Glorious from meet the mormons lyrics

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glorious from meet the mormons lyrics

What makes "Glorious" Mormon (and Mormonism glorious). I want to start by It's beautifully constructed, engaging, deeply felt, with intelligent, inspiring lyrics. .. David Archuleta (with clips from the film Meet the Mormons). DAVID ARCHULETA lyrics start To figure out your part Everyone plays a piece And there are melodies In each one of us Oohhh it's glorious [Verse 2:] And you. Lyrics to 'Glorious' by One Voice Children's Choir. There are times "Glorious" by David Archuleta from Meet the Mormons Cover by One Voice Children's Choir.

The song uses no uniquely Mormon language and can be enjoyed even by those who find nothing in it specifically religious. In fact, when I first heard the song, I wondered where it had come from and whether the writer was a Latter-day Saint.

The more I've listened to it, though, the more I've felt that whether the writer intended it or not it beautifully expresses much that is distinctive about Mormonism--much that is not just culturally but doctrinally and spiritually foundational to the living and understanding of life associated with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That is not to say that it isn't also universal, conveying much that all or most human beings can relate to.

I believe, in fact, that much of what makes the Latter-day Saint understanding of life so powerful and appealing is that it responds to needs and aspirations deeply woven into every human heart.

Glorious with lyrics by David Archuleta

My reasons for focusing on what is "Mormon" about the song include wanting to understand something about Mormonism and its role in the world. The song was, after all, selected for the culminating moments of the Church's first venture in releasing a feature film in commercial theaters.

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That film, Meet the Mormonsis also a remarkable phenomenon, rising as high as the 9th most successful film at the box office in the United States soon after its release, ranking 11th in the nation during its first weekend despite a very small turnout on its first Sunday and 10th in the nation during its first full week.

My wife appears briefly in the first segment of the film. But I would love the film even without that.

glorious from meet the mormons lyrics

It offers a powerfully authentic portrait of what it is like to be a Latter-day Saint, including the challenges, the joys, the impulse to serve and bless and connect with others, the cultural diversity and sense of community, and the moments of redemption and transcendence.

You can read my review of the film at http: After segments about six extraordinary--but in some ways typical--Latter-day Saints, we hear David Archuleta singing "Glorious" against a collage of images from the film.

The song serves in some ways as a summary of the film's message, especially the idea that each human being is important and plays a significant role in the symphony of life. After a little searching, I discovered that the composer of "Glorious" is Stephanie Mabey, a gifted young performer and songwriter with a Latter-day Saint background. His version is at https: I also discovered some of the many covers of the song, many though not all of them prompted by David Archuleta's announcement of a competition to appear in a "supercut" of the song--a version that would include bits and pieces from many renditions.

Here's a link to the "supercut": I'll provide links to other versions below, near the end of this post. To consider what is "Mormon" about the song as well as what is universallet's start with the lyrics: There are times when you might feel aimless; You can't see the places where you belong. But you will find that there is a purpose; It's been there within you all along And when you're near it, You can almost hear it.

It's like a symphony: Everyone plays a piece, and there are melodies In each one of us.

glorious from meet the mormons lyrics

You will know how to let it ring out As you discover who you are. Others around you will start to wake up To the sounds that are in their hearts. It's so amazing, what we're all creating. And as you feel the notes build, ah, You will see: What will strike many as typically "Mormon" about the song is its optimism.

Mormons are known for their positive--some would say naively positive--view of life. Yet as anyone would know who has any real experience with Latter-day Saints, we are well acquainted with heartache, struggle, and confusion.

It's true that many Latter-day Saints don't realize how many others around them have just the same sorts of struggles they themselves are going through. Yet these are not problems we refuse to talk about. There are many ways we can confide in and seek help from others. And sermons by Church leaders as well as in our local congregations often touch on afflictions and trials and how to deal with them. What gets us through is genuine faith that there is a God--a perfectly wise and loving God--who is in charge, and hope that everything will work out if we are faithful.

