Meet the commissioner 4od come

Professor Green: Working Class White Men - All 4

meet the commissioner 4od come

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Some worry about money, others not so much. A couple of other offerings also failed to convince.

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Their plight was, the film suggested, the indirect result of spending cuts that have created the black-market economy that sustains them. So far, so predictable. But scrabble around the schedule and there is some excellent stuff. The Vice World of Sports slot currently has two startling documentaries, each of which is positively Reithian.

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Boys of Bukom tells the story of an impoverished, ramshackle village on the coast of Ghana that has produced more world-champion boxers per capita than anywhere else in the world. For Gaycation, Canadian actress Ellen Page investigates homophobia in different countries.

meet the commissioner 4od come

The series was nominated for an Emmy, having already screened in the US, where Viceland has been running for six months. It delivers moments of genuine emotional impact as well as some truly shocking scenes, including an interview with a masked former policeman in Brazil who admits to murdering gays. And all of its programmes, good and bad, are analogues of long-established formats. I want to update you on how the BBC will be approaching this change. The Information Commissioner's Office ICO published guidance on changes to the cookies rules earlier this month to clarify how websites should obtain user consent for cookies.

A further ICO news release yesterday confirmed that the ICO would give website owners up to 12 months to comply with the new cookies law before enforcement begins.

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This is because currently there is no easy technical way to enable individual cookie consent. While some might welcome a pop up which asked for consent every time a cookie was used on a website, others might find it significantly spoiled their experience.

The Government recognises that the technical solutions are not yet there, and is working with industry to agree the easiest and least intrusive way to enable websites to obtain users' consent to individual cookies.

meet the commissioner 4od come

There is a debate about what consent means, but the crucial point is that users should be able to give informed consent, in other words, websites need to be very clear about what cookies they are using and why, and ensure that users have a choice. How will the BBC comply with the law change? Today we're publishing an updated list of the main cookies in use across BBC Online and what each is used for.

Police Commissioner Elections - is anyone taking this shit seriously?

It also tells you how you can control cookies by setting your computer, mobile or other device to notify you when a cookie is issued, or to opt out of cookies altogether. This is going to involve reviewing the different types of cookies in use and deciding on the best method of obtaining consent from users in each case, and making technical changes where appropriate. We'll continue to provide you with clear signposting to the cookies we use on BBC Online, so that you can make informed decisions about them, whilst being able to enjoy the best possible user experience across our web offering.

How does the BBC use cookies?