Woody and jordan relationship

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woody and jordan relationship

So I am occasionally watching reruns of Crossing Jordan and since I am not a die hard fan I am wondering about the relationship situation. Detective Woody Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell) - Crossing Jordan. Heather Munden .. Roxy & Trevor, Army Wives A relationship like. Komal Meera · T.V. Army Wives. This thread is dedicated to Jordan Cavanaugh and Woodrow Hoyt from Crossing Jordan. banner made by Dingbat Jordan/Woody shippers list.

I do things I wouldn't do in real life. In real life, I'm too concerned about being impolite. I don't want to step on people's toes. Jordan just lets things fly. You used to support yourself by playing guitar and singing in the subway.

woody and jordan relationship

What kind of songs do you sing to your 2-year-old son, Marco? Right now he's into Green Day. I sing a lot of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I've got to get him to play harmonica. A toddler backing you up on harmonica? That's an unsettling image. Do you whip out the guitar at parties? I just played at a Project Angel Food benefit. Michael Chiklis The Shield called me about it. He's a good friend and a great singer. After the first act, I was telling Chiklis, "Look, dude, let's tie some bedsheets together and go out the window.

Woodrow Hoyt

I got a long round of applause, which was very nice. Gillian and I were friends. She gave me a ride back from the audition in the convertible she rented. We were listening to Nina Simone when she said, "I don't know if I'm supposed to tell anybody, but they just told me that I got the part.

I'm, you know, disappointed for myself but very happy for you. He leaves her puzzling clues, including the ghost fingerprint that showed up at her mother's murder. This leads to him breaking his ten-year silence to make a deal: But though Jordan does have Redding cleared of the crime, their deal turns tragic when Jordan finally frees Redding and follows his final clue to a cabin in the middle of the woods. She and Woody discover that Redding truly had murdered his wife and his two children, who were found in the floorboards of the cabin.

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Devastated, Jordan returns to the morgue, where Macy puts her on a one-month suspension for her vigilante actions. Refusing to be suspended, Jordan instead resigns, and is seen packing a bag with a gun in the top.

woody and jordan relationship

When Woody arrives, she reveals that she plans to pursue Redding, and he expresses severe concern for her deteriorating mental state. He offers to help her find him, pleading to remain her friend, but Jordan leaves anyway. Having been stalking Herman Redding, she attempts to confront him in his home. But after she chases a man whom she takes for Redding down an alley, she herself is arrested. Though none other than her friend Woody Hoyt bails her out, he displays animosity toward her obsession and reveals that her father is under investigation for his involvement in the Redding case, off which Jordan "blew the lid.

He had only found a car which had contained a file, inside which the fingerprint had been. Woody arrives and shoots Redding four times in the chest, killing him and saving Jordan's life, but getting Woody himself into disciplinary trouble for his part in the unorthodox investigation. When Jordan returns, Macy assigns her to a skeletal case to keep her occupied and out of the public eye, which leads to a strange discovery. The Purgatory Killer struck once fifteen years ago, and this was his first victim.

She hands over her evidence to Lorraine Toussaint in exchange for a favor--having the D. Nigel Townsend also reveals that the keys found on Redding belong to a car which Jordan recalls her father having once owned--it may be the car of which Redding spoke.

Jordan investigates and finds that the key does not match her father's car. She also clears Woody's name when he is accused of using excessive force in " Payback. Jordan's grandmother tells her that it was her father who opened a rift in the family, to which Max responds that her mother's side of the family had done them no good, and that he did it to protect Jordan.

Max also warns Woody about getting involved with Jordan, to which Woody pays no mind. Jordan also questions her faith in humanity when, in " One Twelve ," she finds that a man whom she has been comforting had bombed an entire building, killing many people and putting the medical examiners in danger. When the car breaks down, they share their first kiss by the light of the fire. She later has to rescue him from a paranoid man who believes himself to be an alien.

Woody refuses to put the kiss off as nothing, and decides that they should rule nothing out. Jordan wants to put up a wall before anyone gets hurt. They share their second kiss under the Hollywood sign; just 'one for the road. In the two-part season finale, Jordan locates the car of which Redding had spoken, which supposedly holds information on her mother, or her mother's body.

Jordan's obsession with finding her mother's killer has begun spiraling out of control, which worries Lily Lebowski.

