Yugi and anzu relationship

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yugi and anzu relationship

Téa Gardner, known as Anzu Mazaki (真(ま)崎(ざき) 杏(あん)子(ず) Mazaki Anzu) in the Japanese versions, is one of Yugi Muto's best friends. Téa does not . I told one of my fellow Yuugiou fans that I was wanting to write a fanfiction revolving around the relationship between Yuugi and Anzu. She said. Any romantic relationship between Yugi and Anzu would build upon the foundation of their friendship. In some ways, Anzu follows the archetype of the.

Shadi entered Anzu's soul room in an attempt to coax Dark Yugi into taking control of Yugi. Inside he saw items that represented Anzu's dream of becoming a dancer in New York and a photo of a hero, whose face was blank. Shadi redecorated her soul to use her in a Shadow Game against Dark Yugi. Anzu was suspended on a bridge of life supported by three ushebtiwhich break when a weakness is detected in Yugi's heart.

A fourth ushebti, which breaks when a weakness is detected in Shadi's heart, held the Millennium Key. Yugi's ushetbi breaking would result in Anzu being sent to her death, while breaking Shadi's would slide the Millennium Key to Anzu and return her to normal.

The rope from the fourth began to break, but Jonouchi appeared under the bridge and held it up. From Jonouchi's action and how Dark Yugi passed the last test, Shadi was surprised by how the friends help and support each other, causing his ushetbi to break and return Anzu to normal.

Yugi and Jonouchi helped Anzu back onto the building, after which Anzu and Jonouchi noticed Yugi had been acting different, but Dark Yugi relinquished control to Yugi when they approached him about this.

yugi and anzu relationship

She also lectured Kujirada on how he shouldn't disrespect other people's Digital Pets, because they aren't a hidden character, like his. Peachy later fells victim to Kujirada's pet after Kujirada swiped it from Anzu to feed it to his.

She then got a job at Kaiba Landwhere she had to work at the Stardust Shootout. Honda got Anzu to mind Johji, who disliked the boys, but admired Anzu in a perverted sense.

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The staff were unaware that Anzu was their friend, so she had been given a functional gun. Using her gun and hiding Johji on his back, Honda was able to take out the remaining opposition.

In exchange for Johji's help, Honda had promised him a bath with Anzu, which she outright refused. Anzu and her friends enter the Horror Zone for Death T Here they were greeted by Kaiba's butlerwho took them to the Electric Chair Ridewhich was to take them to the Murderer's Mansion. Anzu, Yugi, Jonouchi, Honda and the butler were strapped into electric chairs on the ride, while Johji sat on Anzu's lap. The butler controlled a series of terrors along the ride aimed at making the riders scream and if anyone screamed they would be electrocuted to death.

At one part of the ride, mechanical hands came out of Anzu's chair and groped her body, bringing her close to screaming. Seeing the danger Anzu was in, Johji got off her lap, crawled back to the butler and defecated his lap, causing him to scream and get electrocuted.

With the butler unable to control more terrors, the group arrived at the mansion safely. He warned them that the serial killer, the Chopmanwas in the mansion and pointed them to four holes in a wall.

He explained that each hole had a button at the opposite side and in order to escape they would have to put their hands in the holes and press the right switch. Anzu, Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda did so, but then had their hands strapped in place and were shown that they were now strapped to a guillotine, whose blade would drop after five minutes or if the wrong button was pressed. Yugi managed to solve the bllood puzzle just in time and told Anzu to press her button, freeing their hands.

The gang entered an empty room.

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As nothing happened for a while, Anzu, Yugi, Honda and Jonouchi reflected on how their lives had changed by meeting each other. Anzu asked them to hold out their hands as she drew a symbol of friendshipin the form of a smiley face, on them.

If they ended up taking separate paths in life, Anzu told them to remember the symbol and they would remember being friends. Having studied dance patterns, Anzu noticed a rhythm to how the blocks were falling. With this, she was able to predict where the next blocks were about to fall and warn the others.

Anzu "Téa Gardner" Mazaki

As the room filled up with blocks, the gang climbed up on top of them and passed Johji, who had fallen asleep around. Anzu, Yugi, Jonouchi and Johji made it out through a hole in the wall high above the ground, but Honda got trapped in and was left behind. Upset over what happened to Honda, Yugi admitted to Anzu and Jonouchi that he thought there was another Yugi inside him; Ever since he solved the Millennium Puzzle, there had been times when he blacked out and the other him took over.

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He had been afraid to tell his friends, as he feared they might leave him if they knew. However Anzu and Jonouchi promised that they would always be friends with Yugi. Jonouchi and Anzu were held there at gun point, during this stage. He imagined his friends being with him and was able to overcome his fear.

Anzu, Jonouchi and Johji were still held at gunpoint, until Honda showed up and saved them with the help of Mokuba. Initially it got no reading, suggesting that they were not romantically compatible. However, Tea just sees Yugi's prince self, Atli Ababwa, as nothing more than an egotistical jerk.

After Yugi talks with Tea, she comes to believe he's different, and that he's the boy she met, and they go on a date around the world by using Yugi's magician friend, Mahad.

Tea then figures out that Yugi is the boy she met, and Yugi, afraid that she won't like him if he's just a peasant, says that he just dresses as a peasant to take breaks from palace life, and the two snuggle. When Yugi tries to explain who he really is, Anubis returns and turns Yugi back into his peasant self, and Yugi, and his friends Joey and Tristan are sent away by Anubis as he makes Tea and Shimon his slaves.

Yugi then returns and defeats Anubis, and Shimon allows Tea to marry whoever she wants.

yugi and anzu relationship

Obviously, she chooses Yugi. The Return of Anubis - A month after the defeat of Anubis, after taking Rex's plunder and giving most of it to the poor people of Agrabah, Yugi gave Tea a jewel-encrusted rose. When Tea finds out that Yugi was hiding Bakura for hours before he's found, Tea runs out as she's hurt that Yugi lied to her again.

Yami and Bakura help mend the relationship by Bakura's use of reverse psychology and revealing that Yugi owed him for saving his life. High School Musical 4. Afterwards, Yugi's found out that Tea's been transferred to Domino High. After talking with Tea, they end up watching the auditions for the winter musical, and when Serenity ends up being bullied by Mai, Yugi and Tea encourage her, so Serenity shows them how the show was originally supposed to go.

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The whole school turns topsy-turvy when they hear about it, and Tea and Yugi's friends both team-up to break them up. They bag on Yugi until he says what they want to hear to shut them up, and they rig it, so Tea hears. Tea then breaks up with Yugi until Yugi explains things to her, so they, with their friends' support, do their call-back and get the parts. The two then party with the rest of their friends. Their relationship isn't really expanded upon after this.

She didn't know that the two Yugis were the same person as she had only heard his voice the first few times they encountered. When Anzu found out that Yami Yugi was Yugi's dark side, she tried getting into more trouble so she could spend more time with him. Anzu soon realised that this was hurting Yugi's feelings, so she decides to just stay friends for the time being.

According to a love tester, Yami Yugi would be a better match for Anzu than Yugi. After Yami Yugi prepared to ascend to the afterlife, Anzu was visibly upset at watching him go.