Zig and maya relationship

zig and maya relationship

Nov 9, "Degrassi," stop trying to make student-teacher relationships happen. .. chemistry to spare, Zig/Maya is not, and will never be, Sean/Emma. In The World I Know, Maya tells Miles about the complicated history she has with Zig, telling him how she and Zig kissed while he was in a relationship. The relationship between Zig Novak and Maya Matlin is most commonly known as Zaya (Zig/Maya). They met on their first day of high school and developed a.

Except, I guess, for polyamory. But give it a few years; I'm sure "Degrassi" will get there. But whereas some pairings are for the ages, others fizzled out before they ever really had the chance to get started or were just terrible to begin with. And so, in celebration of love and our favorite Canadian school system, we're ranking the best "Degrassi" couples from worst to best: CTV Rick was a physically and emotionally abusive creep who literally put Terri in a coma.

It doesn't get much worse than that. But unlike Terri, Alli freaking married this dude! He viciously beat her, but luckily, Alli was eventually able to escape their terrible marriage in one piece. Also, rewatching Jay's "seduction" of Emma really drives home how predatory and creepy it was.

I'll never understand why so many Degrassi girls so proudly wore his tacky BJ bracelets. Their relationship really hit the ground running when she gave him sleeping pills and made him take her to a school dance, and it didn't really improve from there. Nothing about this couple was good. With virtually no build up, these two went from friends to having an affair, for no other reason than to throw some extra drama into Peter and Emma's relationship. Zig slyly asks why he should stop studying chemicals.

Maya calling him "dummy" refers to him being off around Tori. After relinquishing their cell phones for the exam, Maya reminds him that they agreed things would go back to normal and they have not.

Zig points out that only she agreed to it, and their kiss is hard to forget.

zig and maya relationship

Maya says that she is with Cam and Tori is her best friend, but Zig cuts her off by implying that she was about to call him "the big, bad wolf". Maya tells him he doesn't have to be and makes him agree to be nice to Tori, who is sitting beside her, and they smile at each other.

Later at the Matlin house, Maya, Cam, and Tori are studying.

zig and maya relationship

Tori checks her phone and mentions that Zig has yet to text her back. Maya tells her that she talked to him, but she lies by saying nothing is wrong and he is simply busy. The doorbell rings and Katie annoyed by Maya's command answers it and calls her a "lazy When Zig walks in with a bag, awkwardness strikes.

Maya sits next to Cam and Zig sits next to Tori. He gives Cam the bag and he opens it, revealing two bags of ketchup chips. Cam asks him why he only brought two, as his parents own a convenience store, and Zig says he had a "brain fart" and that he should have brought more.

Cam sees the ketchup flavor and shows in to Maya, saying that it is her favorite. Zig then suggests they add harmonies to "Superman's Song". Maya says to see what Cam and Tori think.

zig and maya relationship

At the Battle of the Bands. Zig tells Maya that he was unaware of Cam and Tori's presence at her house and Maya sarcastically tells him that she feels better. She again insults his intelligence and tells him nothing can happen between them. He tells her that he is going to break up with Tori after exams and the Battle of the Bands.

She is against the idea, but Zig reminds her that she wanted him to be nice to Tori, and it is not nice to make her think he still likes her.

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Maya then comes in after Adam, but when Zig asks her how her oral French exam went, she brushes it off and simply wants to rehearse. Zig wanting to win Maya over. Maya is packing her instruments when Zig jokingly suggests that they go out onstage and play regardless of their debarment. It is short-lived, however, as Cam still has not answered her calls or texts begging for him to come to the competition. Zig reminds her that he is still planning to dump Tori afterwards. Zig asks her why they kissed if she loves Cam so much.

Zig can only remain silent in shame while Maya panics and begins to throw excuses to her, but Tori does not want to hear them.

  • Zig-Maya Friendship

She throws the drinks on the ground in front of Maya and storms out of the tent in a huff. Maya and Zig share a look, but they do not follow her. Imogen then walks in, but when she sees the dumped drinks, she says "Man, I hate litterbugs! Mo and Adam follow her and deliver the news: WhisperHug is allowed to play, but Adam may not. Zig agrees to cover bass, but Maya volunteers to sing, as she wants to get a message out and hopes that Cam is there to hear.

