Zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship questions

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zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship questions

After I posted my review of the most recent episode of 'Hart of Dixie' last night, But it's not enough to understand where her problems started, she must but the relationship between their characters worked because they were I'm not implying that we should stone George Tucker, but Zoe tends to put. Fans of Hart of Dixie's central love story—Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) and Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)—have had a tough go of it the They clearly should both get over their issues and be together. But that squee-inducing scoop on Zoe and Wade's relationship isn't the only info we got from Gerstein. He would be Wade Kinsella – local bad boy and stud – and everyone would .. Next Lemon will be crying on the street, wailing for Zoe Hart to return. . He tells her about Anna-Beth dating a man from the grocery store after.

Wade swears — he needs to hear more. He could be wrong, but he thinks she was crying. He knows Zoe, and from her voice he can tell she's unhappy. He told the people in the bar that Zoe was happy. That was why they needed to leave her alone.

So what if she isn't happy? What position does that put him in? I need some help. In his scramble upwards he's knocked himself and the chair down.

With a martyred sigh that he finally feels he deserves, he says, "I need to catch a flight to Boston. I need to get Zoe back. Rose flings herself from the bar stool, jumping like an excited puppy; Shelley has done a hundred and eighty degree turn, telling him to get going and asking what the hell he is still doing here? Brick is already on his phone checking when the next flight is leaving; Dash is talking hurriedly in his recorder, his eyes darting about in excitement; Anna-Beth is offering help Wade pack; and Lavon is just sitting there, grinning like the self-righteous bastard he is.

It's then Wade realises he's known this would happen all along, he always knew Wade would go after Zoe. But Wade can't even get mad at him for not telling him. The truth is Wade wouldn't have listened until now — until he heard her voice.

He doesn't have time to think; he has to pack a few things and worry about catching the plane. It's only at the airport does Lavon hand him a piece of paper. It's such a rush that Wade manages to get on the plane just before it takes off. He finally looks at the piece of paper when they're in the air.

It has Zoe's address on it and the hospital that she works at. And the words good luck. Zoe is working with her father again, his second in command.

She scrubs up but catches sight off them putting Miss Ellis under. She feels a little bit of tension in her chest, and forces herself to take deep calming breathes. Miss Ellis' heart injury is serious, but that's when Zoe Hart brings her A-game.

Zoe and Wade

In the surgery room she's opposite her father, practically pressed against other surgeons. For the first part she's doing fine — better than fine. She's performing as good as anyone, if not better. She's instructed to close a valve, a procedure that she's done countless times. That's when she freezes. She realises her heart is pounding as if she's running a marathon — and knowing that she's going to lose.

Her father glances up at her; his blue eyes are wide. She's like a record, stuck on those two words. Everything around her is blurred — it's moving too fast. Her breathing is erratic. It all just needs to slow down. You need to do it now. So scared, so weak and vulnerable, waiting for him to do something to make it better. He swears under his breath and takes over, telling her to leave the room.

She does so willingly, and she's never been more relieved to be out of the room. She pushes out those doors and takes a gulp of air as if she's just left a smelly prison cell. She collapses on a seat and strips off her face mask and hat. With a shaking hand she covers her eyes. She forces herself to breath slowly, and as she does so the feeling that she's going to vomit subsides. She used to love being in the mask and hat; love operating and knowing what she was doing.

It's the one thing she's good at. She's been in countless operating theatres. She's never frozen before. First time for everything. Her father bursts out the room about an hour later. Zoe is still there. With a finger he motions her into an empty conference room and shuts the door.

Taking off his items of clothing he slaps them on the table before turning to Zoe. Eyes on the floor, she lifts a shoulder. Good surgeons don't freeze. What I want to know is why. I know her too, her stats-" "Not that," Zoe says softly. I know that she has two sons and a daughter, and her daughter moved her here to Boston. She was there when Martin Luther King was there.

