Up ellie and carl relationship quiz

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up ellie and carl relationship quiz

If you and your significant other love Disney·Pixar movies, then you need to know which Disney·Pixar couple you are. From famous love songs to fairy tale weddings, take the quiz to find out how well you know classic Disney romances! Disney Couples Up; 4. What does young Carl swear he'll do for his childhood sweetheart Ellie?*. Marry her; Work with her . Disney UpDisney CouplesDisney StuffCouples QuizUp Carl And ElliePlaybuzz QuizzesShort OfBeautiful ChildrenPixar Up Quotes. More information. Article by.

up ellie and carl relationship quiz

Will tells him how they escaped the hospital and everyone rushes over to see Edward off. Everyone is happy and smiling.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Disney Couples?

He told his dad how he pulled a wedding ring out of his mouth and transform into a catfish. Question 18 Did you cry during the final scene of Pocahontas? Yes No Have not seen it John Smith is returning back to Britain to mend his wounds and he must say goodbye to Pocahontas. He insists on staying but Pocahontas tells him he is needed there.

They wave to each other while John Smith is pulled away on a boat by his crew. She was still conscious enough to give her husband her last goodbye, telling him that she was just taking a walk before dinner.

He and my mama wrapped him up in my baseball jacket. They buried him out under the elm tree, they said. For he really lay buried in my heart. Unfortunately during this incident the dog becomes infected.

Robert knows what he has to do and it is painful to watch as he sings softly to his loyal friend.

up ellie and carl relationship quiz

And in doing so she fatally injures herself. Little Foot watches his mother pass away right after she tells him to go to the Great Valley. Ralph accepts it sorrowfully because he knows he needs to stop her from racing in order to save her life.

Yes No Have not seen it Jane is demanding that Stephen comes outside with her to play crochet. Finally he storms outside and starts to play although his muscle disorder is causing him to limp and wobble. Jane watches all of this and realizes how badly his condition is wearing on him.

Yes No Have not seen it All Quasimodo wanted was to be just like everyone else but his deformities prevented that. He sneaks out of this sanctuary to attend the Feast of Fools. However, the crowd sees him and ties him up and crowns him the King of Fools.

up ellie and carl relationship quiz

Yes No Have not seen it Did you happen to catch the part where the waters started flooding all the corridors of this beautiful ship? Mothers sang to their children. Some people, without knowing where to go, resigned themselves to their fate.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Disney Couples?

Couples huddled together, devastated by what they were witnessing. Yes No Have not seen it This is when the little boy finally gets his mom to believe he has special abilities. He tells her about his grandma her mom how she sometimes watches them. His mom asked if she makes her mom proud. As her baby spiders hatch from the nest and flow away with the wind, Wilbur tries to run after them.

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We are left to think that all of her babies abandoned him but the 3 littlest spiders stay with him. Yes No Have not seen it Beast suffers a stab from Gaston and it nearly kills him. Belle rushes over to him and holds him while professing her love for him just as the last petal of the cursed rose falls.

up ellie and carl relationship quiz

Her declaration of love breaks the curse and turns everyone back into their original human form. It shows how happy they used to be together before the girl grew up and stopped playing with dolls. The song that goes along with it is heartbreaking as well. Yes No Have not seen it Jess felt a tremendous amount of guilt when he found out his best friend drowned when he was out with his favorite teacher.

Quiz: Which Disney Pixar Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

He felt like he could have saved her. At first he runs away and denies but eventually the painful news settles and he tries to rebuild Terabithia with his little sister. Near the end of the movie Jesse asks Winnie to drink from the water of youth so that they can live forever together. He mourns over her life yet is happy that she had a good one.

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Yes No Have not seen it Chuck winds up marooned on an island all by himself. To keep his sanity in check, he draws a crude smiley face on a volleyball and names it Wilson.

While trying to escape the island in a raft he build, Wilson becomes untethered and floats away while Chuck screams his friends name as they float further and further apart. Her mice friends find this out and make her a dress from things they find around the house.

up ellie and carl relationship quiz

Her stepsisters claim parts of her dress belong to them and rip her dress apart. In a fit of despair, Cinderella finds a bench to cry on alone. We watch Carl cherish a simple yet special and meaningful little grape soda bottle cap given by Ellie in their youth, and throughout their time together and even after her death, he treasures this simple object with all of his heart because of the fact that his true love had gifted him it.

In my opinion, they have such a pure and heartwarming relationship full of joy and happiness for the time that they were together. Carl never stopped loving and treasuring Ellie even after her decease. She was his true love, and Carl was hers. Carl cherishes everything that reminds him of Ellie and wishes to carry out and succeed in accomplishing their goal in life of reaching Paradise Falls and living their together.

Along the way, of course, we see him learn to let go of his past and have a new adventure and appreciate the surrounding people who care about him like Russell, Kevin and Dug. Despite Carl learning this new lesson of going out to have a new adventure, he never forgets Ellie and always remembers how much she loved him and he will always love her no matter what. During the beginning of UP, we watch them have lovely and sweet picnics together, have bundles of fun building and designing their dream home, as well as enjoy their jobs together.

Their relationship proves that true love never ends nor grows old. The first ten minutes of UP allows anyone who watches the movie to experience an emotional rollercoaster that begins with the happiness and joy of married life and of course the tragic and heart shattering moments. She carried his heart with genuine kindness and the most purest of love.