Meet the replacement referees green

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meet the replacement referees green

Replacement officials might have cost Green Bay a win on Monday night. The Redskins have had issues with the officiating as well, so the. Roger Goodell was right: replacement officials didn't ruin football. After Green Bay completed the pass that put Sunday evening's game out of. The NFL has not released any background information for its replacement officials, other than to confirm that they have called football games at.

One TV analyst called it the substitute-teacher syndrome: See how much you can get away with before the real thing returns. You are pushing it to the brink.

Packers Rip Replacement Refs On Twitter Following Controversial Loss « CBS Seattle

If things are going to be called easier, and in some situations I feel like they've been less lenient, too, you've just got to play and see how it's being called. More fines are likely for Belichick and Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and perhaps for others. Fox and Del Rio were hit for their sideline histrionics, particularly when Fox was told he couldn't challenge a call of 12 men on the field -- he was correct that he could challenge, although replays showed the Broncos were guilty.

Before grabbing the arm of an official, Belichick wanted to know why Justin Tucker's field goal was called good in Baltimore's victory Sunday night. He couldn't tell from his angle on the sideline, he said. Officials wound up penalizing Detroit from its yard line rather than from the original line of scrimmage, the Titans Soon after, Rob Bironas kicked a go-ahead field goal.

meet the replacement referees green

Schwartz noted that the alternate official who helps the replacements with administrating penalties was on the Detroit sideline.

It's the same for everybody, so go out and don't get caught up in all that. The players' union also called on the 32 team owners to end the lockout because it is compromising the integrity of the game.

meet the replacement referees green

While most of the coaches are being careful what they say about the replacements, the players and broadcasters are less inhibited. They are the villains. Green Bay arrived nursing the most notorious officiating grudge in recent memory.

meet the replacement referees green

They left wondering what sort of fruit basket they need to send to the concrete box where retired football referees are left to disintegrate. For two weeks running, the Packers have been the victims of atrocious officiating.

Seahawks stun Packers in controversial final play, putting replacement officials back in spotlight

All of which suggests that Roger Goodell was right: Officials, sans modifier, have been screwing things up without interruption and will continue to do so. Ironically, Triplette was greeted with a standing ovation at Lambeau Field.

meet the replacement referees green

This was far clearer than the jump ball that ended the Monday nighter. Graham had overrun the pass and was trying to gather it in against his hip as he fell.

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It clearly bounced off the ground as he hit the turf. Somehow, Triplette fever-dreamed that Graham had possession. New Orleans went on from there to take their first lead.

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With New Orleans trailing late by a single point, Saints kickoff returner Darren Sproles had the ball knocked out of his hands deep in Saints territory.

That was the game, that play. Sproles was ramrod straight at the moment of impact — that was the problem.

They show replays inside NFL stadiums. The crowd reacted by lustily jeering Triplette. He can thank God he just happened to be getting it this wrong in Wisconsin.