She has a cat called Sammy. She — she was worried that her daughter wasn't looking after him properly. And I couldn't separate the person she is from the body I was operating on. Once you start caring about them, that's it. Don't go cold on me now! For heaven's sake I stuck my neck out for you. I convinced the people here to take you on! This wasn't to help me, this was to help you! For God's sake Zoe, you can't care about them! You need to stop this now.

It's only broken by another voice: His words, they're soft and smooth like warm maple syrup. That's why she had me out in the woods looking for her when she was searching to fix up a dead man's leg; she came to her enemy's engagement party to help a woman who had told no one else she was pregnant; she didn't go home for Thanksgiving because a little boy didn't want to be a pirate anymore and she wanted to make him better.

She's always cared, and that's one of the things I lo-that I really don't want to change about her. And like magic, there he is, Wade Kinsella. He's wrapped in a coat and he looks oddly out of place, but his gentle, southern grin is still there.

And she thinks, thank God. It's probably the first time she's ever hugged him. She can honestly say she wishes she had done it sooner. He smells of alcohol and coffee, but there's something else deeper down there. He smells of Bluebell, Zoe realises, and it comes with such a sweet joy that she can't deny her feelings any longer.

She lifts her head to him. His brown eyes are peering down at her, and she can see him scanning her face. A corner of Wade's mouth lifts. She takes his hand and begins to lead him out the room. The two of them complete ignore her father. It's only partly spiteful; in truth they're so caught up in each other that they don't really notice him.

In the taxi Zoe doesn't bother to pull away. Still holding on to his hand she leans turns to him, head gently leaning against his shoulder. He doesn't even bother to respond. He simply smiles and squeezes her hand a little tighter. Zoe hasn't really had any time to tidy it; any spare minute is spent — was spent — working at the hospital.

Now she feels ashamed: Some pairs of underwear are on the floor and she tries to discretely hide them. Wade sees though and, him being Wade, says, "Nice underwear. I like the butterflies. But there's little annoyance in her voice. In fact there's some happiness in it. She didn't realise how much she actually missed him. Even his sarcastic comments, his digs at her, are received with hidden glee.

She goes to the cooler. I don't usually eat in. He takes her by surprise by grabbing her from behind and lifting her out the way. Remember the time you came into the bar and missed your seat? That night they were going to have sex; they almost did. And now here they are, alone in her apartment.

No one in Bluebell is going to appear and stop them. They are free to let fate, karma, or whatever controls them loose. He hands her the glass of wine and they both move to the sofa.

It's awkward and small — Zoe herself can just fit on it — and so the two of them are pressed closer to each other. They smile shyly at each other. Zoe breaks the tension because she has one question practically bursting from her lips. He first tells her of Lavon and Rose, the two people she's most desperate to hear about. He tells her how Lavon takes part in the charity football game and how he loses to a sixth grader; and how Frederick Dean is spending a lot of time with Rose.

He tells her about Anna-Beth dating a man from the grocery store after breaking up with the hardware owner, about the number of skunks that Tom brought into town and stank up the place for days, and the latest gossip about the new ice cream shop that's opening up.

The only time they stumble is when Wade brings up George. He doesn't want to talk about George, but he knows he won't be able to hide the information. Zoe's brown eyes are sympathetic. She heaves a sigh. She rolls her eyes but after a beat she nods. She doesn't really want to talk about this, but she knows it'll mean more to Wade than to her.

His words are soft but the eagerness is obvious. Wade's a shit poker player. She realises he needs more and after what George has put her through, she's not going to protect him.

Those days are over. I could see myself doing crazy things for him and him still running back to Lemon. They don't talk much after that. That was the intention, but Zoe begins to fall asleep. Her eyes flutter now and again until finally she begins to drift. His voice is as warm as a breeze in a Bluebell autumn, as soothing as the sound of the ocean waves caressing the beach. She can believe that he is a good singer. She imagines what it would be like to sing her to sleep. Her mind becomes uncontrollable in a doze, dreaming of Wade singing to her while he holds her against his bare chest Wade watches her for a few minutes.

