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Gothenburg Horse Show - Glock's Flirt

glocks flirt

Because the appearances by Hans Peter with GLOCK's Flirt and Edward with GLOCK's Voice at this, the last World Cup stage before the grand. The Netherlands' Hans Peter Minderhoud and Glock's Flirt won the fourth leg of the Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Dressage / Western. minderhout-glocks-flirt-jim. November 12, ; x copyright. all articles and photomaterial are copyrigth protected on this website. It is prohibited to copy .

There was evidence both the man and the woman involved "were to some degree intoxicated".

glocks flirt

Neither is named in the report. They are referred as A35 the soldier and Officer L.

Minderhoud & Glocks Flirt Win World Cup

It says that around She saw that his finger was not on the trigger, and did not believe he intended to fire. She immediately told a colleague who noticed that she was "visibly shaking and had a quavering voice".

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The reasons for the incident were not made clear, although Officer L told investigators A35 was interested in a relationship, something he denied. A35 countered that Officer L was known as "a flirt".

All the Defence Force members present on the night — except A35 — initially denied they had been drinking. With Valegro's retirement, Isabell has taken that vacant niche of iuntouchability and the The chestnut gelding is such a great example of a willing horse that tries his utmost.

Glock’s Flirt | Dressage International

While he's consistently too short and tight in the neck, he still gives it his all with good extensions, lovely passage work and an ever improving piaffe. The piaffes showed much more relaxation and control. The half pass to the right was very irregular though, but the extended walk was fantastic.

glocks flirt

In the collected he did get close to being lateral. The horse has big tempi changes but in the two's he still swings too much in the hindquarters.

Victory for GLOCK’s Flirt

Minderhoud wrapped up another solid ride and earned I am NOT a firearms tech geek. The weapon is designed to perform in a wide variety of environments, giving the warfighter high confidence derived from first round hits" — Shelby Lasater, Glock Photo: Smashed that Texas Star in no time!

glocks flirt

Military Times Obviously there are a lot of factors that go into how a gun shoots — mostly focused on shooter technique. Running pretty basic Remington UMC ammo through it, we had no issues with stoppages or misfeeds.


The 17 and round magazines that come standard with the 19X package 2x19, 1x17 worked just fine, though I did have to strip the mag a couple times for lack of dropping free on a reload. One gripe I had was that the rounders kinda put a beating on my reload hand during a match where speed counts.

The 19X also might help shooters broaden their options with a potential one-and-done handgun.