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meet the robinsons fanfiction lewis

MEET THE ROBINSONS. This is just a fun "Well there's something that Lewis didn't tell you. Something Robinsons over his own mother. I do not own Meet the Robinsons. 2. In the first twenty minutes Lewis was at the Robinson household, Wilbur had the nagging desire to show. Wilbur's married, and Lewis hasn't seen hair nor hide of his cowlicked friend since he watched the ordeal. But Wilbur doesn't want it to stay that.

At first, Lewis had been confused, too. The bundle hidden in Louise's arms was cooing, crying, giggling, depending on its mood. Wilbur had taken long enough just sputter out a greeting — something very awry for his charismatic nature — for the bundle of cloth to have enough emotional phases.

Then, as Louise dumped the squirming thing into his arms, saying its name was Lewis, another emotion crossed Lewis' — not the bundle's, but the inventor's — face. As he stared into huge blue eyes, ran his hands over spikey blonde hair, swept a finger across a plump little cheek, Lewis felt a tinge of happiness that melted his heart, a hint of jealousy that such a beautiful thing could belong to Wilbur; without his doing.

meet the robinsons fanfiction lewis

But then, he awestruck genius pieced every little bit of information together. And then, Lewis — the older, more enraged one — all but blew up. Wilbur screeched, leaping away from Lewis' tackle. There was a crash of many things — Lewis didn't notice he had all but demolished another three of his experiments — and the angry father was up again.

Before he could move, however, to cause some well-deserved bodily harm to his son, said Wilbur popped up from behind him — a talent no one had really understood — and locked his dad's arms behind his back. Don't wanna make your namesake fatherless, now do you?

Might as well allow Wilbur his impendingly stupid argument before death, right? It was only fair. So that was how Lewis found himself, staring at his son and daughter-in-law — who still looked uncannily like him, with her eyes reflecting a near perfect, although more boyish, reflection of herself — with the precious infant that looked exactly like him nestled against his chest.

Wilbur shifted his arm around her waist with an expression that neared a grimace — Lewis caught this — and kissed his wife's cheek. Lewis would like to say lovingly, but it didn't quite fit the bill. There was another touchy spot with his dad-gone-best-friend.

Wilbur and Lewis exchanged exastperated looks. He looks like a tiny little doppleganger! Though, between your genes in Wilbur and my own, he was destined to look like this! When he went to coddle the little Lewis more, the woman sighed. He gave her a confused look instead, and Lewis paused to wrinkle his nose in disgust; did they have to be all gooey around him? Instead, it was more Louise giggled; Lewis sighed. She really didn't know how to read Wilbur well I mean, he's a natural at age sixteen, and it's not even his kid!

It makes me want to go back in time to watch him with you But anyone could sense that intense a glare, even someone hypnotized by the cuteness of Wilbur's cowlick-less offspring. And Lewis felt the same way. His parenting time with Wilbur — though he had yet to experience it — would definitely be just their own. No one could interrupt that, not even if Wilbur came up with the brilliant idea of play dates. Oh God, that sent Lewis reeling. Wilbur had to be a trouble tyke when he was a baby, he just had to be.

And if Wilbur played with his own son when they were both children, something in the time stream would have to go wack. Not to mention, little Lewis could become as horribly attached to his dad-best friend as his father and grandfather had. Would it run in the family forever? She was only born after my grandma could take care of a child No one really knows who he is now, or if he died or something. All be know is that he used to be Lewis, and that he'd be a teenager around this time, wherever he is.

Wilbur felt less amused and more puke-ish; he was the one who had married his cousin — even by accident — and succumbed to inbreeding. How fortunate for him I'm sure I met him in the future, right?

Louise laughed and shook her head. Apparently, he doesn't consider you and future Cornelius as the same person. She was oblivious to Wilbur's hesitation with her, and she loved the Robinson with all her heart. Obviously, Louise would be enthralled in family life.