He's never seen Zoe when she's not yelling at him or doing something incredibly crazy. It's only now he notices that how tired she looks: He waits until she appears to be in a deep sleep before taking the precarious glass of wine out of fingers and places it down on the table.

He then gently cradles her in his arms, as if he's protecting a little child. The bedroom is only a stone's throw away, but he could have carried her back to Bluebell because she's so light. He places her on the unmade bed. Zoe stirs a little but other than that she stays asleep.

He can't keep his eyes off her. It's as if he's afraid she'll disappear, take off and leave like she did the last time. After an hour or two he's about to go to the sofa to get to sleep when he pauses.

His eyes go to the bed, which could easily fit him. The sofa would be fine for someone like Zoe, who's small enough to be able to sleep comfortably. But he's too tall.

A smile creeps up on his face. He is Wade Kinsella after all. Wade is in her bed, snuggled up to her. Zoe can't decide whose fault it is that they're so close, because even though it's his arms that are wrapped round her like a rope, she's the one who's leaning against his chest. His bare chest, because this is Wade and he can't help show off his chest at every chance he gets though Zoe has to admit, it is pretty magnificent. It's stupid but it takes her another moment to realise that she's practically naked too, only in her underwear.

She allows herself to savour this moment — like someone having the first taste of strawberry ice cream. Then she roughly pinches him awake. Her voice is firm and indignant, but she doesn't fight his arms round her. Wade grabs the pillow and pulls it over his head, but only with one arm.

He appears to be wanting to go back to sleep, but Zoe is certain that his eyes are wide open, watching her. It wouldn't have been gentlemanly to leave you on the sofa. Or at least kept your clothes on.

He gives her his sweet all-American-boy smile. She starts to move away, getting up from the bed. Wade won't let her go that easily though; he moves up and is suddenly above her. Before she can blink he is on top of her. Her heart is pounding. She's pressed against the mattress; his legs are on either side of her, leaving her no option for escape. She can't look anywhere but him: Teasingly he thrusts his hips a little, trying to fight off laughter at the sight of Zoe's face. He bends his head awkwardly so it's lingering above hers, barely any space between their lips.

Her brain cannot process what is happening. I could make you very comfortable. She doesn't take her eyes off his face, her stomach moving up and down. He can feel her desire. He can taste it. He snorts, not bothering to hide his grin. He's not going any further than this — he's already toed the line. He swings one leg off the bed, about to get off and go to the bathroom. But a few seconds later it's him who's surprised.

This time it's Zoe who grips Wade. She uses his shock as an advantage and swings him to the other side of the bed thank God it's big enough. They're in the exact same position as they were, only this time it's Zoe on top of him.

Wade's face is stunned. For once his sweet face isn't mocking or teasing. She's one upped him and she takes a moment to feel glee at this.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship questions

But that's not what she's focussing on. Instead she mimics his moves, thrusting her hips — an action she's rarely used — and leaning her head down, hovering above his.

But she prides herself on going further. She knows what she's doing. She knows that she's going to take a jump off the cliff and she doesn't know how well she'll land. She doesn't know whether she's doing this because she's homesick or because she's missed him or — but maybe that's the point though.

Maybe because she's missed him she wants to be with him. She delicately touches her lips to his. It isn't passionate, not really. Their lips are simply meeting, as if they're at a cocktail party. That's not the type of word to use for this — this feeling of relief, the burning tension that she didn't realise was in her chest, her legs, her arms, her head, everywhere, finally being freed.

After over eight, nine months of them meeting, feeling and doing nothing about it, they're together. She pulls away and reaches behind her. Wade's eyes flutter as he stares at her in disbelief. She unclips her black bra and throws it to the ground. She has to bite her lip to stop herself from laughing at the sight of his face. Doubt floods her suddenly — shit, what has she done? This time as she bends down he meets up in the middle and they kiss.

His arms pull her in, pressing their bodies together. It feels so good that Zoe wants to laugh and cry all at once. Simply because this is what she wanted, what she's always wanted.

