Meet the family my big fat greek wedding cast

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meet the family my big fat greek wedding cast

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. My Big Fat Greek Wedding () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is narrated by Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos), who, There's enough to worry about when the families meet. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (). Cast. Nia Vardalos as Toula Portokalos; John.

Ian and Toula cannot marry in the Greek Orthodox Church unless Ian converts, and Toula is already worried the wedding will be a fiasco. She suggests to Ian that they elope instead. He refuses, saying if it's that important to her family to marry in their religion, then he will be baptized Greek Orthodox. Ian's willingness to do this encourages Gus and Maria to gradually accept Ian into the family.

As Toula feared, her numerous well-meaning female relatives take over much of the wedding plans, while the men keep testing Ian. Her cousin Nikki selects tacky bridesmaids dresses without Toula's permission; her brother Nick semi-jokingly threatens Ian that he'll kill him if he ever hurts Toula.

Other cousins trick Ian into saying inappropriate things in Greek. When Toula invites Ian's quiet, reserved parents to meet her parents at their home, she insists that it be a simple dinner with just the six of them. Toula and Ian arrive to find all of Toula's extended family at the dinner, where they dance and drink for hours.

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Ian's parents are unaware of Greek culture and are shocked by the family's rambunctiousness. On the wedding day, Toula is nervous and surrounded by relatives, but the traditional Greek wedding goes perfectly. At the reception, Gus gives a speech accepting Ian and his parents as family. He then presents the newlyweds with a deed to a house.

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Both Ian and Toula are deeply touched by Gus's generosity. Following the reception, Toula and Ian leave for a honeymoon in Greece, both appreciating the craziness of their Greek family. An epilogue shows the couple's life six years later. Because nice Greek girls are supposed to do three things in life: Now, gimme a word, any word, and I'll show you how the root of that word is Greek.

Arachna, that comes from the Greek word for spider, and phobia is a phobia, is mean fear. So, fear of spider, there you go.

meet the family my big fat greek wedding cast

How about the word kimono? Kimono is come from the Greek word himona, is mean winter.

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So, what do you wear in the wintertime to stay warm? Because we weren't weird enough. You're not kidnapping me! Maria and Gus chase after her.

meet the family my big fat greek wedding cast

The Greeks and the Turks friends now! Taki, you couldn't wait for me? Look at this, a rash. Somebody gave me the mati. Put some Windex on. Ohh Gus, please, please! Last night, my toe was as big as my face.

meet the family my big fat greek wedding cast

You ever have one of those days? Going along and then Here I am, standing here, your own private Greek statue. Could I, uh, get some more coffee? Dad, I've been going through our inventory and, um, I've noticed that we've been doing a lot of unnecessary ordering. Um, so, I've been thinking that maybe we should update our system, like, get a computer. I don't know if you remember, but I got all A's in computers. But there's a lot of new stuff to learn now, so, um, if you want, I could go to college and, um, take a few courses.

Mariage à la grecque () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Why you want to leave me? Don't you want me to do something with my life? Ma, Dad is so stubborn. Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson who's Greeksaw the show and decided to make it into a movie with Vardalos playing herself.

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Vardalos and director Joel Zwick balance the specifics of the Greek-American culture with the transcendent universalities of family dynamics, and Vardalos and Corbett have a believable sweetness with each other.

The movie is riotously funny but heart-catchingly touching, and it will make you want to go back and hug everyone you're related to. This is a terrific choice for families with older tweens: The romance is age-appropriate, and the characters are great role models for how to fall in love and treat each other right. This is one movie where no surprises lurk. Just grab the popcorn, put the phones away, and enjoy.

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