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bletch meet the feebles villains wiki

Villain Defeats- Bletch (Meet the Feebles). Edit Evil-doer Full Name Bletch the Walrus Alias None Origin Meet the Feebles Occupation Businessman. Cedric first appears playing golf with Bletch The page Cedric (Meet the Feebles) contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual. Mr. Bletch (or just simply Bletch) is the main antagonist of Peter Jackson's dark comedy film Meet The Feebles. He is performed by Peter Vere-Jones.

She then asked if she smelled perfume, which made Bletch notice that Samantha's tail was sticking out of the safe's halfway open door. To hide this, he turned Heidi to the door; told her that she's imagining things; and said that she should go rest up so she could get ready for the show. After asking Bletch to come visit her later on in which he says that he'll tryHeidi blows him a kiss and walks out the door still unaware of the affair.

After that, Heidi was shown in her workout gear jogging towards the exit for outdoor exercise. When she returned to the theater from her workout, she immediately encountered Samantha in the alleyway.

Samantha quickly began insulting Heidi by making fun of her weight, which made the big hippo slap her in the face. The results to both of the girls getting into a cat fight which got the attention of two drunk bums who were also sitting in the alley.

While they were fighting, Samantha told Heidi that Bletch couldn't stand the likes of her. Heidi refused to believe her at first, but then the mean cat also stated that he likes her more, and that he can't get enough of her.

This caused Heidi to pick up Samantha, throw her in a trash can, and run inside sobbing. Heidi was then shown in her dressing room, drowning her sorrows with cake. While she was eating, she looks through a scrapbook and has a flashback of herself meeting Bletch for the very first time at a Southern night club.

When the flashback was over, she noticed that she has eaten the entire cake and began to groan is misery. Later, Heidi stops by at a bakery and devoured all the cakes and other sweets in sight. After rushing around the bakery multiple times, giving into his favorite customer's cravings, the baker then asked Heidi if there was anything else she would like to have.

She then pointed at the Black Forest cherry cake, and took it back to the theater with her. Heidi was able to make it back to the theater in time to practice her musical number, " The Garden of Love ", but things suddenly went out of hand due to her visit from the bakery. After the fan finally wore off, Sebastian the stage director walked onto the stage and berated Heidi for overeating again after finding a small piece of the Black Forrest cherry cake in her cleavage.

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He stated that Heidi was forbidden to eat ghetto on the day of the performance. This made Heidi emotionally upset as she got up and ran to Bletch's office again so he could make her feel better. However, as soon as she entered, she shockingly found Samantha giving Bletch a blowjob, finding out about her and the affair.

She then ran to her dressing room to drown in her sorrow by completely trashing it in rage. BigSebastian stopped them and informed Bletch that the show will have to be cancelled since Heidi has refused to perform. Bletch knew exactly why this had happened, and told Barry and Trevor to give him five minutes. He then went over to Heidi's dressing room, knocked on the door, and entered to find a heartbroken Heidi crying on her bed.

To get Heidi to perform, Bletch told her that he wants to make love to her, which made the sobbing hippo very happy indeed. While they were making love offscreen, everyone in the cast was shown listening, anxiously, to what was happening from outside the dressing room door. After a little while, Bletch finally came out of the room re-buttoning his jacket and called for somebody to call the network because the show will go on.

This was then followed by everyone cheering for joy. During the show, Heidi successfully sang her song and felt adored by everyone. However, Bletch slapped her away, and insulted her by calling her fat and saying that she smelled bad. He even told her that she is through with the Feebles because he's going to make Samantha the star of the show instead of her. Having enough of his compositions, Bletch grabbed Sebastian by the tail, told him to get back to work, and threw him out of his office.

As Sebastian was walking back to the stage, he muttered that it's his loss as Bletch calls him a faggot in return. After Heidi was berated for overeating by Sebastian, she ran crying to Bletch's office again.

When she entered, she was shocked to see Samantha giving him a blowjob; finding out about her lover's affair. This causes Heidi to run to her dressing room and trash it in rage, drowning in her sorrow. Later that night, Louie showed up in the alleyway of the theater, with the drugs in a suitcase, and got escorted to Bletch's office by both Barry and Trevor. Just after Barry made the line, Dennis unexpectedly walked into the office to give Bletch some contracts to sign.

Bletch then got the idea to test the drugs on Dennis, as he offered it as a little treat for him. The aardvark happily thanks him for his generous offer, and sniffed it up with his long nose.

After sniffing it all up, Dennis suddenly started to wheeze uncontrollably as his nose began to liquidate, causing him to die. After that horrendous sight, Bletch took a closer look at the drugs, only to find out that it was really borax the whole time!

Louie tried to tell him that he didn't about this, but the walrus had Barry grab him in a chokehold while Trevor interrogated him by asking where the real merchandise was. Louie finally fessed up by saying that the supply is down on the docks, and that Mr.

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BigBletch's drug competitor, is shipping them out tonight by ship. Barry then lets go of Louie as Bletch asks what they should do with the borax. He then looked at Louie, thinking that he seemed a bit congested, and said that maybe his passages needed some "cleaning out. After watching poor Louie liquidate to death into a puddle, Bletch pressed a button on his desk that revealed a secret stash of weapons behind a wall; followed by him saying, "I think it's time we paid our Mr.

