Meet and greet rihanna loud tour songs

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meet and greet rihanna loud tour songs

View average setlists, openers, closers and encores of Rihanna for the tour Loud Tour!. Tour. There are no shows currently scheduled. Check back for updates. tour-item">. Rihanna poses backstage with fans at the first Meet & Greet of the LOUD tour, how sweet!.

Then go to the studio for around two or three a. The album's lyrics posit Rihanna as a nihilist romantic and lascivious lover. Lukeis a bouncy mid-tempo song with a Caribbean flavor, and features a dubstep influenced breakdown towards the middle of the song. Luke and Ester Deanruns through an acoustic beat and incorporates elements of trance.

meet and greet rihanna loud tour songs

It was written and produced by Rihanna and The-Dream. They criticized the lack of lyrical content, with many citing the lyrics as second best to the song's production and composition, though they praised Harris's production of the song.

It was sent to radio as the fourth single from the album on March 6, The song debuted on the South Korea Gaon International Chart at number 62 on November 26,with sales of 6, digital downloads.

Average setlist for tour: Loud Tour

She donned a traditional kimono and concluded the performance by crowd surfing into the audience. The singer performed a solo version of the track, and was also interviewed.

She wasn't an official performer at the festival but she joined Calvin Harris on his set. The performance was in Cleopatra style. In the viral video Rihanna takes the cameras back stage on the last day of the Loud Tourto the studio whilst she talks about the track listing and to Barbados with her family. The set finishes with a rendition of " Man Down ". As she gets into the arenascenes are intercut and show the singer and her crew how they are preparing for the start of the show and shouting the name of the cities in which they performed.

The scenes are intercut with Rihanna talking about her love towards Miamiand how she moved first in the city when she got signed to the label. Scenes of her and friends taking shots and having fun are further shown. Then, Rihanna explains how the second section of the Loud Tour is called "Le Sex Shoppe"; the director of the tour Jamie King was inspired for creating the section, after he saw online the pictures of the singer visiting a sex shop in Australia. After the song, she performs " Skin "; during the performance the singer takes two girls from the audience and performs lap dance as the set finishes with Nuno Bettencourt having a guitar solo.

meet and greet rihanna loud tour songs

The scenes are intercut with Rihanna getting ready for the shoot of her We Found Love music video. Several scenes of the singer several scenes of Rihanna including getting off plane, choosing clothes, getting ready for a shoot and greeting her fans are shown.

meet and greet rihanna loud tour songs

The next parts of the video show her at the studio, while recording her sixth studio album Talk That Talk Scenes are intercut with her doing the photo session for the album.

Rihanna is shown at an Armani design meeting in London. She is talking about the commercial which they are preparing to shoot for the design company. Black-and-white scenes of Rihanna getting ready to go on stage again are shown before she starts performing " Raining Men ". The performance of the song features her performing the song on a top of a pink tank. Then, she gets off the tank and performs " Hard " and "Breakin' Dishes". After the performances, scenes of Rihanna and her team are shown choosing the artwork for Talk That Talk, as well as Rihanna preparing for her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She also discusses the breakdown she had during the tour. After the interlude, the singer is back on the stage wearing a yellow dress, performing " Unfaithful " on a platform.

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Scenes of Rihanna having fun with her fans and making a birthday party for her manager Jay Brown is shown. Scenes of the singer in Madridone week before Christmas are shown; she takes a tour in the bus with which they are traveling around Europe. Rihanna is then shown getting ready for the show before starting to perform " What's My Name? She performs " Rude Boy " and is accompanied with male dancers wearing colorful outfits.

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Before performing " Cheers Drink to That " she takes a shot of a drink. The set is followed with " Don't Stop the Music " and finishes with Rihanna performing " Take a Bow " together with the audience.

Before the encore starts, scenes of Rihanna preparing for the show are shown. She is arguing with the tour director how the set should arranged, because she wants to add " We Found Love " to it.

She then rehearses for the choreography of the latter song alongside with her dancers and explains how she learned the whole dance for 30 minutes.