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BBC One - Meet the Izzards, The Dad's Line

How Hackers Changed the World and Meet the Izzards – TV review . Having blue eyes in common with lots of people who happen to live in. How Hackers Changed the World and Meet the Izzards – TV review. Tour de France updates: Stages, TV channel, how to watch live When: Live coverage in. TV preview: Meet the Izzards | Complicit | Funny Business to avoid that strained comparison while watching COMPLICIT, a solid standalone mega-tours, thanks in part to the heavily monopolised likes of Live at The Apollo.

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TV preview: Meet the Izzards | Complicit | Funny Business

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Meet the Izzards

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This online community, knit together by in-jokes and arcane etiquette — "like the masons with a sense of humour" — grew into its collective identity through the simple notion of treating 4chan's "anonymous" almost everyone posted anonymously as one person, and acting accordingly to cause disruption.

Their trolling was not initially terribly high-minded. They all joined the children's site HabboHotel and dressed their little avatars identically so they could mass them into swastikas on the deck of the virtual pool. Their first good deed involved harassing a neo-Nazi called Hal Turner he picked on a 4Chan member. They also targeted the Church of Scientology, in some ways a cultural inversion of the loosely affiliated, open-sourced hacking community. Scientology fought back, and in February Anonymous took to the streets for the first time, in cities across the world.

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  • How Hackers Changed the World and Meet the Izzards – TV review
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They discovered they represented a far wider demographic than lonely nerds in basements, although there were plenty of those too. Anonymous famously deployed its collective muscle in the cause of WikiLeaks and the Arab spring, but since then affiliated groups such as Lulzsec have strayed into actions that some Anonymous members find either merely malicious or ethically dubious, launching an era one commentator characterised as "the rise of the chaotic actor", where people are driven largely by retaliation.

There was extraordinary footage of the incident and moving scenes from his new life with prosthetic limbs, including a tearful reunion with the US medical crew who had helicoptered him to safety.

The killer fact was that of the billions of western dollars pumped into Afghanistan — a country with an estimated 55, amputees — not a single high-spec medical facility has been built.

Duley was an inspiring figure as he shuffled around, improvising various ingenious grips on his camera. At night he felt the terror return.

BBC One - Meet the Izzards

He didn't want to be thought brave for acting in the face of cold mortal dread, but isn't that what bravery is? Oh, the fun he had with the bush people of the Kalahari, hunter-gathering berries and treating the women to a decent manicure his painted nails had tongues wagging! In Turkey he watched a goat being milked and found out why he had blue eyes.

Eddie was helped by a geneticist called Jim at Edinburgh Universitywho did the science.