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meet the bin weevils

Race against the clock and clear your screen of blocks before the time runs out! Try your hand at two challenging game modes: Beat the Clock and Challenge. This is our Meet The Team page - click a team member below to view their complete profile image and bio. Picture · Home · News · Navigation · Meet The Team. See price drops for the iOS Universal app Bin Weevils: Meet The Bin Weevils. Take the Bin Weevils with you wherever you go! It's the Bin-tastic ultimate gui.

Seeds can take days to grow Bin Weevil days, not real-timeand once the player has reached a high enough level a watering can is available to keep certain plants alive indefinitely. From the garden screen you can click Buy Seeds and choose from a selection of seeds, bulbs and other items.

meet the bin weevils

As well as the aforementioned watering can, items such as fencing and solar panelling can be purchased once your Bin Weevil has reached the required level. The nest itself consumes power, and additional fuel can be purchased by clicking on the generator in the main room. Here players can chat using the text area at the bottom of the screen and leave messages on the message board.

One of the more interestingly implemented features is streaming video. The game itself is based on a series of Nickelodeon shorts, and these are viewable from the cinema. Other games include crosswords and wordsearches, brain teasers, whack-a-Weevil and a variant of pool. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty of other areas including a park, mall, a club and the subscribers-only Tycoon Island. Subscribing provides access to extra features including pets, access to new areas, additional screens in the cinema and a big deposit of mulch 20, The free option here is certainly substantial enough to encourage repeat playings, however.

Mixing elements from games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing with instant online gaming results in a feature-packed timewaster that might even teach your little sprogs 10 Interactive Games to Teach Your Kids Letters and Numbers 10 Interactive Games to Teach Your Kids Letters and Numbers Turn screen time into educational time with these 10 great games to teach your children letters and numbers.

They'll have them mastered in no time -- and have fun while learning! Although I originally had different intentions for the laptop, visiting Bin Weevils on it and finally having proper play time made me officially play Bin Weevils once again!

Being that I had only just properly returned and didn't get that much playtime in the old bin, I still had many rookie player and fanboy characteristics throughout the year. Rather than being a fanboy over bandit since he had already left by then as it wasI tended to get excited when I saw weevils like 'GLAMM' and 'MUDD' who used to visit your gardens and nests every month in a hope of winning the Bin Weevils Magazine contest!

One of the first things I did was purchase and try on some hats for the first time by which at the time, my favourite hat was the umbrella hats which were quite rare in Hem's Hats back then. Another thing I tried out and extremely enjoyed was creating magazines which added up to a total of magazines being created overall!

meet the bin weevils

Here is the first ever magazine I created in the first ever week I became a Bin Tycoon for the first time: And it was quite basic compared to the last magazine I created: It was no doubt the feature that made be buy so many Bin Tycoon memberships in the first place!

When I was first a Bin Tycoon, I was always excited to come home from school and play since when you are first a member, there was just so much things to do! Had I still known the password to the YouTube channel I used in the old bin though, I'd have simply used that instead!

meet the bin weevils

The videos I created were in no doubt anything like the videos I create nowadays. In fact, they used to be plain old boring average Bin Weevils videos where I type out text onto the screen and record using HyperCam zZz Such videos have since been unlisted but can be still accessed via a playlist I created on a different channel.

Here is the first ever video I created on my YouTube channel back in Although I didn't gain much popularity from videos at the time in terms of the actual Bin Weevils game itself, I did make a few friends with other Bin Weevils YouTubers. One YouTuber in particular was one called 'limit' who was known as 'jimmy' on Bin Weevils and upon meeting each other on YouTube inwe then went to visit each other in-game and started to develop a close friendship by which we made videos of each other and what not.

Sadly, he became inactive and we haven't spoke for years but it sure still puts a smile on my face looking back at the brief close friendship we had.

meet the bin weevils

So, I was simply an ordinary Bin Weevils player once more just like in the old bin with exception that I was now a paid subscriber. I even continued the nest decorating and inviting I used to do but rather than doing it for the sake of it, I generally did it for the sake of XP gained from rating! One of the greatest achievements of was getting into Bin Weevils Magazine Issue 7 by being one of the runners up in the art contest!

This achievement along with my minority YouTube channel was likely the beginning of my recognition in the community.

At the end ofI met my good friend callum who approached me in the Weevil Post and told me he had some "Silver nest trophies" he had likely read my magazines since I used to post pictures of any trophies I found in them and invited me over to his nest.

In his nest I was very 'wowed' when I saw several things like photos of Scribbles and MONTY and old bronze nest trophies and even dedicated my 30th magazine on them: On that very day, we added each other to our buddy lists and have developed a great friendship between each other since!

I myself was particularly very happy as being a 12 year old kid, making a friend whom has such trophies and photo studio photos was beyond my 'cool' expectations! From here on out inme and Callum tended to do some activities together in the game mostly visiting each others nests when GLAMM or MUDD were there but I have to be honest, it was very hard having to see him win both the best nest in Bin Weevils Magazine Issue 11 and win the first Scribbles trophy in such a small amount of time whilst I only got runners up in the nest competition in Bin Weevils Magazine Issue Then one day, Callum told me about his blog 'Bin Support' and told me to come on the xat chat that he and the other co-owner of the blog owned.

