Wuthering heights catherine and hareton relationship

Catherine and Heathcliff vs Cathy and Hareton

wuthering heights catherine and hareton relationship

In ''Wuthering Heights'' by Emily Bronte, Cathy and Hareton are cousins from a In this lesson, we will examine their relationship through quotes in the story. Hareton Earnshaw is a character in Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights. He is the son of When Cathy Linton comes to Wuthering Heights sixteen years later, Hareton has not changed, but it is apparent that he sees Cathy and Hareton's relationship changes when, eventually, Cathy decides to help him with his secret. Wuthering Heights Essay Rewrite: Within the novel Wuthering Heights, written One such complex relationship is between Hareton Earnshaw and Catherine.

This quote shows how there is an underlying connection between them; Hareton and Catherine begin to show similar characteristics in their relationship that Heathcliff and Cathy had in theirs, and this foreshadows how the relationship will end up.

The next interaction between the two is one day when Catherine meets Hareton and Heathcliff while on a stroll; Heathcliff makes it clear that Hareton is not his son.

It is then insisted that she must come to Wuthering Heights to meet his son who she has met before, Linton. As Hareton and Catherine run off to play, Linton stays in seclusion as he is feeble and weak.

Hareton Earnshaw

The notion of Catherine running away with Hareton shows her natural tendencies and attraction for Hareton, because he allows her to be free and expressive. Ultimately, the two characters seem to be brought together by fate.

wuthering heights catherine and hareton relationship

In order for Hareton and Catherine to come together, they have to overcome many obstacles. The first problem that they run into is after Catherine is enlightened to the fact that Hareton is her cousin, she is disgusted by him.

wuthering heights catherine and hareton relationship

This quote describes how Catherine thinks of Hareton as a peasant or a servant and this devastates Hareton. The next problem that their relationship has is that Catherine is being forcibly courted by Linton, at the hand of his father.

Heathcliff will do anything in order to fulfill his revenge, and thus will do anything to push the marriage between Catherine and Linton.

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An example of this is when Heathcliff literally kidnaps Catherine and refuses to let her leave Wuthering Heights until she agrees to marry Linton. It is obvious that Heathcliff is a major problem, preventing the love between Catherine and Hareton from materializing. Catherine realizes that Linton is vastly more educated than Hareton and that she can live a more refined lifestyle with Linton.

Linton causes Hareton to feel great shame about his social and educational standing.

wuthering heights catherine and hareton relationship

A prime example of this is when Hareton and Catherine have run off, and Linton finds them standing below the inscription carved above the door. This is the moment where Catherine seems to push away from Hareton, and lean towards Linton. Also not helping the situation is the declining health of Linton, as this draws Catherine more emotionally towards Linton and it completely devastates her.

All the while, Hareton is barely mentioned, and later revealed that he has been teaching himself to read and write his own name, in an attempt to impress Catherine. Hareton forms an attraction to Cathy, but she dismisses it with disgust, insisting that he is a mindless, rude beast of a man.

Relationship between Hereton and Cathy in Wuthering Heights?

This only continues after Cathy's husband, Linton Heathcliff, dies, and Cathy becomes accustomed to the terror of Wuthering Heights. She grows just as rude and cold as its inhabitants, and, whenever Hareton expresses any amount of regard or tenderness towards her, she spurns it.

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Cathy and Hareton's relationship changes when, eventually, Cathy decides to help him with his secret self-education by teaching him how to read and talk properly. At first Hareton is uneasy about this, suspecting some patronising trickery, but it soon comes to be that the two fall in love. Heathcliff thus allows his emotions to take him over, and, because of his secret regard for Hareton who in many ways resembles himhis sudden indifference about his enemies' destruction and his increasingly overwhelming desire to be with his soul mate Catherine Earnshaw, he lets the two continue their romance.

Hareton is deeply hurt by his subsequent death, because he views Heathcliff as his true father. He kisses his corpse relentlessly, digging the grave with tears spilling down his cheeks.

As Nelly points out, "poor Hareton, the most wronged, was the only one who really suffered much" for Heathcliff's demise: He sat by the corpse all night, weeping in bitter earnest.

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He pressed its hand, and kissed the sarcastic, savage face that every one else shrank from contemplating; and bemoaned him with that strong grief which springs naturally from a generous heart, though it be tough as tempered steel. At the close of Wuthering Heights, Cathy and Hareton plan to live in Thrushcross Grange and marry on New Year's Day, adding a sense of the happy ending to an otherwise dark story.

Description[ edit ] Hareton is a broad-shouldered, strong man, with dark hair.