Being a surgeon, a good doctor — all of that has paled in comparison to what she's feeling right now, being wrapped in Wade's strong arms. It's like the success of doing surgery well, but more. He is gentle with her, despite a few nips at the breasts she retaliates with a bite on the ear. It's a good thing really: But it's good — better than good really — and it seems that Wade is enjoying himself too with the sounds he is making.

When they're finished she collapses on top of him. Her head rests against his warm, beautiful chest and he brings his arms round her.

He presses his lips to her head, kissing her a few times — really he's kissing her hair. She thinks that maybe those kisses are a thank you. She knows he's wanted this longer than she has.

Now that they've had sex though she's realised how much she actually wanted this. She's falls asleep quickly again.

It makes more sense since the sun's only just risen. But he doesn't actually mind. It allows him time to watch her again, something he'll probably have very little of later. After all, he doesn't know what this means. Is this the beginning of a relationship? Or is it just in the heat of the moment? And more importantly, which does he want? He's never really been the relationship type, not after Tansy and that pointless marriage even now neither of them can agree on whose idea the marriage was; Wade suspects it was hers as marriage has never been part of his life plan.

He wouldn't particularly mind having a "friends with benefits" arrangement. But then what if George and Lemon actually broke up and he chased after Zoe? George wouldn't settle for just having sex with Zoe, and he wouldn't tolerate Zoe seeing Wade. That would more than likely leave him in the Rammer Jammer watching George and Zoe have dinner in the evening. And it wasn't just George: And of course there were other guys in Bluebell — and any guy with brains will be able to see she's a catch.

It occurs to Wade then that she hasn't exactly said she's coming back to Bluebell — he had simply taken it as a given. He grips hold of Zoe tighter, bending down and brushing his lips against her head again. Well, he'll just have to convince her.

The bed feels empty without another person in it now, as if she's missing a limb. The initial pain makes her feel like she actually has lost one. She throws the covers off the bed and begins to walk into the kitchen until she remembers she's wearing no clothes. She throws on her sleek nightgown not the tatty one before sliding the doors open.

She doesn't drop to the floor, but that's only because she's holding onto the doors. Wade is in the kitchen, cooking. She's never seen Wade cook — after all he always goes to Lavon's for breakfast. Yet here he is, standing above the stove as if he's Gordon Ramsey the sad thing is she's not even sure that he knows who Gordon Ramsey is.

  • Pop Culture Interruption

When he turns to her, it's perhaps the most delicious sight she's seen in a while. It helps that he's not covering his chest and the only item of clothing he's wearing are boxers.

Couldn't stand another moment of your snoring. The place barely looks as if anyone lives here: Her room in Bluebell had more personality than the apartment did. He throws some food on a plate and places it in front of Zoe. Have this as a starter. He's about to make a romantic gesture, and Wade Kinsella doesn't do romantic gestures, so he's not entirely sure how to play it.

Even though he's nervous he still turns round and puts the plate down in front of her. Zoe's eyes move down to it and she pauses. It's pancakes, large and thick, but that's not what she's looking at. Instead she's looking at the pattern the blueberries are set out on. She looks back at Wade, eyes wide and curious. She wasn't going to speak but he doesn't even give her the chance.

Instead he blurts out his words. But you're not happy here Zoe, I know you're not. You need to come back to Bluebell. Everyone misses you — even Brick. We all want you back. Especially Lavon and Rose. Her eyes glitter darkly. He takes a deep breath, attempting to clear his head.

Wade finds himself picturing one of those patterned glass windows that he saw once when he was little in the church. He was too young to understand the whole religious part; all he saw were the colours beaming through, so pretty and glittering. He sees that when he sees Zoe. He stares at Zoe before heaving himself off the chair.

His voice rises like steam. You're still thinking of yourself all the time, never mind the fact that everyone in Bluebell is desperate for you back. I can't believe I came all this way and you've still said no. What is it about Boston that's so great? Not like backwards ol' Bluebell is it? It's high class enough for Miss Zoe Hart to live in. She can take the rest of it, but not him talking about the sex they had just a few hours ago. I slept with you because I-" She cuts off sharply, perhaps not quite ready to go there.