I then searched the web and found this very chat room.

‎Bin Weevils: Meet The Bin Weevils on the App Store

I got to know quite a lot of people and got to communicate with many other Bin Weevils players without the chat restriction you would get in-game. It was then in this circumstance that I tried being part of a blog for the first time. Then one day, a poll was released on the blog of who should be the next author on the site and I was on the poll among with other candidates. Once the poll closed, I unfortunately became second place with 'thedoctor' winning the election and becoming part of Bin Support.

However, despite losing, Callum nicely gave me a place on the blog due to the fact I was second and so it was there, I started to become a Bin Weevils blogger and got to join the Bin Support team consisting at the time of Light, Callum, Sassy a weevil whom was just a random person I saw at Flum's Fountain a lot!

I posted my first introductory post on Bin Support and officially marked my face within the Bin Weevils blogging community! I got to know many weevils and started to become recognised among people in the game along with making many friends on the chat room! I'm not particularly sure of how our relations advanced, but I remember having a friendship as close as the friendship I developed with Callum whom me and Charz tended to do a lot of things together.

At the same time starting fromI was also a rookie Photoshop user and comeI began exploring graphics design by which I designed blog headers for blogs such as Charzaird's blog. The thing that truly saddens me was the time Charzaird left the community If you are ever reading this Charzaird, I just hope you are doing well and that you can see me and other people you once knew once more.


BinHub was in fact the first weebly powered site I worked on where I made lots of banners and graphics which went on several different pages. I then taught myself the importance of earning achievements for yourself so I stopped the begging attitude of him getting more for me and achieved the other gold badges by myself after I got a proper PC which I still use now.

Fall was where my weevil was actually banned as mentioned in a post I did on this site once though I put that I was banned in on it by accident. This was due to an exploit tutorial I followed on YouTube which basically allowed you to visit anyone's nest and despite the fun I had doing it, I really did cause a racket after I got banned at the time!

A week later though, I got it unbanned via phoning up. By the end of that year, I was recognised in-game and I guess you could say 'famous' through my blogging and in some cases, my YouTube videos and appearances in the Bin Weevils Magazines. I from then started working on various Bin Weevils sites and blogs and one site in particular was Universal Edits whom I was immediately appointed admin to after sending in what was described as a 'spectacular' application back in mid After that, I started getting to know the site's owner 'emeeyceey' who was no doubt a random weevil I also saw at Flum's Fountain and used to invite to my nest a lot.

He was also in charge of the bot on the Bin Support chat room for some time! Other than that, our friendship advanced and it in no doubt became a friendship as close to as the friendship I have with Callum and Charz and since then, nobody has got that close but I still have great relations with people currently in my community such as Jjs, Dodger, Matty etc who I've met along the way!

Together, we learned how to code in HTML and CSS and used our skills in several different ways including even using it on this very site itself! I continued to work on Universal Edits by which I used to post lots of my Photoshop work and post lots about editing on there. Unlike other friendships, the friendship I have with emeeyceey is well, let's just say it went beyond virtual in early !

For a throwback, here are some of the things I got up to during my blogging phase: However, despite the gain of popularity and enjoyment among several new friends, I started having proper doubts about the development of the Bin Weevils game itself I started to think deeply about how much Bin Weevils has changed and how it compares to the game I once played in and I started to think that the current game that I had been on since was just not good anymore and simply decided to leave the game back in early but of course stay within the community at the same time.

However, 3 months later, I returned since Ink's Orange Peel was brought back and I thought I could give Bin Weevils a chance but how wrong I was when I started to look into 55Pixels which had only just formed at the time. The work I was doing on Bin Weevils blogs was cut down heavily with exception of Bin Support shutting down among other blogs and the only site I was really working on was Universal Edits which also ended up collapsing and no longer being updated.

During most of and half ofI mostly spent my days hanging out within the community on Twitter and Xat and played Bin Weevils as usual.

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Despite still preferring the old bin, I did still try to remain positive through my magazines and did still take part in competitions and come Spring that following year, the constant attempts of getting a Scribbles trophy finally paid off when my poem was selected as a winner! And to this day, I still value the Scribbles trophy I won! It was in fact that one night I was laying in bed that the idea of Rant Central itself came to my mind and how there is actually so many things wrong with Bin Weevils in the modern day that it could actually be put into a site dedicated to the issues related around the game.

So as of NovemberI created this site and all I can say is that it sure has came a long way since it's debut! So I began to create videos similar to the ones made by Quackity with my OWN ideas and characters of course! And since then, my popularity has been based around my videos rather than my blogging and despite the low views due to the fact Bin Weevils is a dying community, it apparently was still enough to be popular among all the players and my videos in no doubt stood out when compared to other Bin Weevils videos.