Jordan & Woody

Jordan also has nightmares about what she may find in the trunk, featuring a half-brother she had never known existed. She asks Lily to stay with her, knowing that it is a mere matter of time before the car is compacted. When Lily gives Jordan a piece of advice the other would rather not hear, Jordan sends Lily away, only to experience more nightmares.

She eventually gives the car key to Lily, but not till after telling her why her favorite odor is that of cinnamon toast--it was also her mother's favorite odor. She reveals that she is unsure about everything and equates herself to the wolf-man, doomed to harm those around her.

Max shows up and apologizes to Jordan for his obsessive behavior after her mother's murder. Jordan also finds that the man she had hired to find the car was not the one who had told her about it, leaving a mystery to unravel. Lily finds that the key is missing, and Jordan goes after the car on her own. Though she fails to find her mother, Jordan does find the body of Boston Police Detective Carl Jeffers in the trunk of the old car.

Detective Jeffers had disappeared mysteriously in Jordan removes a gun from the scene and asks Peter Winslow to look at it, but he instead turns it in to the D.

Macy bans Jordan from the case. Jordan's half-brother, James Hortontells her that Carl Jeffers had been sent to kill him, and that James had only killed him in self-defense. James asks to stay with Jordan. Jordan confronts Maulden, but is drugged and left in an alley. Woody follows the sound of gunfire to Jordan's apartment, where Max is standing over Tom Maulden's dead body.

The season ends with Max pointing his gun at Woody. Jordan's father is on the run. Jordan goes to Woody for help, but he arrests her when she enters his office, coincidentally right after she asks him for help. He refuses to believe that she even has even so much as a half-brother, because only she and her father have ever seen James. Woody later reveals that he allowed Max to get away, and Jordan tells him that James is responsible for Maulden's death.

In order to clear her father's name, they will have to locate James. Their investigation into James's whereabouts lead to him abducting Jordan and taking her to the top of an apartment building to show her where he had "grown up. Max comes to Jordan later and she demands to know if anything he had told her is true.

Instead of answering her question, he tells her that he loves her, and that that is the only thing that is important.

woody and jordan relationship

In the second episode of the season, presumably after the events of the last episode, Jordan again reveals her passion for justice when, serving on jury duty, she refuses to agree with the other venire jurors on a case with misleading forensic evidence. Her denial leads to the true killer and exonerates the accused. She also uncovers corruption in a high school after a police officer is accused of killing a student with only one blow to the abdomen.

Season Four Edit Jordan begins this season in a multi-car pile-up in the Ted Williams Tunnel, where she outwits a gem-smuggler and saves the lives of Dr.

Mahesh "Bug" Vijay and a dying woman, in addition to her own.

woody and jordan relationship

She also bonds with a murder suspect in the episode " Out of Sight ," much to Woody's displeasure and disapproval, as he believes the agoraphobic artist to be guilty.

But in clearing the artist's name, Jordan puts herself in the path of the true killer, prompting Woody to come to her rescue. In the episode " Intruded ," Jordan returns home from a night of dancing with Woody to find a man, armed with a knife, in her apartment.

He demands that she take her clothes off, but makes no attempt to assault her. He instead rifles through her possessions and takes only one item, a locket that had belonged to her mother. Though Jordan refuses to tell anyone of this encounter, determined to solve it on her own, she does eventually open up to Howard Stilesa psychiatrist who works with the morgue staff. Assessing that she has now reached the same age as her mother was when she was murdered, he says that she is trying to blame herself for what was essentially only a random event.

She wants control, he remarks, of what is happening to her, and he points out the cut on her hand, which resulted from her attempt to fight back. This indicates, he explains, that she has a will to live. Woody also comforts her by returning her mother's locket, and the two of them share a hug.

Jordan also faces her past in the episode " Deja Past ," where the 'spooky old house' from her childhood is the scene of an old woman's death. The woman had been the object of superstitions among the local kids, as she had been accused of killing her husband and secreting his body somewhere in the house.

Determined to solve this ancient murder, Jordan uncovers a shocking secret: The couple had a mentally handicapped son who had lived in the attic. Coming downstairs one day to see his father striking his mother, he had killed his father and his mother had hidden this to protect her son. Jordan goes to the ward where the old man has been undergoing treatment for many years and gives him a picture of him and his mother.