She wishes Wade would stop looking at her like that though, highly curious and equally furious to know the truth. Taking a deep breath she says, much more calmly, "That wasn't what I meant.

Zoe glowers at his demanding tone. It wasn't what he was expecting, not at all. Suddenly she cannot stand looking him. She whirls round and goes towards the door. She feels like she's said too much — who the hell knows what Wade's feeling?

Zoe isn't good with her feelings, and she doesn't like showing her deck of cards. She almost makes it. As she's about to grab the door handle and get outside she hasn't thought about the fact she's only in a dressing gown she feels hands on her hips. She cries out in surprise as Wade pulls her back. In a fit of anger she struggles against him.

In that moment she can't believe she's been that stupid to say that to him — Wade. She didn't realise until she saw him again, but she's missed him. She's missed him more than anyone else in Bluebell, even Lavon and Rose. She missed the way they would fight when she blew the fuse — somehow he seems to get her blood boiling and words that she doesn't mean flying from her mouth. She's never met anyone that could do that to her — not her ex, not George, not anyone.

She missed his cheeky little comments, his eyes lingering on her for a moment too long, coming towards her with that confident smirk, slapping her butt. She missed him coming through for her: She missed that smile of his, slow and uncertain, toasting his face when he was surprised.

She wonders how long she has been in love with Wade Kinsella. She wants to hit him, but he grabs her arms. He can't believe it's actually taken him this long to stop him from fighting her — for God's sake he's strong enough to carry her. But eventually he manages to stop her and lifts her chin to his face. He doesn't kiss her — he thinks she'll bite his tongue off if he tries.

So he does the next best thing. The fire dies a little at his apology. He thinks this might be the first time he's said he's sorry, at least to her. I didn't mean it. He was livid, but at her words he's calm again. He's never heard anyone say that before. They keep eye-contact with each other.

The gaze is full is double-meanings and unsaid feelings. Slowly Zoe moves her hands down, but Wade doesn't let go.

It's not to stop her from attacking him again. He doubts she will. But he doesn't want to let go of her. He doesn't answer right away. I don't want to have one night stands strung together. I don't want to see you leading another woman to your bed. What does she do now? Does she settle for what she can get, put up with the hurt? Or does she let him go? Does she watch him with other girls? Will she wait for him to change? When he sees her face, balancing on the edge of heartbroken, he feels his brain and heart — for once — join together.

He knows what he needs to do, and for the first time in a long time it coincides with what he wants to do too. He brings her hands back up, to his chest. She glances up at him. She tries to hide it, but the hope is obvious in those dark eyes of hers.

He squeezes those small hands. And he thinks that she'll be worth it. It's been a long time since she's smiled like that — as long as she's been in Boston for that matter — a smile that is filled with success; filled with knowing that someone wants you, someone will be with you no matter what. He returns it when he sees that, and with them both smiling they laugh a little. With confidence she pulls him towards her and kisses her. This kiss is different to the one they shared in bed.

It's a little more passionate, with the shared joy that they are together — finally, against all the odds and everything else. It's a thank you. Zoe is wearing a lacy white top and — with a grin at Wade — denim shorts. Her hair is taken down and she's got her favourite sandals on. She is wearing sunglasses. As they drive Zoe lets out little squeals as she sees things that she thought she'd never see again — such as the bus stop when she first arrived here.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship questions

Wade's given up telling her to stop it he's nearly driven into a tree because of her squeals and now he smiles at her when she does it. In the end it didn't take long. Zoe had a surprisingly little amount of items that she's collected since she's been in Boston. She sells the apartment easily, especially since she allows them to have all the furniture too. The only issue she had was telling her father. We're on the plane, travelling back home. The arm rest that separates us is up and I am leaning against him.

He has one hand in my hair he loves it, playing with the ends and pressing his nose against it all the time and another in my hand.

