Casper the friendly ghost and his friends want to meet

casper the friendly ghost and his friends want to meet

So in case you want a refresher (or you want to ruin a nostalgic Nice to know that Casper's three cartoony uncles can somehow spook Having your ghost " friend" watch you while you sleep and whisper, "Can I keep you?. He wants you all to know,. He has lots of friends and they're all right here. To put on their very own show. Oh Casper, the Friendly Ghost! His heart's as good as. Casper the Friendly Ghost is the protagonist of the Famous Studios theatrical animated cartoon However, the animals that he meets (a rooster, a mole, a cat, a mouse named Herman, and a group of hens) take one horrified look at him, Happily, however, Ferdie returns as a ghost to join his friend Casper in the afterlife.

After Harvey bought the rights to Casper and many other Famous properties in including Herman and KatnipLittle Audreyand Baby Hueythey began broadcasting the post-September theatrical Famous shorts on a television show sponsored by Mattel Toys titled Matty's Funday Funnies on ABC in which introduced the Barbie doll to the public.

The other Famous produced Casper cartoons had already been acquired by television distributor U. TV Corporation in The original Casper cartoons were syndicated under the title Harveytoons initially repackaged as Casper and Company in and ran continually until the mids.

None of Casper's original co-stars appeared in the show. The film constructed a back-story for the character and is the only time in the series that the question of his death has been addressed.

According to the film, Casper was a twelve-year-old boy living in Whipstaff Manor with his inventor father J. McFadden until he died from pneumonia after playing out in the cold until it was past nightfall. InAmblin Entertainment and Universal Cartoon Studios created a new Casper series for Fox Kidsbased on the feature, that lasted two years and was never seen on television again after Two live-action direct-to-video follow-ups to the film, Casper: They were followed by Casper's Haunted Christmas starring Spooky and Poil from the comics and animated spin-off of the first movieand Casper's Scare Schoolwhich were done entirely in CGI with no live-action elements.

These films are often referred to as being "prequels" to the feature[ citation needed ] despite the fact that they heartily contradict the feature and do not appear to even take place in the same universe.

The house was owned by the friendly Dr's older brother. His sweet daughter named Keira Harvey She loved the Ghostly Trio but years later will she remember them? StretchxOC Rate may change. K - Portuguese - Romance - Chapters: She lost her father at a young age.

Even though she finds him again will they ever be a family again?

casper the friendly ghost and his friends want to meet

Set about 8 months after the movie. This version will contain Desmond Spellman. He will play a major part in it. Writing this for a couple of friends on here.

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There are two parts to this story. K - English - Humor - Chapters: See what exciting things unfold when you read, "Casper Finds A Gun"!

casper the friendly ghost and his friends want to meet

I took the old and the new Casper's and merged it into one Casper story. Harvey, Casper, Casper's friends, and the Ghostly trio are in this, I just gave them a more anime look.

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Hope you like it. It might turn T or M rated at times, nothing to wild. Crystal begin to play her her harp for her two aunts to came and they did, she and Casper told them everything. The Double Angels can save the Haines house at no time.

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Ruby told Casper, Kat, Crystal and Hannah that the first thing to do is sell lemonade and everyone in Paris by tomorrow and they all agree with that.

That morning, after Grace left for work, Casper, Kat, Crystal and Hannah get started with the lemonade stand to set up lemonade cups and drink. Casper and Crystal have to vanish because everyone else will be afraid of ghosts and Angels. Then suddenly, Jean Moris came and see two teenage girls selling lemonade to everyone in Paris.

Hannah told him that she and Kat are selling lemonade to save her house, but Jean Moris was shocked because Grace's daughter wants to save her home by finding money so he have to think of another way to get Haines out of France. At Jean Moris's lare, he can't believe those girls are saying the Haines house to pay him back.

So he begin to hire his two men, Jap and Nick to stop the girls before they save the house.

Casper meet Crystal

Back at the Haines house, the Double Angels were helping Hannah's steady work until she, Casper, Kat and Crystal came with 50 dollars, Emerald told them that 50 more dollars in two days and the house is save. Then suddenly, Jap and Nick came near the house and decided to set trap. But the Double Angels have hard that someone outside are causing trouble and it was Jap and Nick, Casper told the Double Angels that he knows how to handle it, so he fly outside and scared Jap and Nick away so they won't stop Kat and Hannah from saving the house.

casper the friendly ghost and his friends want to meet

Kat gave Casper a kiss for scary them away and so did Crystal and Hannah. Back at Jean Moris's lare, Jap and Nick told their boss that they saw a real ghost and Jean Moris can't believe that there's a ghost at the Haines house. He thought of something, "A ghost don't want anyone to close down a mortgage. That night at the Haines house, Hannah and Kat told Grace that they have 50 dollars to save the house.

casper the friendly ghost and his friends want to meet

Grace didn't know how they ever do that, Hannah told her mother that she and Kat have an idea to save their home so they can pay Jean Moris back, but Grace told them that saving money is a lot thing to all but Hannah is supposed to do her steady work while Grace is out working. While Casper and Crystal are being listed, the Double Angels told them that Jean Moris is plotting to overthrow Grace and Hannah out of Paris and decided to kill them after Grace don't sign the contract in two days.

Casper and Crystal can't believe that man is getting rid of the Haines family, so they must warn Kat and Hannah by tomorrow morning. Meanwhile this morning, Grace have to go to work and she told Hannah to practice her steady work and not to goofy off again and she understand so her mother left.

After Grace left for work, Casper and Crystal warn Kat and Hannah that Jean Moris is plotting to kill Hannah and her mother, Grace, the girls can't believe it because that man is trying to get rid of the Haines family.

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Hannah got an idea, she told the Double Angels manager her steady work while she, Casper, Kat and Crystal have to go stop Jean Moris and his men and if they are not back home, the Double Angels show Grace to provide if she believes in spirits and they agreed with it and so Casper, Kat, Crystal and Hannah left with Casper's horse, Nightmare.

As the kids fly with Nightmare, they made their way to Jean Moris's lare. Casper, Kat, Nightmare, Crystal and Hannah get behind the guarantee can, so anyone can't see them until one of them are gone, so they sneak inside of the lare. That night, when Grace came home from work, she realized that her daughter is gone with a new friend, then suddenly Grace have hard two strange voice and it turns out to be the Double Angels, Grace didn't believe her eyes because those Angels are real.

The Double Angels told her that the other day, her daughter saw a little girl with a ring on her head and have blue wings and wear blue dress, but Grace thought that was in Hannah imagination, but Ruby told her that a little girl Hannah saw was a little angel and it is the Double Angels niece and she had a same problem as Grace's daughter dose.