Yoh and anna relationship questions

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yoh and anna relationship questions

Problems arise when Anna is stolen by a demon, and Yoh has to save her. Yoh and Anna's relationship shows that you don't have to be all. Character Opinion: Yoh and Anna “ yippee-ki-yay-motherfucker asked you: ” “I read Most people claim they can only understand Yoh and Anna's relationship when they read .. (If people have questions, feel free to DM me. Anna and Yoh got a great relationship that most people just don't understand. .. :mad: If you want to ask any questions you can e-mail me at.

But he still smiled. In fact, now that I think about it, the choosing of the Spirit of Earth was a perfect fit for Yoh. And the use he made of it was even better: He attracts everyone, and provides them of solid ground — despite that airy head of his. Yoh saved her by showing her there was something to believe in, showing her that it was good to be different, that it was good to be strong, that she could be strong with him, that she could be herself around him, that he cared about her, that he would always help her, that he would give it all for her because she was worth it.

She was worth everything. Yoh saved her by showing her love. Even if you take it as a friendly love, or just someone caring for someone else, and for whatever reason, be it because they shared the same pain of rejection and fear, be it because he felt she needed his help, be it because they just felt like it.

They loved each other in that crucial moment, and their loved saved them both. By showing her love, she gave birth to love, as well — and, that way, he saved her, and she saved herself, too. Despite their relationship starting way too roughly and sudden, it grew and blossomed until they both realized they had fallen for each other which happened the same rough, sudden way, and that seems to be a trend with both of them, I mean, Hana.

They had both handed their lives to each other, they were going to marry and stay together forever, they both found it incredibly awkward and hard to explain, but, at the same time, they both felt it to be so right, there was no need for anything else. And that was, and still is, the cutest thing. And if you consider that spoiler alert becoming Shaman King was the same thing than dying, and that both Yoh and Anna had made their peace with it, well, gee.

She went on and on about being the future wife of the Shaman King, referring to Yoh, and always knowing he would die if that happened? If Yoh won, he was going to die. They would never see each other again. It was something they had both agreed upon. They would enjoy while they could, and that was it.

It was for the greater good, after all. And, Yoh, in fact, would make sure everyone had an easy life, as he had already set his will to do, by being alone and worried himself.

yoh and anna relationship questions

And she made sure he had those balls, lol. And, boy, did she know about hell. He promised her a beautiful life, with no fear, because he would make sure of it, ergo, he had to become stronger. He had saved her, and now she would make sure they could both remain safe.

yoh and anna relationship questions

She was going to be there for him. She was going to be the goddess and the devil. In a shortly following scene, Yoh is outside talking to Manta, and holding what seems to be a can of hot chocolate exactly like the one he bought for Anna.

He holds it very tenderly, and seems to linger on it. If anyone knows this is for certain, please let me know! In another episode, a low-level female villain has the ability to turn her spirit-ally into the form of whatever person her enemy most wishes to see. It is different for different characters, but the form she takes for Yoh is that of Anna, proving that he does indeed want to see her again, even more so than his best friend Manta.

Obviously, he was thanking her for allowing him to see Anna again. Anna and Yoh are soon reunited in the series, and their relationships picks back up where it left off. They can sit for long hours without even speaking, and seem to have an uncanny understanding of one another. Hao views humans as disgusting weaklings, and even many Shamans who do not meet his standards of power. Hao is very picky with his company, only surrounding himself with the most powerful of Shamans.

After Anna defeats his guardian-spirits who were watching over his book which detailed his techniquesHao wonders who in Japan could have done such a thing. When he meets her for the first time, he instantly figures out that it was she who defeated them.

His interest was piqued. Anna was bold when she walked right up to him, assuring him that Yoh would never join him and that Yoh, not he, would be Shaman King.

While others cowered before Hao, terrified of his power, Anna looked him right in the eye and told him exactly what she thought. It was during their first meeting that the single most important occurrence in their relationship happened.

Hao teleports directly behind Anna, and she whirls around to slap him, as she slaps anyone else who questions her. It is possible that he intended to kiss her considering he was leaning in so closebut Anna suddenly slaps him with her left hand, surprising everyone.

For once, he was thrown off-guard.

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Instead of retaliating, as he normally does, he simply leaves. Their relationships is somewhat rocky, but always interesting. I, for one, believe Hao has romantic interest in her.

At the very least, he is fascinated by her and impressed that she does not fear him. Anna, on the other hand, is far too devoted to Yoh to even consider Hao is a possible romantic partner. However, if Yoh were to die or utterly reject her both are highly unlikely in the seriesI think she would rethink Hao.

The only difference is that Hao has longer hair and very different fashion sense.

yoh and anna relationship questions

Also, she seems to like boys who are easy-going and laid-back. Hao has these traits too. I personally prefer the pairing of YohxAnna, though HaoxAnna is like a dirty little pleasure I like to explore in fanfiction and fanart. On the surface, Anna views Manta as a nuisance and he is terrified of her.

yoh and anna relationship questions

But their relationship is much sweeter than they let on. These two are actually good friends, linked together by their common affection for Yoh. But Anna also cares about him as her own friend.

While Yoh is in America, Anna tells Manta he can come and visit her whenever he likes of course, she has him cleaning and working around the house, but I believe she simply enjoyed having him around as well.

Manta does visit often, as every time we see him while Yoh is away, he is with Anna. They also travel to America together to help Yoh. These two have a very nice friendship. They help each other out and they have a very important friend in common Yoh. The fact that they get along fairly well is great.

Also, Manta always feels welcome there, so he can hang around with Yoh all he wants. These two have a very simple relationship. Ryu respects Anna and views her as a very important figure. For her part, Anna seems to have a certain amount of respect for Ryu in return. I suppose they could be considered friends they never actually argue or even disagree. Anna and Ren do not have a whole lot of contact throughout the series, but they do seem to respect each other. Ren is one of the few males that Anna does not browbeat on a regular basis.

Ren, who is notorious for insulting others, has never insulted Anna directly, and even gave her encouragement in the final battle when Yoh was believed dead.

Character Opinion: Yoh and Anna

This scene demonstrated that Anna welcomed Ren to their home anytime he wanted to visit. Since no one else was home, they had to have talked a little while waiting for Yoh to get back. In my opinion, these two can get along despite Ren being somewhat hard to get along with and feel pretty comfortable with each other. These two have a very humorous relationship.

yoh and anna relationship questions

Horo Horo takes a lot of abuse from Anna, perhaps more then Manta or Yoh. In their first meeting in the manga, Anna punches Horo Horo out for making fun of the outfit she made for Yoh.