Meet bill funny scenes from the office

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meet bill funny scenes from the office

"Email Surveillance" is the ninth episode of the second season of The Office and the 15th overall He repeatedly ruins his classmates' scenes by resorting to his sole "did not get off to a great start," indicating that the two had never met before. Jonathan Browning as Steve; Ken Jeong as Bill; Colleen Smith as Stephanie. Meet Bill () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more The jokes weren't that funny and the storyline went from one ridiculous scene to another. I'm not surprised that it made such a lose at the box office but I am surprised with the. The 65 absolute best moments from 'The Office' . In the eight seasons since the world finally met the love of Phyllis' life, Bob Vance, we've.

People, whether close friends or relative strangers, call each other by their names all the time and it's both very noticeable and irritating when a script goes out of its way to avoid that.

I don't care if you think the character being nameless has some thematic significance. Returning to the movie, Bill freaks out when he discovers Jessica is sleeping with a cheesy local news anchor.

He beats the guy up and gets thrown in jail. Bill also moves out of his own huge house and into his gay brother's equally huge home. He hangs out with The Kid, who tries to help Bill loosen up and enjoy life. Bill also takes up swimming and keeps trying to finagle his way into owning that doughnut shop. There's also a sex tape, a big party where everything goes wrong and a pointless subplot where The Kid keeps hitting on this lingerie store clerk Jessica Alba.

Not that hitting on Jessica Alba is pointless, but it serves absolutely no purpose in the story. The things that happen in this movie either don't make sense or you don't care about them if they do. How does a dorky loser like Bill end up with a woman who looks like the incredibly appealing Elizabeth Banks? There's no explanation of what Jessica could have ever seen in him.

Bill obviously gets paid a lot of money for very little work, has a huge house and a smokin' hot wife and we're supposed to care that he's not satisfied with all that? When we find out Jessica is cheating on Bill, there's no emotional impact to it because if you were married to a pathetic non-entity like Bill, you'd probably cheat on him too. There's absolutely no reason or explanation for why The Kid makes such enormous efforts to attach himself to Bill and try and help him out, like an overexcited hybrid of Ferris Bueller and Jiminy Cricket, and The Kid is so theatrically irreverent that you just want Bill to smack him.

The story also connects Bill's growth as a human being to him shaving off his body hair, which is just odd. This movie is completely uninvolving, even though Aaron Eckhart is working as hard in this film as I've ever seen any performer work in anything. All of his efforts, however, are smothered by the relentlessly limp work of these filmmakers.

Unless you enjoy watching a drowning man being thrown cement blocks, there's nothing in Meet Bill for anyone to enjoy. He was one of the greats.

So kind, funny, talented. We will all miss him. Donations can be made in his name to: You knew Jim's parking lot declaration of love was going to be on this list. When John Krasinski says, "I just needed you to know Michael walking down to "the warehouse" "Grief Counseling" Season 3, episode 4 begins with a hilarious and underrated cold open in which Michael pretends to walk down the stairs to the warehouse.

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The ultimate dad joke. Good Grief counseling Later in the episode, Michael leads a grief counseling session where the Dunder Mifflin employees tell stories about losing loved ones. Turns out, they're actually just death scenes from movies. The bird funeral Wow, "Grief Counseling" again! Gotta love this bird funeral complete with moving speeches, Pam singing, and Dwight playing his recorder.

Stanley on Pretzel Day If you want to see Stanley Hudson shine, look no further than "Initiation" Season 3, episode 5, where the man gets to indulge in his annual free pretzel. The phone call Jim hasn't spoken to Pam since he transferred to the Stamford branch, but in Season 3, episode 5, the two accidentally share a phone call and pick up right where they left off.

They talk about Michael, how many words per minute they type, and Pam confusing 28 Days with 28 Days Later.

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Phyllis' ultimate burn After Stamford-turned-Scranton employee Karen Filippelli reveals she's allergic to her new desk mate Phyllis' perfume, Phyllis delivers this scathing hot burn: It's made from real pine.