She also apologizes to Adam because he is still disqualified, but Adam brushes it off and leaves to take care of personal business while WhisperHug discuss their strategy. Maya scans the crowd and finally spots Cam, who is smiling at her. Tristan walks past the two and makes a rude remark how the two were placed on the same team. Later on in the gymnasium, the green and red spirit teams were preparing for their first spirit week competition, a game of ball hockey.

Zig helps Maya with her headband as Campbell looks on angrily.

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When the game began, Cam attacked Zig by elbowing in the face and continued to fight him until Mr. Simpson and Dallas pulled him off. Simpson's office, Zig angrily states that Cam attacked him and said that Maya could vouch for him. The next day, Zig was walking up the steps where Cam was waiting for Maya with his lunch. Cam begins to gloat about how Maya forgave him. Angrily, Zig calls Cam a psycho and tells him to get out of Maya's life now and forever.

Zig confessing to Maya his role in Cam's suicide. Maya tells Zig that that is ridiculous, and starts to laugh. Zig angrily asks her how she is laughing right now, and Maya says that people keep telling her to do whatever she feels, but that whatever she feels must be wrong.

Zig is shown apologizing to Maya for not listening to her, and not leaving her and Cam alone. Zig at the party with a drunk Maya.

zig and maya relationship

After shooting their scene, Zig mentions that he's glad Maya's happy and Maya responds stating that she's never been unhappy. Maya then asks Zig out on a date, however Zig acknowledges Cam, to which Maya responds in a sarcastic manner.

Maya begins taunting Zig and hints that he could be her boyfriend right now if he just said yes. Zig calls Maya a mean drunk and leaves the party. When Maya returns home from the party, she receives a Facerange message from Zig asking if she's okay, to which she says 'yep' and sends the video that Talia recorded of Harry and her kissing. In Zombie 2Zig confronts Maya, and they begin fighting. Zig is angry at Maya for being with Harry and posting the video.

He asks why she would even want to be with that "tool" and Maya fights back, saying that she deleted it. Maya screams at him, saying she is sick of people telling her who to be. She then storms over to the dumpster, and throws her cello in it.

Zig tells her that her parents are going to flip. Maya says she doesn't care, that she's quitting, and she's done. Zig and Maya sit together outside the day after Maya's breakdown. Later Maya explains the fight and that she messed up. She says the worst thing was that she treated him like garbage. She almost leaves to get her cello back, but Zig says he fished it out of the dumpster.

They then hold hands The two taking comfort in each other. Maya says she doesn't know when that will be and Zig says that he will wait for her, after this Zig gets up and walks away, while Maya sits at the wall, both of them with a smile on their face. Season 13 Edit Zig glaring at Maya and Miles.

In SummertimeTristan mentions how two boys, referring to Zig and Cam, were fighting over Maya the previous school year. Miles asks how it ended, but Maya quickly ends the conversation subject. Maya glances over at him and Zig waves at her and she awkwardly waves back, leaving Zig in disappointment.

Zoe comes up to him and asks if it makes him sick. Zig doesn't seem to care and then tells her about how Maya promised she'd wait for him, but went with Miles instead.

Zoe tells him that she's going to teach her a lesson and Zig wishes her luck.

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In Barely Breathingwhen asked by Miles how many boys she's kissed, Maya answers three one of which was Zig. Zig shows up late just as Maya is required to have a partner to interview and there is no one left for her. The teacher asks if she has Zig and Maya in the "Rubber Room". Zig casually answers that he and Maya go "way back" as he puts his arm around her back, making Maya uncomfortable.

As Maya interviews Zig, she notices how he is acting more rebelliously than before. She asks what skills he has and he remarks, "stabbing people in the back" and begins acting out, no longer the goofy boy she knew once before. When Maya asks for him to work with her to prove they don't belong there, Zig says he is never getting out of there and begins acting out even more.