How did ian and anthony from smosh meet

How two high school friends built a YouTube empire

how did ian and anthony from smosh meet

Smosh Teenagers Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla were living at home in , months after graduating from high school, when they began to. Anthony is a founder of Smosh Productions where he and his friend Ian Hecox were posting funny videos for over a decade. Their videos soon. His friend Ian Andrew Hecox who was just 2 years older than Anthony, soon joined him. They met in 6th Grade and became friends while.

In addition, saw the channel launch 3 different Smosh-based web series: Ian Is Bored, which started as a collection of comedic videos by Hecox, but then turned into both Hecox and Padilla making vlog like videos, and renamed Smosh Is Bored; Ask Charlie, where people ask Charlie, from their January Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig video, random questions; and Lunchtime with Smosh, a comedy series featuring Smosh getting and eating food from various places, and answering Twitter questions from their fans on Twitter.

how did ian and anthony from smosh meet

In FebruarySmosh released a mobile app to access Smosh videos and other content from their website, [37] and in late an Xbox One app. A sketch series, called Every Blank Ever, has been released every two weeks since May Part Timers is a comedy-drama which takes place at a fictional children's arcade and pizza place called Pork E. Padilla's departure and independence On June 14,Padilla announced he would be leaving Smosh to pursue independent video ventures due to a "lack in creative freedom".

how did ian and anthony from smosh meet

Smosh co-founder Ian Hecox announced that Smosh was "not going anywhere" and that plans were underway to find Smosh a new home. The cast clarified that they still had a significant amount of content from before Defy Media's shutdown in post-production.

how did ian and anthony from smosh meet

They also did not rule out the possibility of filming new content and releasing it independently, calling such an idea "old school", alluding to YouTube's early days when content was less commercialized. The Movie was released on July 23, Channels Ten Smosh-related channels exist on YouTube, though only seven have scheduled content. Main channels Smosh "Smosh" is the original and main channel of all ten channels.

how did ian and anthony from smosh meet

It has over 23 million subscribers, and over 7. He is surprised to find everyone's significant other is an electronic device, but Padilla's character is the only one who thinks it's weird.

Topp, Hecox and Padilla could barely hold back their laughter in between takes.

All grown up Much has changed since Padilla and Hecox's first video. For starters, the two are both now 29, and far more experienced with writing, editing, shooting, producing, acting, and now leading.

how did ian and anthony from smosh meet

They are also now famous enough that they were the first digital influencers to get their own Madame Tussaud's wax figures. And while the SMOSH brand maintains its comedic tone, the type of content they put up expands and evolves constantly. They have also launched two movies, which have completely different tones. The first film — Smosh: The Movie — had more of a YouTube-centric premise.

Who are Smosh and why did Anthony Padilla leave Ian Hecox?

Ghostmates has a buddy comedy feel. It follows socially awkward Charlie Padillawho moves into a furnished apartment where Eddie Hecox also lives.

Eddie is obnoxious, self-involved and a ghost, one that only Charlie can see. To get rid of Eddie, Charlie agrees to help him get to heaven. While they dabble with all types of programming, the two have never really "sold out," as fans would say.

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There has been somewhat of a divide between OG YouTubers and those who became overnight famous via vlogging. The latter of the two groups tend to use YouTube like a stepping stone rather than a place to hone their craft.

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Tons of YouTubers have moved on from vlogging to write books, take roles in films and TV shows and go on nationwide tours. Others have juggled doing content on multiple platforms — including Instagram and Snapchat — at once to maximize their audience reach.

Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms serve more as ways to promote their YouTube videos. SMOSH has many things going for it, but two pillars stand out: