Warm bodies and julie first meet quotes

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warm bodies and julie first meet quotes

Warm Bodies book quote Love Movie, Movie Tv, The Body Book, Body . Warm Bodies- R and Julie in the Balcony Scene (Reminds me of Romeo and "I was dead inside until I met you. Warm Warm Bodies _ First sentence from the book. Warm Bodies Quotes. Julie: No, I'm serious, Nora. I mean, "Corpse" is just It's just a stupid name that we came up with for a state of being that. quotes from Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1): 'I want to change my punctuation. I long for exclamation Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies Who kissed the first kiss, and if it was any good.” . “But I'm not afraid of the skeletons in Julie's closet.

Earn Your Happy Ending: It takes a while, but R and Julie's effort to show General Grigio that not all zombies are mindless and that they can become human again works out, and the surviving humanity gradually help zombies recovering their humanity, while the zombies, in turn, help them destroy the Boneys, who are past recovering. In the end, humanity and zombies coexist peacefully, and it's implied that all zombies will eventually recover.

Also, aside from Perry, nobody else of significance died in the movie. Even General Grigio is Spared by the Adaptation. Eat Brain for Memories: Zombies hunger for brains because they experience the memories when they do, which is the closest they can come now to feeling alive. Besides feeling love, that is. The zombies and R and Julie versus the Boneys and Julie's father's security force, the former of whom try to learn to live again, while the Boneys aren't concerned with anything but eating people, and the Army doesn't realize that the zombies are regaining their humanity back, and are far, far too used to desperate survivalism and corpses trying to eat them.

Emotions also are the first step to reversing zombification.

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Fate Worse than Death: Being a zombie isn't fun if you have anything resembling a conscience. Taken Up to Eleven with the zombies themselves actively trying to avoid Boneys.

Mark triggers a memory while staring at a picture of a couple holding hands. This is important because before now zombies had almost no recollection of their past. Food Chain of Evil: The dynamic between zombies and Boneys has shades of this. Boney's are noticeably feared by the regular undead and openly antagonistic towards them throughout.

As the movie progresses they begin fighting zombies regaining their humanity, attacking them en masse, in an apparent bid to maintain the status quo. Nora starts questioning R on what it's like being a zombie as soon as she meets him. The humans see zombies as just animalistic monsters, but R desperately tries to dispel this fact. And in the end, the Boneys, who really are bloodthirsty animals, are all destroyed.

R lampshades it, acknowledging that what essentially is genocide is screwed up, but there could be nothing done for the Boneys, who are too far gone to be saved. Zombies, given enough time and recollections of their past lives and possibly brainswill eventually become conscious enough to resist Horror Hunger and enough to protect loved ones from other zombies. They begin to develop empathy, as well. This leads to M, who initially tried to get R to eat Julie, to save him from Boneys, and manages to awaken enough zombies to lead a horde to rescue the human survivors from the Boneys.

R is conscious enough to know that eating people is wrong in the beginning, but on top of zombification having a constant, driving hunger, zombies have to eat to survive.

warm bodies and julie first meet quotes

R, at least, eats the brains to ensure that his victims are spared undeath and because they are the best part, they make you feel human againwhich kicks off the plot. Julie turns out to be the catalyst for the zombies regaining their humanity, first with R, and then R spreading it to his fellow Corpses. In Love with Your Carnage: Even before R eats Perry's brains, he's a bit smitten with Julie when he sees her fighting off zombies with a shotgun.

Done to a degree by the Corpses. As they regain their humanity, they are given the option to bury it, run away, or try to get help from the living who they can BARELY communicate with. They take the last option and manage to survive despite the prejudice that exists in the living. Left the Background Music On: Julie doesn't find it funny. R, who self-deprecates near-constantly and hands out details on the apocalypse. He'd be articulate if his rotted, decayed, hungry brain didn't get in the way of coherent, conscious thoughts.

The movie excises a number of darker moments from the books, most significantly by sparing General Grigio, and keeping R from killing any of the Living after Perry's death.

Perry's debraining and thus permanent death is also treated as a mercy by R's rationalizing internal narration see Horror Hungerrather than falling to the hunger for emotions as in the book. Lipstick and Load Montage: Done by Nora and Julie to R, in order for him to look human enough to get to the General to warn him of the large horde of approaching Boneys, and that the corpses want to help.

At the start of the film, R says that he's lonely, and lost. Literally, he's never been to that part of the airport before. Halfway through the film, as Julie and R make their way towards the Wall, Julie and R share a tender night together, and Julie admits that R is one of the nicest people she's met since the Zombie Apocalypse.

This prompts R to admit what happened with Perry and and Julie takes off in the morning, leaving a hurt R to wander back towards his home, wishing he was truly undead, so he didn't have to feel loss and sorrow and getting dumped. M showing up and telling him that the Boneys are massing and heading for the survivor compound makes him realize he was foolish, and he heads back for the compound.

How the girls disguise R as a human. As my friends and I try to devour you and your friends! The zombie protagonist explains about the Identity Amnesia he has; the most he can recall from before "waking up" as a zombie, is that he thinks his name used to start with an "R". Zombies don't actively attack each other, but Boneys can and will, if only to intimidate. Even then, they don't do much but shriek at zombies with a bit of life in them threateningly, or pin them to the ground.

This is especially weird as Boneys eat their own flesh, meaning they should find other zombies appealing. Not Using the "Z" Word: Zombies are referred to as "corpses," "boneys" and "skeletons" depending on the type and who's speaking. However the word zombie is used a handful of times. Julie jokingly calls R "Mr. Zombie" before asking for his name, Marcus refers to his stiff fingers as "zombie-fingers" and R does at one point call himself a "dead-eyed zombie".

