Meet the feebles characters of star

Peter Jackson’s Savage ‘Meet the Feebles’ Invented the Offensive Puppet Shocker - Bloody Disgusting

meet the feebles characters of star

Stars: Terry Potter, Pete O'Herne, Craig Smith Complete credited cast: Heidi, the star of the "Meet The Feebles Variety Hour" discovers her lover Bletch, The. Heidi is the main character in Meet the Feebles. She is a hippo who stars in The Fabulous Feebles Variety Hour, and is one of the show's main draws. Despite. Heidi, the star of the "Meet The Feebles Variety Hour" discovers her lover Bletch, Typical theatre farce from Peter Jackson with the usual cast of characters.

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She then asked if she smelled perfume, which made Bletch notice that Samantha's tail was sticking out of the safe's halfway open door. To hide this, he turned Heidi to the door; told her that she's imagining things; and said that she should go rest up so she could get ready for the show. After asking Bletch to come visit her later on in which he says that he'll tryHeidi blows him a kiss and walks out the door still unaware of the affair.

After that, Heidi was shown in her workout gear jogging towards the exit for outdoor exercise. When she returned to the theater from her workout, she immediately encountered Samantha in the alleyway. Samantha quickly began insulting Heidi by making fun of her weight, which made the big hippo slap her in the face.

The results to both of the girls getting into a cat fight which got the attention of two drunk bums who were also sitting in the alley. While they were fighting, Samantha told Heidi that Bletch couldn't stand the likes of her. Heidi refused to believe her at first, but then the mean cat also stated that he likes her more, and that he can't get enough of her. This caused Heidi to pick up Samantha, throw her in a trash can, and run inside sobbing.

meet the feebles characters of star

Heidi was then shown in her dressing room, drowning her sorrows with cake. While she was eating, she looks through a scrapbook and has a flashback of herself meeting Bletch for the very first time at a Southern night club. When the flashback was over, she noticed that she has eaten the entire cake and began to groan is misery.

Later, Heidi stops by at a bakery and devoured all the cakes and other sweets in sight. After rushing around the bakery multiple times, giving into his favorite customer's cravings, the baker then asked Heidi if there was anything else she would like to have. She then pointed at the Black Forest cherry cake, and took it back to the theater with her. Heidi was able to make it back to the theater in time to practice her musical number, " The Garden of Love ", but things suddenly went out of hand due to her visit from the bakery.

After the fan finally wore off, Sebastian the stage director walked onto the stage and berated Heidi for overeating again after finding a small piece of the Black Forrest cherry cake in her cleavage. He stated that Heidi was forbidden to eat ghetto on the day of the performance.

This made Heidi emotionally upset as she got up and ran to Bletch's office again so he could make her feel better. However, as soon as she entered, she shockingly found Samantha giving Bletch a blowjob, finding out about her and the affair. Arthur the Worm A worm you won't find disgusting.

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An elderly worm who serves as one of the show's stage managers. He is one of the very few nice and genuinely friendly characters in the film. He sounds and acts like an elderly man, and is very friendly.

As friendly as he is, even he has to admit that F.

meet the feebles characters of star

Fly is a real Jerkass. You'll probably find yourself gushing at how sweet he is. Would you expect to find a worm so enticing? His biggest role is successfully helping the shy Robert to win the love of his crush, Lucille. The closest thing to "bad" about him, and it isn't even that much. He seems to favor cigars, though he has never smoked one since he was He's one of the few characters in this movie who kills anyone, completely by accident. He loses control of a barrel which ends up running over and crushing Sidney's pets.

He is the show's manager and is also the leader of a small, drug dealing mob.

meet the feebles characters of star

Bletch met Heidi many years ago at a night club. Enticed by her voice, he offered to manage her, eventually becoming her boyfriend.

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However, once Heidi grew older and fatter, Bletch decided he was not attracted to her anymore. The only reason he even puts up with her is anymore because she's the main attraction! Despite his coarse actions throughout the film, he does have three moments that suggest this. For example, his love for Heidi, though gone, was quite endearing. He treats Arthur the Worm with respect and offers him a seat on the balcony during the premiere. And despite being a drug dealer and a murderer, even he has to draw the line at Sebastian's highly inappropriate musical number.

His name is quite out of place in comparison to the other characters. It might be short for "Bletchley," but there is nothing to suggest this.

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They're a thing in this universe, apparently. However, there are times where he may seem gray. It's pretty hard to feel sorry for him when Heidi blows his brains out. Seems unfazed when Barry dies. Cheats on Heidi and insults her without remorse.

In the climax, he lies about still loving her as a distraction so that Trevor can kill her. He always stands with his tail flat on the ground, and he walks surprisingly fluently, almost human-like.

meet the feebles characters of star

We only get to see him walk from the waist up, however. No crime lord is complete without their own limo! He is the first character in the film to kill another, and also the last character to die.

And it's caused by one of his own guns, no less! Depraved Kids' Show Host: While many other characters could certainly qualify, Bletch takes the cake. When he's not working as the producer and manager at the theatre, he's dealing drugs and cheating on his girlfriend.

He's also willing to kill people at even the slightest provocation. She is mostly shown wearing a long red dress, grey stockings, and black shoes.


Personality Edit Samantha is a mean, sassy, rude, and slutty cat with a Southern accent. She has romantic feelings for Bletch, who plans on having her as the new main star of The Fabulous Feebles Variety Hour replacing Heidi, his former lover.

Even though she's not exactly the main star of the show yet, Samantha can be shown performing in some numbers on occasions in the movie. On the side, Samantha also works as a prostitute. One of the biggest examples of this is when Heidi caught her giving Bletch a blowjob.

Role in the Movie Edit Samantha was first shown having sex with Bletch, in his office. All of a sudden, Heidi was heard knocking outside his door, which made Bletch feel annoyed because she didn't know about his affair and because he was just about to "pop his cookies".