Dancing with the stars tour 2015 meet and greet

Dancing With the Stars We Came to Dance Tour - Lights, Camera, Memories

dancing with the stars tour 2015 meet and greet

Dancing with the Stars: Live! tour is taking its all new production on the road giving fans the By Lisa Weseman | Oct 26th, VIP packages will be available through index-art.info, giving fans the chance to purchase premium tickets. TV's biggest dance show returns on tour this winter with “Dancing with the Stars: Live! every type of dance style as seen on ABC's hit show Dancing with the Stars, ranging from ballroom and jazz to modern and hip-hop. TICKETSVIP. Fri. Tours - Dancing with the Stars: Live! - A Night to Remember - VIP Nation premium concert ticket packages providing preferred seating, VIP treatment, and access.

dancing with the stars tour 2015 meet and greet

There is no reason to line up an hour early or anything. They have a very organized process to get everyone in.

Sandra: Guest Blog DWTS Tour VIP Experience

The email also contains where the VIP check in table is, the link to where to find your photos and password. He is not only a really nice guy, he gets it and works to post pictures as quick as he can remember we all have to be patienthe checks the photos after he takes them and truly cares about the customers.

High-five Anthony when you see him in your city because he really is a rock star for the fan experiences!

dancing with the stars tour 2015 meet and greet

We arrived about 15 min before check in and just waited outside the doors. Right on time the doors were opened, they did the usual security checks at the door and then you went to the sign in table.

dancing with the stars tour 2015 meet and greet

It took maybe 5 minutes to get checked in. I was thrilled with the seats we had! They are distributed in the order you purchase the tickets.

dancing with the stars tour 2015 meet and greet

One other detail note that was different than past tours but, I am not sure if this was venue related or how it will be on the entire tour but, they took ALL gifts as you were checking in. Now on to the good stuff! After check in we were directed upstairs.


For this venue the layout was a bit odd compared to other venues I have been to but, they have to work with the space the building offers. I will update this after each show to give you all an idea: Anthony takes great care in taking the photos for us.

You do have to leave your purse, bags and anything else on you at the table and you cannot ask for autographs etc.

dancing with the stars tour 2015 meet and greet

So my meet and greet was with Sharna, Val, Artem, and Laurie! Heather was still in there talking to the others, but I was on the side chatting with Laurie! I got to tell her about my gift and she thanked me for that, and also remembered meeting me from the GMA cast reveal.

Dancing with the Stars - Lights, Camera, Memories

I went down the line hugging everyone, and wow they give the biggest and best hugs. I was so speechless so I just kept saying thank you and it was nice seeing them. Then I requested to get the picture of Sharna and I hugging, and she was so sweet about it and said of course. They were all so humble and kind, I really appreciated it and definitely loved how my pics turned out! I also thought I had to go around to exit but Artem led me out through the curtains and held it for me, such a gentleman.

So glad they added this to the VIPs because it gives you so much time to be able to really chat with them and take individual pictures. I was beyond happy that Hayley was in my mingle because I really wanted her there. She really made this VIP experience so special. Lindsay was super sweet to meet again, and when she was leaving she even helped give my gift to Laurie.

I loved how interactive they were with fans! We got to sit in the second row right in the middle, and I had such a perfect view. It was unbelievable how close I was, and the whole show there was so much contact made between me and the dancers.

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