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bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates pic

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The second Professor Layton game proves this.

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Professor Layton and the Curious Village was one of the surprise hits of bringing with it charmful characters, puzzles of varied difficulty and a story that flowed nicely from beginning to end in the tradition of a classic mystery novel. Instead, if gives you more of it. You follow Layton and his young apprentice Luke as they take a ride on the Molentary Express to find out the mystery of the apparently cursed Elysian Box.

Of course, all of the story threads involve puzzles of some kind may they be easy or really hard which gives the game depth in how you decide to solve it.

The Apprentice 2018: Who got fired from The Apprentice last night?

Of course, the real charm of the game always lied in the characters and this game is, again, no exception. Instead of sticking in one village, you travel around the Molentary Express meeting villagers from across the land who all are distinct in their own ways.

As well as them, characters such as Don Paolo, Flora and Inspector Chelmey return all intertwine in a nicely done, if not exactly deep, storyline that takes you right up to yet another castle deep in a forest.

The fact that it is so high on the list should tell you that this has worked. If you played LittleBigPlanet on the Playstation 3, you know what to expect. You play through the levels, get objects to use to create your own level. But even the bad ones add to the community in some way and encourage people to do better. When LittleBigPlanet first came out for the PS3, people were skeptical in how this was all going to work and what was going to come out from it. Now, it is one of the biggest communities going in all of console gaming.

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How was that supposed to work? How toned down was it going to be? As it turned out, nothing would change. The style may be different and the controls may rely on the touch screen for extra mechanics and with the PSP version, buttons and the analogue stick which works just as well but in its essance, its still a GTA game.

You still sell drugs, you can still gun down people, you can still hit people with your car and you still encounter the most colourful and surreal characters.

Liberty City is a town that is full of drug dealers, shady gangsters and even just normal people walking around minding their own business before you decide to start your reign of chaos.

bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates pic

It even has the same kind of music and suttle humour the GTA Games have. On the PSP version, there are tracks from artists such as Deadmau5 and others that you can listen to on the radio.

Meet The Apprentice candidates 2018

The only negative is, sometimes, the controls. Despite this, it is well worth your time and is it is definitely not the game you think would come out on a Nintendo handheld of all things. The guys down at AlphaDream in Japan have come up with a game worthy of not just your attention but a game that deserves to stand on its own with the other classics whether handheld or console that Nintendo has put out. The story is downright ridiculous, you find yourself in the middle of a Toad Blorb outbreak, making Toads giant round balls of…Toads, caused by the ridiculously obscure yet downright hilarious Lord Fawful and his quest to obtain superiority of both the Mushroom Kingdom and the domain of Bowser.

Not to spoil it, but it takes some really crazy directions that somehow never leave you dissatisfied just because of the pure charm. What may grab the attention and curiosity of many is that instead of only playing as Mario and Luigi, you would also have the opportunity to play as Bowser who is without a doubt the real star of this game. You blow fire, stomp around and pound on things but the witty dialogue and really fun moments involved when Bowser comes on screen is most of the time, genuinely funny.

Not that Mario and Luigi are put to the shadows as their random gibberish speaking tones from the past two games are back to add to the fun this game provides.

You control the both of them by pressing either A or B depending on whether you want to jump or do certain other actions like air spin, dig underground and float in the air. For every break dancing pensioner and supposed tap dancing dog are some real gems of undiscovered talent that make it so engrossing.

As a final note, long live Stavross Flatley! Actually, ABC did try a version after the second UK series but it failed to set the US alight and came and went without anyone noticing.

Something else I noticed was that the celebrities seemed to be allowed luxuries such as shampoo, hairspray and even a digital camera!!

bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates pic

These things would be seen as gold dust on the original. It wasted no time getting down to nitty gritty with Spencer what a Pratt at the centre of conflict. Spencer is such an utter waste of skin I was close to punching him myself, but even in the heat of an argument it seemed fairly obvious this was all for the cameras and not really in the same category that some of the genuine disagreements the original has seen over the years.

The hosts were dreadful, delivering their witty comments with the comic timing of a pair of flip flops.

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Oddly, the double act featured Mylene Klass who seems to have left her charming and quiet personality back in England opting instead to become quite loud and smarmy in her role as co-host.

Something that was rather impressive though was the first trial which saw the boys versus the girls in a gruesome eating challenge which the UK version usually saves till the final. The Benidorm special tied up all the loose ends of the series two cliffhanger and laid the ground for the upcoming third series.

The new series will move from a 30 minute slot to an hour and if this special was anything to go by the series will be suit the longer time frame. The humour is often over the top and sometimes silly but I enjoy it when it gets the balance right. So what were your views on this years Big Brother Launch?

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The early viewing figures indicate it was the lowest rated opening in the history of the series. Do you believe it has run out of steam?

bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates pic