the shadows on the gym. He sees Lewis and Doris, his hat, floats over to him and then grows legs like a spider and walks over to the invention.

The judges get to Lewis and Mr. Doris is inside the project and takes out some of the screws. Lewis is giving a speech about recovering forgotten memories. He reveals his Memory Scanner and goes back to an important day in his life, presumably when his mother left him at the orphanage. The machine starts up and Wilbur sees Doris and tries to warn Lewis but it is too late. A blade flies off and into a light which falls into the volcano which finally explodes. This all results in complete chaos of the science fair.

Lewis runs out side upset and Wilbur follows. Doris puts the screws back in and Bowler Hat Guy steals the machine. On the roof, Lewis is frantically going over his notes. He comes across the picture he drew of him and his mother but the wind blows it away. He angrily starts to rip out pages of his notebook. He crumples and throws them away. One page is thrown back at him by Wilbur.

Lewis asks the other boy what he is doing there and Wilbur responds by making a birdcall. Lewis says to quit that and Wilbur protests that he is blowing his cover.

Wilbur tells Lewis to quit moping, to go back, and fix the Memory Scanner. Lewis refuses and Wilbur reminds him that he is a time cop and should be taken seriously. He flashes his badge at Lewis but Lewis grabs it and realizes that it is a coupon for a tanning salon.

Wilbur then admits he is not a cop but he really is from the future and Bowler Hat Guy really did steal a time machine. Lewis thinks that Wilbur is crazy and wants Wilbur to prove it. Wilbur makes a deal that if he does, Lewis will then fix the invention. Wilbur then grabs Lewis and pushes him off the building.

He lands on an invisible platform which turns out to be a time machine. They then head to the future! They ride through the future and Lewis sees things like people riding in bubbles.

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Wilbur asks if this is proof enough and Lewis is very excited about time travel. Then he gets an idea to go back in time and see his mom instead of trying to fix the Memory Scanner. Wilbur disagrees and thinks that it needs to be fixed. Wilbur tries to stop him and they argue about who is older.

They end up crashing the time machine. Wilbur is freaking out. He says that there are only two time machines in existence and Bowler Hat Guy has the other one. He needs Lewis to fix this one. Lewis says he will only in Wilbur takes him back to see his mom. They agree after some more arguing. Back in the past at InventCo, Bowler Hat Guy brings in his invention and wants to speak to the man in charge.

He insists that he has an appointment. Bowler Hat Guy responds with that he hopes to crush the dreams of a poor little orphan boy. Bowler Hat Guy then tries to turn on the machine but presses the wrong button. The headphones go flying back towards the machine, taking the CEO with. Back in the future, Wilbur is going to sneak the time machine into his garage and Lewis has until the next morning to fix it before his father gets back from a business trip.

Carl thinks that is a good point and lets them in. Carl runs away screaming from Lewis who says that was unexpected. Wilbur then puts a fruit hat on his head and Lewis comments that was not expected either.

meet the robinsons wilbur and franny lew

Wilbur insists that his hair is a dead giveaway that he is from the past. Lewis then gets sucked up a tube after Wilbur leaves and he ends up outside. He goes to the front door where Dmitri and Spike are in two planters by the door and is each trying to get Lewis to ring their doorbells. Lewis accidently rings one and the door is opened by a giant octopus. Wilbur is trying to convince Carl not to go to the family with this crisis. He says that he has a plan and that he will keep Lewis in the garage and Lewis will fix it and they will go back to the science fair to fix the Memory Scanner.

Wilbur admits to Carl that he is not actually going to take Lewis back to see his mom and that he only said that to buy some time. Carl runs the numbers and says that if this fails, there is a Lewis is running away and runs into Grandpa Bub whose clothes are on backwards.

He is looking for his teeth and said he had been digging holes in the lawn all day. Lewis says that he needs to get back to the garage and Grandpa Bud insists that he knows a shortcut.

meet the robinsons wilbur and franny lew

But they end up inside the house and Lewis meets all of the other family members. Billie is racing her life-size toy train against Gaston the human cannonball.

Franny Robinson

Wilbur realizes that Lewis is not in the garage. Lewis is still meeting more family members but still cannot find the garage. Wilbur is searching for Lewis. He meets the octopus and learns that he is the butler and is name Lefty. The rest of the family joins in the music.

Lewis then runs away and runs into Wilbur. Wilbur is shocked that Lewis met his family. He drags Lewis back to the garage and quizzes him on who he met and Lewis can list everyone and how they are related. Back at the orphanage, Bowler Hat Guy and Doris sneak in through a window. He goes to grab Lewis but finds Goob instead.

Goob says that he was called Pukeface and Butterfingers that day. He is all beaten up and says to Bowler Hat Guy to try the roof for Lewis. Bowler Hat Guy asks if the game went well. Goob responds that it did not because he fell asleep, missed the winning catch, and then got beaten up because of it.

meet the robinsons wilbur and franny lew

His coach told him to let it all go but Bowler Hat Guy is very persistent that he should not; Goob should let it fester and boil inside of him. Bowler Hat Guy goes to the reach but Lewis is not there. Bowler Hat Guy and Doris look around for clues. Bowler Hat Guy is proud that he found a stick. I think you're right.

The only person who didn't think of her as crazy, nutso or wacky. She imdeditaly felt a happiness when she looked at him. She packed up her box and moved out into the hallway, waiting for the boy to come out.

When he did, he didn't notice her.

meet the robinsons wilbur and franny lew

He just walked past her. She picked up her box of frogs and followed him, keeping a safe distance away.

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She followed him until he went to his home, which was a shabby orphanage. He trotted up the steps and entered the building. She sighed happily to herself and took a piece of paper out of her box and wrote down the address of the building. Franny entered her kitchen with a content smile on her face.

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I wrote down his address, and I am going to visit him forever until I marry him," She answered. I won't have it! Franny glared at her mother, then went into her room where her only friend was.