His fingers are cupped between mine, and every now and then we sway our hands, always if we're dancing. I think of Dad's eyes as they go a dull gold when I tell him I'm not staying in Boston. How he argues with me, tries to persuade me to stay. How he doesn't listen to me when I say my heart isn't in it anymore.

Zoe knew Wade would try something on their way to Mobile where they had to go for Rose, so she invited Rose. Before Rose got in the car, they had a moment but was ruined in roses arrival.

Nothing really happens after. Episode Edit Wade helps Zoe find an armadillo. Later Zoe comes over and brings "Halo".

Wade then suggests strip "Halo". They end up having sex. Believe it or not, Zoe's idea.

Questions of the Heart, a hart of dixie fanfic | FanFiction

Zoe and Wade develop a sexual relationship for several episodes. Zoe states she is currently unavailable and seeing Wade, though, they are only involved in a sexual way.

Episode Edit Wade decides that he wants more and says that Zoe should go on a date. Zoe was supposed to bid on Wade's auction basket, but Magnolia beats her to it. Zoe bargains with Magnolia, finally winning the basket. They go on this picnic date but due to some nervous actions from Zoe, the date goes sour. Sparks Fly Zoe's mother comes over for Christmas and Zoe is eager to keep her mother unaware of the casual relationship she had with Wade. Zoe confesses to her mother that she misses Wade and later on, apologizes to Wade and they get back together but this time as a real couple.

Episode 11 Edit Zoe and Wade are tasked to play the role of "the First Couple" and Zoe begins a positive-oriented approach to dealing with her relationship with Wade.

Zoe starts reminding people of Lemon Breeland and so Wade decides to make Zoe have a "mini-eruption" so Zoe can blow off some steam without erupting or doing something really bad. Even though Zoe tells him to stay there he comes home infecting the town with the bug.

Zoe tries calling Wade and when he doesn't answer begins to get worried. She finally finds him at home sick in bed with the flu. She tells him she wasn't worried about him cheating but that she was calling because she missed him. She later shows up with soup saying that she knows he can take care of himself but couples take care of each other. Zoe ends up getting sick and Wade takes care of her. With the community still recovering from the flu epidemic Zoe is swamped at work leaving less time for her and Wade.

Wade manages to get a hunting cabin for the weekend and asks Zoe to go with him. Zoe asks Brick and they have a competition resulting in Zoe losing.

Since Brick's nephew is in town he covers for Zoe so she can go with Wade for their romantic weekend. While Zoe is there she is constantly distracted by work and other people's problems neglecting her weekend with Wade. Wade and Zoe get into a fight over her being distracted and she says that Wade wouldn't know anything about a career as he doesn't have one.

Zoe goes to see Wade to apologize for what she said and Wade tells her he still wants to open up his own bar. When they finally have some alone time they are interrupted by Lavon.

The episode ends with Zoe, Lavon and Wade on a couch while listening to Lavon's troubles they are holding hands. Zoe wants to be supportive but hates his band's music which hurts Wade. Later Zoe apologizes and shows her support for his dream by giving him a glowing sign for his new bar. Wade gets extremely drunk after Zoe leaves to help Lavon and sabatoges his chance at getting his bar.

He is worried that he will let her and everybody down if he doesn't succeed. The Gambler Episode 16 Edit Zoe is worried when Wade doesn't return her phone calls and learns that Wade was with another woman. Zoe finally meets up with Wade and Wade just said that it was woman that needed a jump for her car. However, Wade's ex-wife Tansy reveals that Wade used that excuse on her.

After Wanda's and Tom's wedding when Wade realizes he needs to tell herZoe reveals after the emotional ceremony that she knows about his affair. Zoe and Wade walk so that they can talk outside in the town square before the reception. Wade admits the true nature of the previous night's events that he slept with another woman. Zoe tells Wade that she is sorry for thinking that she could make Wade be somebody different than he was.

Episode 21 Edit Zoe, in a very emotional and affected state, sleeps with Wade at the conclusion of the episode so she can 'feel better'. This comes almost immediatly after declaring her feelings for George who is angered by her outburst. After Zoe wakes up she assumes for seconds that is all it is: