Meet the experts 2016 bracket

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meet the experts 2016 bracket

When the number ones meet in the Final Four, you would then pick the I set out to collect brackets from a number of different sources, which fall Perhaps these experts simply don't want people like me following up to. NCAA tournament bracket tip sheet: Your guide to March Madness . MEET ALL 68 NCAA TOURNAMENT TEAMS FOR 'S DANCE. B/R Expert NCAA Bracket Picks Final Four Predictions Jason King: It's a shame these schools can't meet in the title game because.

Rather than analyze all twelve, I chose the two who represent the best and worst performances. CBS also included a bracket from Bracket Voodoo, an organization which uses big data and statistical models to help people make the best of their brackets.

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Josh and Wally will go into our first category and Bracket Voodoo will go into the second. So, now I had the following brackets to compare: Unfortunately, to fit all the information onscreen, the visualization is fairly large and will not fit nicely into this blog post. But I highly encourage you to check out the full visualization.

It allows you to select a bracket to view, then by hovering over a team, you can highlight the path the bracket predicts that team will take. So, how did they do? As noted previously, he had the poorest performance of all of the CBS analysts. Wally failed to pick a single Final Four team.

The early loss of Michigan State hurt him badly, as it did many others, since he had them winning the tournament. Wally finished with a measly 52 points.

meet the experts 2016 bracket

He had Michigan State losing in the Sweet Sixteen, so their early exit did not impact him as much as it did others.

He finished with 87 points. Bracket Voodoo Now, onto the predictive model.

NCAA Tournament expert brackets: March Madness title picks -

Though Bracket Voodoo did better than Wally, they were nowhere near Josh. They chose only one of the Final Four teams and neither of the Championship teams, finishing with 71 points.

This falls somewhere in the middle of the 12 CBS analysts, performing better than 7 of them, but worse than 5. This is very disconcerting. A computer-aided predictive model should tend to perform better than people. Granted, this is only a single year and by no means a comprehensive analysis, but this is still worrisome. And this is why we must all be very careful with predictive models. Where my bracket could get busted: The Chicago Blackhawks are one of those teams that just seems to keep finding ways to win with an ever-rotating cast of characters around that elite core of Kane-Toews-Hossa-Keith-Hjalmarsson-Crawford et al.

meet the experts 2016 bracket

Despite struggling early on this season, particularly on the PK, they have rounded into form in the final months of the year and captured another Central Division title when the Minnesota Wild faltered down the stretch. A second round showdown between those two excellent clubs could ruin my prediction of Stanley Cup glory for the land of 10, lakes. Louis Blues have been done in by abysmal luck in the playoffs before they even begin — yet again. They got knocked out in the first round in by the eventual Stanley Cup winners in Los Anegels, in the first round of by the eventual winners in Chicago, the first round in by these same Wild, and last season finally went on a lengthy run before bowing out to San Jose.

Now — despite being the fourth-strongest team in my playoff bracket over the final 25 games of the season, they get the worst matchup by facing Minnesota the second-ranked team as the away side here in the opening round.

Why Minnesota will win the Stanley Cup: Despite a string of poor play from Devan Dubnyk during the closing stretches of the season, and the ever-present cloud that seems to follow Bruce Boudreau into the playoffs, I feel like the Wild have all the pieces to put themselves over the top this year.

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When we score adjust 5v5 statistics, Minnesota actually pushes slightly ahead of Boston for the top Expected Goal percentage in the NHL this season Most of this can be chalked up to elite defensive play from a very strong and deep side that can roll four lines and wear other teams down.

Dubnyk backstops an elite defensive group that features the underrated top pair of Ryan Suter and Jared Spurgeon who played more 5v5 mins this year than any other duo in the NHL. This is the year the State of Hockey brings home the Cup. They were horrible in the shootout and at three-on-three overtime, neither of which exist in the playoffs, and they struggled with their net empty when trailing.

When it came to actually playing hockey, they were one of the best teams in the West, and their even strength play down the stretch was extremely strong. The West is wide open, all they need is Pekka Rinne to be league average.

For instance, inwhen an seed, three seeds, and a seed all made it to the second round, POTUS picked zero of those winners.

NCAA Tournament expert brackets: March Madness title picks

And, inwhen a seed, an seed, and a seed all made their way to the Elite Eight, POTUS picked, again, zero of those upsets. Inhe fared better, picking correctly in advancing Richmond a seedFlorida State a seedand Gonzaga an seed out of the first round.

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Still, if you're looking for this year's Cinderella, you might want to look elsewhere for tips. Overall Pick Percentage So picking upsets is damn near impossible most years, and picking the champ isn't a walk in the park either. As for each year, here's how he's done. Well, there's not a lot of data out there and different contests score picks differently. Plus, factoring in upsets and the varying quality of teams each year, it's hard to get a pinpoint on an overall national average.