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abbott and costello meet frankenstein movie wiki

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein American horror comedy film directed by Charles Barton. Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein posters for sale online. Buy Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein movie posters from Movie Poster Shop. Encyclopedic article on Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein at Wikipedia; Media related to Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein at Wikimedia Commons .

All of these films were big hits, and Abbott and Costello were voted the third biggest box office attraction in the country in During filming, on December 8,a day after the attack on Pearl HarborAbbott and Costello had their hand and foot prints set in concrete at what was then " Grauman's Chinese Theatre ".

Costello was stricken with rheumatic fever upon his return from a winter tour of army bases in March and was bedridden for around six months.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein movie wiki

On November 4,the same day that Costello returned to radio after a one-year layoff due to his illness, his infant son Lou Jr. He seemed to anger easily In a rift developed when Abbott hired a domestic servant who had been fired by Costello. Costello refused to speak to his partner except when performing. The following year they made two films, Little Giant and The Time of Their Livesin which they appeared as separate characters rather than as a team.

This may have been a result of the tensions between them, plus the fact that their most recent films had not performed as well at the box office. Abbott resolved the rift when he suggested naming Costello's pet charity, a foundation for underprivileged children, the "Lou Costello Jr.

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Being a vampire, he is also given the powers to control those around him. This can be seen in the beginning of the movie as he escapes from the railway station after he hypnotizes Wilbur and as he bites Sandra as a way to force her to continue her work with their scheme. Dracula takes on a mad scientist role, like the one given to Frankenstein in the Hammer Studios Series. Both Frankenstein and Dracula show no remorse for their actions and thrive on the concept of using others to get to their own personal destinations.

Like Frankenstein, Count Dracula's vampire powers allow him to manipulate the characters around him as pawns through his endeavor of completing his experiment. The film was given this honor by being recognized as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein also received a warm reception from Readers Digest as it was named one of the top funniest films of all time Wikipedia.

Significance Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein has become culturally significant because of what it accomplishes. Universal Studios parodies itself by poking fun at the long list of monster movies it has distributed: FrankensteinThe Wolf ManDracula to name a few.

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The original horror films produced by Universal gathered a following based on a love for the combination of monstrosity and fear. This film takes these two concepts and offers a completely new perspective. The comedy causes the audience to rethink the collective fear of monstrosity and asks for a different response: This laughter can be found in the actor casting itself as each monster is played by the same actor as the original Universal films.

Wilbur believes, but Chick remains skeptical. That night Wilbur, Chick and Joan go to Sandra's castle to pick her up for the ball.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein movie wiki

Wilbur answers a telephone call from Talbot, who informs them that they are in fact in the "House of Dracula". Wilbur reluctantly agrees to search the castle with Chick and soon stumbles upon a basement staircase that leads to a boat and dock. Chick insists they search for Dracula and the Monster to prove to Wilbur that they do not really exist.

Behind a revolving door, Wilbur experiences a few close calls with the monsters; whenever he tries to get Chick's attention, the monsters have disappeared. Meanwhile, Joan discovers Dr.

Frankenstein's notebook in Sandra's desk and Sandra finds Joan's insurance company employee ID in her purse. As the men and women prepare to leave for the ball, a suavely dressed Dr. Dracula introduces himself to Joan and the boys.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein movie wiki

Also working at the castle is the naive Prof. Stevens Charles Bradstreetwho questions some of the specialized equipment that has arrived. After Wilbur admits that he was in the basement, Sandra feigns a headache and tells Wilbur and the others that they will have to go to the ball without her.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein movie wiki

In private, Sandra admits to Dracula that Stevens' suspicions, Joan's credentials, and Wilbur's snooping in the basement have made her nervous enough to put the experiment on hold. Dracula asserts his will by hypnotizing her and biting her in the neck in a continuity error, Dracula's reflection is visible in a mirror.

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Vampires do not have reflections, as stated in Dracula Everyone is now at the masquerade ball. Talbot arrives and confronts Dr. Lahos, who is in costume as Dracula. Lejos easily deflects Talbot's accusations and takes Joan to the dance floor. Sandra lures Wilbur to a quiet spot in the woods and attempts to bite him, but Chick and Larry approach and she flees.

Wilbur escapes, but the Wolf Man attacks McDougal, who is also at the ball. Since Chick's costume includes a wolf mask, McDougal accuses Chick of attacking him out of revenge. Chick escapes and witnesses Dracula hypnotizing Wilbur. Chick is also hypnotized and rendered helpless, while Dracula and Sandra bring Wilbur and Joan back to the castle.

The next morning, Chick and Talbot, both fugitives, meet up in the bayou.