Plus there's a Shout-Out to the film Zombie. Our Zombies Are Different: Zombies are mostly patterned after Romero's: They can also use tools. They appear to be able to think rationally as time goes on, they realize old features of their past life. Their fondness for eating brains, which eases the pain of being dead, comes from Dan O'Bannon's Return of the Living Dead spin-off.

As far as intelligence, they are capable of complex internal thought, but their capacity to act on those thoughts is limited. There are also Boneys, who have apparently surrendered to despair, rip off all their skin, and become completely monstrous. It's eventually revealed that fleshy zombies can come back to life with the Power of Love.


The Power of Love: What makes zombies come back to life. Played for laughs, as R and M lead a zombie horde This could take a while. Used twice by M. Both times, it's used for humour and to demonstrate how the zombies are growing in linguistic skills and becoming more human. The first time is when he meets up with R after Julie leaves: Fireteam Bravo 3 on a PSP. Though, he is playing on Mission 2 but says he is close to reaching "Level 5".

Nora is dark-skinned in the books. In the movie, she's played by a white woman. Like in the book, R pretends to be one of the living and straight up walks right into the quarantine zone and goes to the house of the local General Ripper to meet Julie. The living have a shoot-on-sight order on Corpses. The Corpses are regaining their humanity, but are still unable to talk coherently. Their choices are to bury their humanity and join the Boneys, to hide, or to ask the living for help. They then proceed to start an all out suicidal war against the superior Boneys and help the living.

The platoon of soldiers that run across them are so confused by the sight that they are unable to bring themselves to shoot. They heard news that one of their soldiers was saved by a Corpse from Boneys. One the Boneys is thrown from the fight and the only thing they can agree on is to kill ones like it.

M then walks up to them while the battle is still raging and non-nonchalantly says "hi" to them.

warm bodies and julie first meet quotes

They are so taken aback from the surreal situation that they spare the Corpses and help them with the Boneys. An airport loudspeaker continues to announce that the white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. Also Zombie is found by Julie in R's hideout. R and Julie fall a good two dozen stories into the water.

warm bodies and julie first meet quotes

Julie emerges completely uninjured because R was on the bottom. R is merely knocked unconscious for a brief moment, still being dead. Spared by the Adaptation: General Grigio survives the ending confrontation and does not succumb to Boniefication as he does in the book. On the road, R runs into M and some other zombies who have been chased out by the Boneys. The zombies have been changing like R, and experiencing things such as dreams and old memories.

The soldiers let him in, and R sneaks through the stadium following Julie's scent to her house. R sees Julie on her balcony, and they reunite. R also meets Nora, Julie's best friend. With no other options, the girls let him stay the night, and R has another Perry dream.

The next morning, the girls give R a major make-over to make him look human, and take him on a tour of the city. They take him to the cemetery where they visit the grave of Julie's mother, and Julie tells him how her mother died.

While there, R finds Perry's grave, and has a waking vision of Perry. By now, it's become apparent that some form of Perry's soul is living inside R, and has intertwined with R's own. Perry warns him of the changes to come, saying R needs to take control or be swept away. The vision ends, and the three of them leave the cemetery. After a tense run-in with Julie's father, Grigio, they take him to a pub where Julie spikes their drinks with real alcohol, and R gets drunk.

He goes for a walk to clear his head, but runs into a soldier who realizes what he is, forcing R to attack him. As R begins eating him, he regains control and stops, causing the soldier to reanimate as a zombie. R runs back to Julie, and finally tells her that he killed Perry.

The Dead soldier is found and killed, but Grigio orders a widespread search to find the second zombie. He arrives at the house, deduces what R really is, and attacks him despite Julie's protests. Nora holds a gun to Grigio, and Julie and R escape from the stadium. Outside, the crowd of zombies has grown.

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What Julie and R have between them has infected many others, causing them to change. As they deliberate on what to do next, the Boneys attack. R and Julie flee back to the stadium in the hopes that the Living will kill them off, but the Boneys quickly gather in huge numbers, more than any have ever seen.

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Julie is astounded by the siege, but Perry speaks to both of them inside their heads, and tells them that it's because the Boneys are afraid of the change they represent.

The couple meets up with Nora, and they flee to a roof where they see the battle between the Boneys and the Living. As they watch, Julie has an epiphany: In the midst of the chaos and bloodshed, R and Julie do the only thing they can think of: The strength of their love cures R of the plague completely and their eyes turn gold. Suddenly, the moment is interrupted by Grigio, who is quickly descending into madness.

Grigio tries to kill them, but one of his soldiers intervenes, and Grigio nearly falls off the roof. A Boney appears, and begins eating Grigio, who has finally given up.

Julie shoots it, and both fall off the roof as Grigio shrivels away into a pile of dust and bones. The fight on the roof somehow causes the Boneys to give up, and they disperse. After the battle, the Living decide to give the reviving Dead a chance, and let them try to assimilate into their society. They still have a long way to go, but it's a start.

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Reviews[ edit ] Paste Magazine said, "Marion explores the meaning of humanity through R's journey towards personhood, a tale that gets grander in scale as his empathy builds and the book's true villains—cynicism, apathy and status quo—are revealed. Warm Bodies film Actor Nicholas Hoult stars as the zombie R in the feature film adaptation, written and directed by Jonathan Levine and released in February The primary residence of humans was in a city barred with walls.

The official movie poster where in R was giving Julie a bunch of flowers is not included in the movie but happened in the novel. There were also cut-scenes that were not included in the officially released movie that changed the flow of the story.

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