In the fifth episode, Jordan travels to the Deep South to solve a murder committed forty years ago. Jordan finds that the original documents on the murder, which the victim's son had provided, are shoddy and incomplete. Exposed to the deeply racist past of a small Mississippi town, which obviously disgusts her, she finds that a handful of intoxicated cops had covered up the entire case, and that she will never be able to prove anything.

Still, Jordan gives a passionate speech to the now-elderly murderer, urging him to apologize to the victim's wife, which is all she the wife wants. She also tells him that she will only be leaving at the request of the victim's family, and that they care about his elderly wife, who needs such constant attention that his arrest would deprive her of her only caretaker, and leave no one else to take care of her in that case.

She offers to drive him to the home to apologize, thereby giving the victim's wife the only thing she had wanted. Jordan again comes close to death in the episode " It Happened One Night ," where a released mobster seeks revenge on her father and his old friends.

She finds that he actually seeks the money the group of cops had supposedly stolen, and she discovers that the culprit is a man she often refers to as her uncle. Jordan also comes to Nigel's rescue in the episode " Forget Me Not ," in which she helps her longtime friend investigate the overnight disappearance of his girlfriend's daughter. After Woody is shot in the season finale, Jordan confesses her love for him on his way into the operating room, but he questions it when he awakens.

He believes her merely to be taking pity on him, and he sends her away harshly. When he awakens again, she still awaits him. Woody again tells Jordan that when he had said he did not want to see her, he had meant it.

Crossing Jordan - Jordan and Woody ever got together? Which episode?

Moreover, he still does not want to see her. She finally snaps when Slocum insults Macy, and she fearlessly tears him down until Sydney pulls her away. She also attempts to help Woody when he is suspected of killing the man who shot him in season four.

Though he has been cruel to her in the past months, he pleads with her to clear his name. He admits to having been messed up lately, acting more rashly and caring less for the people involved and more for the actual catching of the criminals. She manages to exonerate Woody and see that Slocum leaves and Macy returns. In the third episode, Jordan again goes above and beyond the call of duty in pursuit of two missing boys.

Though sick enough to motivate Macy to bid her go home and rest, she disregards him and journeys into the forest in the middle of a storm, following a lead to an old mine vent. She slips in and finds herself trapped with the boys, though her presence is the only reason for their survival.

She breaks down the wall between them and removes a bullet from one of their chests. Knowing that none of them will ever get back out where she had fallen in, she uses the pressure of the water in the pipes to burst the cave-in and guide them to freedom.

Macy and the rest of the morgue crew hear one of the boys banging on the bars keeping them from escaping, and all three are rescued. Jordan had single-handedly saved the boys's lives, as well as her own, while the others apprehended the murderer responsible for the deaths of the third boy and an innocent woman.

Jordan defies orders again when she finds that an inmate's death was preventable. Visiting the prison, she discovers a filthy understaffed and under-supplied facility, which prompts her to wage war on the independent company that provides the service.

Alas, her efforts prove futile, as the company manages to hide what it has done, working too fast along those lines for Jordan to be able to obtain any proof of its wrongdoing. In the course of this crusade, Jordan first meets J. Pollackan investigative reporter who had sneaked into the morgue to take illegal pictures of a body.

He becoms the outlet through whom Jordan wages her case. Pollack calls on Jordan again in the very next episode, drawing her into a cult world. With Pollack's cocky attitude egging him on, Woody remains hostile toward Jordan. Jordan decides to go undercover with Pollack to solve the case, and they find that a cult leader had poisoned his own son, leading to his death. After the case, Pollack shows up at Jordan's door and the two share a passionate kiss.

Jordan wakes up in bed with Pollack. He brings her coffee, shocking her with the gesture. She seems pleased by it, and the two of them occupy themselves with morning sex.

She gives Pollack a ride to Woody's most recent crime scene, which Woody, who remains hostile towards the reporter, does not fail to notice. He attempts to mislead Pollack by identifying the wrong murder weapon to him. Though Jordan dismisses Pollack, she later catches up with him and admits that she was afraid because she was too close to him. The two reconcile with a kiss and walk off together.

In the fateful tenth episode " Loves Me Not ," Jordan and Woody are called to investigate a murder at a bed-and-breakfast. Woody is very hostile toward Pollack before they leave, taunting him about spending time with Jordan. Pollack gets him back by kissing Jordan in the hall.