Meet the robinsons game ps2

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meet the robinsons game ps2

For Disney's Meet the Robinsons on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ ( game guide/walkthrough) and 14 critic reviews. The game will borrow from its license, either following the main story directly or that while Meet the Robinsons is a solid overall attempt at the "movie game" Reviewed on GCN, PC, PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox / 27 Mar PM PDT . As video games go, Disney's Meet the Robinsons probably won't be . The versions available for the PC, Xbox , PlayStation 2, and the.

You don't need to know anything about the movie to understand what's going on in the game. Meet the Robinsons - PlayStation 2: Artist Not Provided: Video Games

You play the part of Wilbur Robinson, a precocious teenager living with his family in a high-tech mansion. Wilbur and the other major characters are introduced in short order, while various minor characters make brief appearances throughout the course of the game. Incredibly, the game manages to present a story that's similar to the one from the movie without actually giving away the movie's major plot twists.

Longplay of Disney's Meet the Robinsons

In both the movie and the game, the mysterious Bowler Hat Guy steals the Robinsons' time machine and goes back to to bring about an alternate future. In the movie, a boy named Lewis is brought to the future, meets the Robinsons, and subsequently uses the time machine to undo some of the changes that the Bowler Hat Guy caused.

Disney's Meet the Robinsons

The game tells the other half of the story and reveals what Wilbur was doing when he wasn't with Lewis. With the story put together in this fashion, the game stays true to the movie's story without recycling every single scene exactly as it was depicted in the movie. So, even if you have seen the movie, the game will still seem fresh to you.

meet the robinsons game ps2

The game also does a great job of copying the movie's attitude and style, even though the graphics don't push the hardware capabilities of any of the systems for which the game is available. On the one hand, the characters and environments often look just like they did in the film; the bosses are massive and the draw distance is such that you can see everything for miles in any direction.

Locations like the Robinsons' mansion and the Ant Hive are larger than life, exhibiting some outlandish architecture.

meet the robinsons game ps2

It's fun to watch furniture and chests shatter into multiple pieces after using the disassembler ray on them. You'll even notice some snazzy use of cel-shading in the clouds and streams, if you take a minute to observe them in motion. On the other hand, the quality of some visual details tends to vary, which means that some locations look like they were taken right from the film, while others look more like something taken out of a generic PlayStation 2 game.

But more often than not, the game resembles the movie, which is ultimately what matters.

Meet the Robinsons (Sony PlayStation 2, 2007)

As for the audio, the catchy guitar music and the realistic atmospheric noise help keep the player immersed in Wilbur's world. However, what you'll probably remember most are all of the whimsical dialogue exchanges featuring the voices of the same Hollywood actors who voiced the characters in the movie. The nervous tone of comedian Harlan Williams makes him perfectly suited for the role of Carl, the stressed-out robot that's constantly badgering Wilbur over the radio.

Tom Selleck's charming tone and gravely delivery totally sell his brief appearance as Wilbur's dad. And Adam West, who is best known as TV's Batman, turns in a masterful performance in a pair of cameos as Uncle Art, the galactic pizza-delivery driver.

Minigames, such as charge ball and protectosphere, Super Monkey Ball knockoffs, give you something else to do besides exploring. In the game, Wilbur has possession of the Robinson time machine, and is using it to travel around the world through time.

Even though the story is essentially just a setup for labyrinth-based action - similar to a more kid-friendly Zelda adventure - the game's presentation has definitely taken notes from the franchise, as the game's menu interface, character performances, voices, events, and attitude is all within the Robinson theme.

You'll travel around the Robinson mansion as a main hub to the game, you'll blast around in the protectosphere, and talk with supporting cast such as Carl, Cousin Laszlo, Grandpa Bud, Uncle Art, Aunt Billie, and Wilbur's mom Franny.

The game has the look and feel of the Robinson world; something that in a licensed game is nearly as important as the game itself especially considering the audience.

When it comes to the main gameplay, Meet the Robinsons is pretty formulaic, though what's there still feels fine. The game's designers attempted to emulate Zelda's control layout and design, having inventory selection assigned to the d-pad and the ability to target lock and strafe with use of the L button.

Along those same lines, players will auto-jump when hitting a ledge, and be able to pull off context-sensitive moves with the A button whenever close to a ledge, near ladders, or against items that can be grabbed, pushed, or pulled.

For camera movement, the right analog stick can be used to pan around the playfield, aiming projectiles in the process with an on-screen cursor. Gameplay[ edit ] The game follows Wilbur through 40 missions and 6 different locales, a few of which are revisited in the movie.

This machine creates items using Base Components which Wilbur collects during his adventure.

meet the robinsons game ps2

A Breakout like game called Chargeball is both featured in the game itself and as an extra gameplay option. Different Chargeball "maps" can be found throughout game and it is up to Wilbur to become the Chargeball champion.

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The locations in this game include: Game Boy Advance version[ edit ] Storyline[ edit ] After Lewis returns to the past and prepares for his new life, Wilbur arrives back home only to find that his house has been invaded by several hundred Mini-Doris hats.

He learns that Mini-Doris, which Frannie's Frogs originally captured, has made its way to Robinson Industries to begin cloning herself. Wilbur travels back into the past in the hopes that Lewis will be able to help him again, an offer which Lewis is at first reluctant to take.