The song captures both the idealism and the realism of the Mormon approach to life. Yes, we sometimes feel aimless and isolated. But we believe that if we keep at it, we'll find meaning and connection. That leads to another set of distinctively Mormon elements in the song: In some views, but not the Mormon one, the world is essentially finished: God's creation is complete, and all we can do is accept our place in it--if we can even do that.

The Mormon view is fundamentally different. Creation is ongoing, and we are taking part in it. We have been endowed with agency--the ability to choose and act--not simply to accept what is already finished but to participate in the creation of the world, to establish relationships that can be eternal, to take an active part in the divine project of salvation and exaltation. God has established a perfect plan, but he invites us to take part in bringing that plan to fruition.

Along with our own individual discoveries, we seek to awaken others--not forcing insight on them, but helping them to hear what is in their own hearts. The comparison of revelation to music is apt: The song also hints at our eternal natures, which in some fundamental way partake of light and truth. The understanding of purpose and meaning that we seek is somehow within us and always has been: We bring with us something that not only recognizes but contributes to the meaning and beauty of the world.

There are "melodies in each one of us"--spiritual melodies, characteristics deriving from our divine parentage and witnessing to our divine potential.

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We are the offspring of God and as Spencer W. Kimball put it have within us "the seeds of godhood. Yet besides celebrating what is glorious about each of us, the song also celebrates our connection with others. In fact, the song does not say "we're glorious," but instead "it's glorious": It's "amazing, what we're all creating"--all of us, working together.

Each of us has a part, but a part in a symphony in which we seek to join with others in harmony and cooperation. As you figure out how to let what is within you "ring out," others will also "start to wake up," sense what they can contribute and join in the music. We all seek to offer the melodies within us to a much larger enterprise, a symphony of creativity, love, and joy. As often happens with popular songs, people hear words and phrases that are not there.

Sorry if i sound too negative, but i am adjusting to a new paradigm since i no longer trust the church i am still good with the gospel, of course. And i think social media does more harm than good. October 6, at 2: I also concur that some very false doctrines were doubled down on this weekend.

I hope good people like you will highlight them and challenge them using the scriptures. I think we can love and even sustain those who preach false doctrines, precisely by speaking up. Somehow we are to believe that their voice is the voice of God when they come to unanimous vote on a subject. I believe this is false doctrine and a damning one at that. A little more transparency from them would help… Thanks again Rebecca. I love your counsel to follow Christ and to not anyone stand in your way.

Bishop Anon October 6, at 4: We focus on the part in vs 4 and seem to think it only and always applies to the brethren. I even repeated those words to my teenage daughter as an emphasis on when it is really important to pay attention. If truth is taught after being moved upon by the Holy Ghost, then that truth undoubtedly is the same whether spoken directly by God or by His servants not just those in the higher echelons of the church either.

October 7, at 7: I served my mission in Salt Lake and got back 4 months ago. I saw some things that were simply inconsistent and contradictory to the scriptures. However, we as honest seekers of truth need to realize several things. First, God is the Father of all us children here on the earth, including the brethren. He loves them, just as much as He loves us. Do I believe that the Lord is displeased with some of the things going on in the church?

That does not change the fact that He loves them. I struggled with that this weekend, listening to all manner of false doctrine and priestcraft. The Lord made the demonstrating of the pure love of Christ a commandment to keep. It is important not to become angry, or hateful because of the things going on.

“We’re Glorious”

Having this light and truth revealed unto me has filled me with greater hope and joy than ever before. I just urge and invite all blog users and writers to be charitable unto all.

Jesus even loved Judas who betrayed Him. If we feel betrayed, abused, and mistreated, then I propose that we look to the Savior for the example in how to handle it. I thoroughly enjoy reading your remarks and your perspective. Thank you for your bravery in posting this.

October 7, at 8: I take your counsel very seriously and will endeavor to do better myself in this regard.

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The gospel is love after all. I must say that I had similar feelings this past weekend. Sorrow because I do not see this ship as Zion or anywhere near sailing towards it. It does not make me better than them or anyone. If anything I feel a burden to try to act appropriately upon these feelings that are hard to digest. I must concede that my membership in the church has been a tremendous part of my identity.

But now I feel to weep for Zion and seek true redemption for me and my family and those I love.