Bletch knew exactly why this has happened, and told Barry and Trevor to give him five minutes.

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He then went over to Heidi's dressing room, knocked on the door, and entered to find a heart-broken Heidi crying on her bed. To get Heidi to perform, Bletch told the sobbing hippo that he wants to make love to her, which makes her very happy indeed. While they were making love offscreen, everyone in the cast and crew were shown listening, anxiously, to what has happening from outside the dressing room door while Barry and Trevor were waiting for their boss in the limo.

After a little while, Bletch finally comes out of the room re-buttoning his jacket and called for somebody to call the network because the show will go on. Everyone then cheered for joy as Bletch goes out back to his limo. Bletch and his men then drove out to the docks, where they had a big fight with Cedric and his henchmen crabs.

After killing off Cedric and the crabs, Bletch found the real supply of drugs in one of the boxes they were shipping, and told Barry and Trevor to help load them up.

However, when they were finished putting the boxes in the trunk of the limo, a giant spiderwho was loading the stuff onto the ship, saw what they were doing and came down to stop them. Bletch and Trevor quickly got into in the limo, but they unfortunately left Barry outside to get his head eaten off by the spider. Trevor then tried to start the engine, but the spider walked on over to the limo, and perched itself on top of the roof. As the limo began moving, the spider still stayed on top of it, and tried to grab Bletch who claimed that he hates arachnids through the open window.

Fortunately, Trevor was able to the drive right under a crane that was lowering some crates, which knocked the spider off the limo; possibly killing it. Just as the duo were about to drive on back to the theater, they are suddenly stopped by Mr.

Big, himself, who emerged from the bridge the leads to the docks. Big that he's taking back what's his, but the huge, monstrous whale replied by telling the walrus that he's out of his own league. Bletch then ordered Trevor to take him out, and the rat does so by driving the limo right through the whale's big mouth; going through the inside of his body, and exiting it by plowing right through his rear end which probably killed him.

Trevor then, finally, drove back to the theater, as Bletch stated that he'll have to change his suit since he was now covered in ambergris. Just as Bletch and Trevor pulled up in front of the theater, they suddenly overheard a mousewho was selling newspapers out front, announcing to everyone about the latest article.

After hearing that the article was about "a famous Feeble who fights a sex disease," Trevor drove past the mouse while Bletch bought a paper from him. Bletch then unfolded the paper, only to shockingly find Harrythe MC of the show, on the front cover, stating that he has a sexually-transmitted disease known as, "the Big One" which was something that both he and Trevor were never aware of.

Knowing that a bad review on one of the cast members could ruin him, he ordered Trevor to go find whoever wrote the article so they could take care of him. Bletch then went inside, changed into his tuxedo, and went up to a balcony to watch the first half of show with Arthurthe backstage manager. While watching the theme songhe told Arthur that this was a historic moment because, tonight, The Feebles will rocket to super stardom.

The old worm agreed by telling him that it's an honor to be a part of it. Bletch then offered Arthur one of his cigars, as the worm happily smoked it, and thanked him for being both a scholar and a gent. During Heidi's performance of The Garden of LoveSebastian came up to the balcony to tell Bletch that the show is going fabulously because the network had confirmed a syndicated series and the critics are adoring it.

bletch meet the feebles villains wiki

Feeling impressed at the thought of a syndicated series, Bletch congratulated Sebastian for his hard work, and then went backstage to get back to matter of taking care of whoever wrote the article about Harry. Just as Bletch had thought, the person who wrote that negative article about Harry was F.

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Flya muckraking, journalist fly who's always trying to make up lies about the cast. To put the plan into action, Trevor lured Fly into the bathroom by asking everyone who made "the great, big, stinky poo that's blocking up the toilet.

As soon as the small insect flew in through the bathroom's doorway, Bletch suddenly grabbed him and scolded him for telling stories again.

bletch meet the feebles villains wiki

The frightened Fly told the walrus that he could complain to the editor, but he told him that it won't be necessary.

He then ripped Fly's wings off, and flushed him down the toilet; saying to Trevor, "Now that's what I call an impartial journalist. Bletch then went back to his office to make himself some champagne. After pouring a glass, he unexpectedly met Heidi, who was trying to seduce him. Bletch slaps her away by saying that revolting Heidi look and insults her by calling her fat and she smelled bad because she disgust him.

He was gonna wait after the show and tells her that she is through with The Feebles. Bletch tells her that Samantha is the star now. He then chucks her dress at her, tells her to get out, and slams the door behind her.

Bletch later shows visible disgust when Harry vomits and when Wynyard dies. However, he shows the most reaction when Sebastian decides to perform his number, "Sodomy. However, seconds later, Heidi swings in with Bletch's M60, gunning down several people. After a few minutes of her rampage, Bletch catches her attention, prompting her to shoot him until he falls from the balcony and onto the floor.

Unable to get up, he tells Heidi that he still loves her, prompting her to stop her attack.