Prison Mike After someone claims prison would be nicer than working at Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott introduces the staff to Prison Mike — one of his many alter egos. In "The Convict," Prison Mike memorably explains the worst thing about prison Angela's karaoke debut Angela rarely comes out of her shell, but in "A Benihana Christmas," she makes the office floor her stage and sings a very tame rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy.

The ceiling prank Although it ended in Andy punching a hole in the wall in a fit of rage and being forced to attend anger management classes, the prank where Jim put Andy's phone in the ceiling tiles was quite fun. The missing key Behold: The Season 3, episode 17 cold open in which Michael unsuccessfully attempts to escape from a straight jacket. Creed eating a potato "Safety Training" Season 3, episode 20 is an utterly delightful episode. The Scranton office gets into placing bets against each other, one of which is whether or not Creed will notice if his apple is replaced with a potato.

It gets a laugh, like a quarter of the time. Mall day Sometimes you just need a day with the girls to figure your life out. Michael learns this in the "Women's Appreciation" episode, when he takes the ladies of Dunder Mifflin to the mall. They hit the food court, give him some much-needed advice about his relationship with Jan, and then he takes them on a shopping spree to Victoria's Secret. Not inappropriate at all. Andy floating away In "Beach Games" — episode 23 of the third season — Angela tries to sabotage the games so Dwight will win by letting Andy drift away in the lake while wearing an inflatable sumo wrestling suit.

Andy repeatedly asks her to go get help. The yogurt lid During "The Job," Jim's mid-interview with David Wallace when he discovers a sweet note and a gold medal yogurt lid from the "Office Olympics" episode.

Pam hides them to encourage Jim, and they inspire him to return to Scranton and ask Pam on a date. One ticket back to swoon city, please! Michael hitting Meredith with his car Season 4, episode 1 starts with a bang, and that bang is the sound of Michael hitting Meredith with his car. Later, Michael holds a Fun Run to raise money for rabies awareness, carbo loads, and throws up fettuccine alfredo, saying, "While I eventually puked my guts out, I never puked my heart out.

When it finally does, they cheer, and Michael assumes it's because of him. Dwight's bed and breakfast This is also the episode in which Jim and Pam stay at Dwight's family farm turned bed and breakfast. Even the cast loved this episode. Michael singing "Goodbye Toby" "Goodbye Toby" was the episode Michael dreamed of since the series began.

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Toby's headed to Costa Rica but not before a parking lot party, a proposal, and Michael's rendition of " Goodbye Stranger " by Supertramp. Jim proposing to Pam It might not seem like the most romantic setting, but Jim's spontaneous gas station in the rain proposal is one for the books. Dwight's fire drill One of the greatest cold opens of all time is in the Season 5 episode, "Stress Relief," when Dwight starts a fire to teach the office about fire safety.

Chaos ensues, Angela throws her cat through the ceiling, and Stanley straight-up has a heart attack. A truly glorious moment where Kelly dances like all of us. The roast of Michael Scott In "Stress Relief," Michael decides to hold a roast for himself — which is, of course, hilarious — but the real laughs come near the end of the episode when he fires back at his employees.

It's so funny even Stanley LOLs.

meet bill funny scenes from the office

Kevin tragically spills chili RIP Kevin's homemade chili. You lived a good, extremely short life, appearing only briefly in "Casual Friday" Season 5, episode Andy trapping Dwight It's a duel for Angela's love and Andy's not holding back.

He tapes a note to some bushes to lure Dwight, then stealthily drives up behind him in his silent Toyota Prius at about 1mph and traps him. Soup snakes "Company Picnic" Season 5, episode 28 is a special one. The Dunder Mifflin branches come together to compete in a series of challenges, but amidst the chaos Michael admits he and Holly are "soup snakes" mispronouncing "soul mates".

meet bill funny scenes from the office

Pam's pregnant "Company Picnic" is also the episode in which Jim and Pam learn she's pregnant. Jim's wardrobe adjustment Another two-part episode, "Niagara," shows the highly anticipated wedding of Jim and Pam.