Wilbur didn't love Louise, a fact that was painfully obvious to everyone but his spouse herself, and a child with her would have seemed less lovable, Lewis thought. But as he watched Wilbur play gently with the newborn, he smiled.

Wilbur loved Lewis — little Lewis — more than anyone else could. I wanted that image out of my head. But you know what. I learned that that Image will stay with me forever. I can never forget it. The trauma of having my song ripped for me.

Not able to do anything about it. That image and those feelings changed me in a lot of ways. Wilbur felt sad and guilty after his father's speech. And I know I'm grounded forever Cornelius Robinson looked at his son with pain and regret in his eyes. He knew what he was about to do. And even though he didn't want to do. Would rather cut off his own arm that have to do this.

He knew that Wilbur deserve this. And he knew that Wilbur would forgive himself finally. It was by far the easiest thing he could do for his son. But it was also probably the hardest thing he would have to do as Wilbur's father. Your not grounded at all. I talked with you mother. Actually I talked and she argued and begged and pleaded. But I told her I wasn't going to budge on this.

I chose a different punishment for you. Actually I made the decision to do it when I was A few years after you had been gone. And the more I thought about it the more it made sense. What you do was done to me. Therefor I decided your punishment. And with that image in my head for all these years That image is what gives me the strength and determination to do this.

His father had said he wasn't grounded and that his mother wasn't going to punish him for this. But that he was going to punish Wilbur for what he did.

His dad had grounded him before but from the way he was talking Wilbur knew his punishment was not going to be grounding. So what was his father going to do? The look in his father's eyes was a look of determination that he had never seen before and it made his nervous. Cornelius looked at his son and knew he was impatient to just get it over with whatever it was.

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Truth be told Cornelius wanted to get it over with too. He got up for the chair and went to sit next to Wilbur. You know I love you right? You will never forget. Then again that is the whole point. So that you never forget this moment and why it happened. It will hurt you for a while. Like that image has been hurting me. That memory has haunted me for years.

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And I've had to wait all this time before I could do anything about it. But now that time has come. I don't really want to do this. But you didn't give me much of a choice son. Just remember that I love you. Wilbur was so scared now he was almost crying with fear. What was his father going to do? But then he got his answer. His father stood him up and pulled him across his lap into a position that was self explanatory. And Wilbur's eyes widened.

This could not be happening! His father had never actually spanked him before. Sure he had been swatted by his dad a couple time when he was younger. But not a full blown spanking. Cornelius hardened his heart and mentally closed his ears to prepare himself for the task ahead.

He raised his hand and brought it down with a sharp slap on the boys backside. Wilbur's pants were so thin that he felt the full power of the sting right through his pants. And then another sharp slap followed. By the fifth sharp spank Wilbur's eyes were filling with tears. By the tenth spank he had tears running down his face.

By the fifteenth spank he was crying hard. And by the twentieth spank he was very sorry indeed. Cornelius stopped at 20 and even though he didn't want to he knew he had to finish this.

meet the robinsons fanfiction lewis

Wilbur was crying hard. His father pulled his sons pants and underpants down which bared the boys bottom. Ten more to make sure you never forget this. And then Wilbur felt another sting. But this was a different sting he looked back and saw his father using a ruler. That ruler had produced a very intense and sharp sting. He had to bit his lip to keep from screaming.

Through all ten vicious stings Wilbur screamed and then cried after every one. By the time Cornelius put the ruler on the table again his own eyes had tears in them. He pulled the boys pants up and then flipped him over and held him tight. Wilbur clung to his dad feeling sorry for himself while his bottom was stinging and smarting in a way he never wanted to experience again.

His father held him saying "You don't have to be sorry anymore Wilbur. It's over and done now. The slate has been wiped clean. You've been punished and we don't have to rehash the whys. Your not gonna keep beating yourself up for this. Your going to forgive yourself. Your not a bad kid.